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I wish that Snape got a book just for himself where his background and his story were explored... a pity that even if the book did come out Alan Rickman would never get a chance to star in the movie :( he was THE Severus Snape.

Anyway, the Harry Potter Saga is without a shadow of doubt a very interesting and original series... it is one of its kind! 

Have you read HP and the Cursed Child yet? They say that it is a terrible book, not even worthy of being called a novel! 

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7 hours ago, Lightningblade49 said:

Isn't it like supposed to be like a script for the Play they are doing?

I am definitively not sure, but that can be. But I agree that is a ''deliberate cash cow'', as said Aquilas.

J.K. Rowling worked some years on her main books, and that's not the case of this one book.

Also... I want to talk about most successful Harry Potter fanfictions. Most of them are craps, but some are excellent. Do you have exemple of good ones ?

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I read the first book because my sister had it... I also started reading the second book, but didn't like it as much and did not finish it. I got my sister to tell me the summary instead… I wanted to read the third book, but my sister didn't have it, and I didn't have a local library near me. As a result, the series dropped off the radar…


Now that I'm older and the series is finished, I want to read it again. It's just a matter of ordering them and finding the time…

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The one thing I really liked about JK's writing is that her characters are memorable. She might not be the strongest writer around in technical terms, but her characters weren't forgettable and her plots were great. Sure, there was a lot of teenage angst, but they were teenagers and their angst was believable. I also liked how she weaved comedy in with serious moments. Rather than writing a fantasy in the vein of Lord of the Rings, she modernized it. That being said, Chamber of Secrets was my favourite. It had the darkest plot, but had its moments of humour too. Ron and Harry turning into Crabbe and Goyle was hilarious.

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*Slaps myself, why i hadn't commented on this thread. It's a crime.

Let's see; 

Almost all the characters are my favorite! but if i have to be picky i would say Hagrid and Luna.

Hagrid- this character deserves so much love. Despite inflicted with so many trials and tribulations, he always had this happy-go-lucky demeanor. He would find happiness in little things like taking care of dangerous creatures (which in POV's were cute XD) and making rock cakes and tea for the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione). He knew what was right and what was wrong. He knew how to fight for the beings who were close to his heart. He meant business when someone crossed the line. He was always so thankful.

Luna- She didn't give a damn about others opinion's on her appearance and would do things which made her happy like donning butterbeer necklaces and wearing radishes as earrings. Her sleepy facade and bemused expression is somewhat the expression i have all the time XD Her gestures like wearing yellow dress in wedding or painting her friends' faces in frames were downright heart-warming! And i think Evanna Lynch pulled her character brilliantly.

The best house in my eyes is Hufflepuff and then Slytherin.

Books were awesome. I still read them from time to time. My favorite is part 2 and part 6.

About Movies.......well till part 5, they portrayed it quite great. I didn't watch the six part properly, but the little snippets i caught......they were such a disappointment. It was so dark in the film. The lighting effects were so bad. So much kissing :S 

Part seven......It was good, but not up to mark. They could have done it much better. They modify Peter Pettigrew redemption. That disappointed me greatly. Snape and Lily's childhood........it felt like adults were talking rather than children.  

But all in all......i had a really great time reading HP series. I owe this book a lot. It's one of the books which greatly improved my grammar.  

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