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Which fandoms do you write for?

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Oh come on, we're a group of fanfiction writers (and artists) who create things for our favorite fandoms, and nobody has started a topic like this yet! For shame!


I mainly write for the Shin Megami Tensei, FE and Pokemon fandoms. Pokemon, not so much these days though. I'm tentatively trying to write for Naruto now that the manga is over (I'm not realy interested in the new Naruto Gaiden stuff right now) and both of the When They Cry fandoms.


I used to write for Marvel (X-Men), Fate/stay night, and Battlestar Galactica, for some reason I just can't find it in myself to get back into them. I'd really like to try my hand at Metal Gear, HALO, Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, and anything by BioWare but I'm not confident in myself to write anything epic.

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  • Administrator

Supernatural, Pokemon, Beyblade, and Ice Age are the fandom a I've written the most fanfiction for.

I write for those fandoms rarely now. I am now focusing my efforts on Assassins Creed and Dark Souls. I have dabbled in Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Star Fox, Spyro, Narnia, Metal Fight and Merlon, though have no interest in doing more than one or two stories.

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Pokemon, Halo, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online.


I've written for Halo almost exclusively, however, I've been preparing to branch out. Due to some issues in my writing style, I've forgone writing any large story projects until I can correct my current work...


But if I can get around to writing more, it will probably end up being one shots for other fandoms. Maybe Naruto, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Star Wars, I'll just have to wait and see.

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Ha, guess we were just waiting for someone to finally start this topic, good thing you're here to get the ball rolling eh Skarrow.


So far I've read and written exclusively for Ice Age and in all honesty I don't plan on joining any other fandoms, too addicted to this right now and I feel a very strong connection to the characters.

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I'll agree with my fellow StubbornSaber. Currently I'm completely focused on writing for Ice-Age, I'm pretty much addicted to the fandom since I've come to known Aquila and Fanfiction itself. I've already made up so much ideas for story's I shall write and thus more than enough content for me to hang on, for at least the past next year. Maybe I'll join another fandom, but not in the nearest future.

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For almost a year, I wrote Tinkerbell fanfiction and to this day I still love the ship that is Milarion. I tried to expand after a while, trying to write my own stuff and dabbling in different fandoms (Divergent, Pokémon, Watch_Dogs, Tokyo Mew Mew and Law and Order: SVU) but I've recently started writing Assassin's Creed fics (Henvie, obvs).

I'd still love to further expand my horizons, though.

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I largely write for video games and comics (usually Marvel), whilst occasionally dabbling in tv and films. Been doing a lot of rp'ing as Robert Jekyll from ITV's Jekyll & Hyde lately, and it's been hella fun!

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  • 5 months later...

So far, I've pretty much exclusively written for the Bionicle fandom.  (Don't know if any of you will know what that is or care, but that's okay. ^_^)  I had one story that used Avatar: TLA... but it was crossed over with Bionicle. :P  I'd like to write some stories for Dark Souls and maybe Destiny, though I have yet to come up with very good, well thought-out stories for those yet.

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My brother used to collect the older Bionicles and the comics, and a long time ago he used to write stories for it.


My three main fandoms are Pokemon, Tai Chi Chasers and Amulet. After that, and likely will be the next one, is Future Card Buddyfight. 

I'm currently planning stories for Mega Man, Digimon, Golden Sun, Professor Layton, YuGiOh, Majin Bone, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Card Captor Sakura, Tales of the Abyss. a very un-serious HALO oneshot, (and several others that I can't remember at the moment). A few of them are cross-overs. I have a very un-serious Death Note oneshot that might end up being the only one I'll ever write (and a few people like it, so that's good).

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How come I didn't answer this yet? I'm hopeless...

Well anyway the fandoms I've written for so far are One Piece, Pokemon, Mega Man and Dragon Booster, I've only written one story of the last two, I plan to add more fandoms, just like I do with my artworks.

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  • 2 months later...

So far, I've written for Bionicle, Avatar: TLA (as part of a crossover), and Bloodborne.  I have plans to do some writing for Dark Souls and Destiny, maybe some others I can't remember right now.

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1 minute ago, LionessoftheFire said:

I have writtern for TJ Hooker ( old cop show lol) GI Joe, Power ranger ninja storm,  Ghost Hunt , Beyblade, InuYasha , Fairy tail I also want to start writing for Harry Potter fandom soon. 

Oh my I meant written lol

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  • 10 months later...

I've written for Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons (Neverwinter Nights), Deadlands and DragonRaid.  I'm currently working on my Star Wars fic, but plan on going back and finishing the rest, eventually.

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I could have sworn I posted something here... guess I didn't.

My favorites would be Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts, but most of my stories are crossovers (technically all of them). And most of them are different fandoms too... 

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