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Request your artwork to Sakura

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Here's the thread where you can request your artworks if you want one to be made by me. I apply for anything.

I can do easy things such as Signature Banners (1000x200 pixels), Fanfictions covers (600x800 pixels, ffn's standard measure), but also harder things such as custom artworks like drawing characters.

If you ask for a character drawing I can draw in anime/manga style only.

Ask anything you want and I will try to accomplish your request.

Once an artwork has been made I will post it in my own thread in the Fan Art thread so make sure to check it often.

Sometimes it will happen that I will be a bit slow with making stuff as some issues may interfere with my free time and I sincerely apologize.

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Hi Sakura! I would like to request a fanfiction cover for my story me and a friend of mine are collabing: Fell Agreement.


You could have Ryu and Little Mac under a waterfall, staring at each other's eyes, and the title, Fell Agreement, is above the cover, as the pennames of me (Writer of Worlds) and Paradigm of Writing (my friend) are at the bottom with small, noticeable letters.


Here are some references:


Ryu: http://www.smashbros.com/images/character/ryu/main.png

Little Mac: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/punchout/images/c/cb/Main.png/revision/latest?cb=20140213225645


If you have any questions, shoot me a PM! Thanks :D

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Hm... I have an idea, it's weird, but it's from a crossover RP for pokemon and skyrim I did once and I just came up with this image in my head, if you feel up to it

Basically it's Courtney from pokemon ( http://pre06.deviantart.net/8806/th/pre/i/2014/160/2/e/magma_admin_courtney_by_viavin-d7lmm5f.jpg ) but in armour, carrying flames in one hand and in the other hand a spell that looks like this


The hard part is that I'd like the armour to keep as close her actual outfit as possible, like, for example keep the hood, but make the crosspeice that goes across her chest metal, or out some shoulder pads on her, just as an example, but really I'm asking you to use your imagination for this, I'd love to see what you could come up with

Ah, is that OK? It's a bit complicated lol, only if you feel up to it...

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New request - fanfiction book cover.

Title - Tortured Hearts

Characters - You'll need an image of Jacob and Evie Frye, but preferably not the ones in this cover

Background - Preferably something to represent both hell and heaven. I was thinking the two characters standing on opposing sides with a black bleeding heart in the background with flames behind it. I hope that doesn't sound too complex.

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Cover request!

Title: Liberum Arbitrium

So I'm looking for a medieval-fantasy based type cover. I'm thinking snow capped mountains in the background beneath a stormy sky. There should be farming lands below the mountains, but the crops are dead (if that's too much, you could just have a yellow farmland behind to showcase death). Maybe a few blood spots as well to further reinforce death. That's the gist of it for the time being - I'll let you know if there's anything else that needs to be added.

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HI :3 I've got a request, may be a bit tricky though not sure.

Could you do these two characters (linking two pics of each character as they are original characters, excuse the huge eyes on the digital art) Girl Girl 2 Boy Boy 2 standing in a flower field holding hands and standing back to back the girl smiling with a rose in her hair and the boy blushing with a Yin Yang Pendant around his neck?

I apologise if this sounds obscenely detailed or something lol I can't draw hands at all you can add the boy's fox ears if you want but you don't have to at all. 

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I'd like a book cover

Title "Christmas Knight" (This is a parody on the word night)


- Christmassy background.
- Slim Victorian/Gothic text saying Christmas knight
- Don't make the text white or give it a glow please, can i have it black.
- Don't make the background too colourful please.
- Please include some snow

- Feel free to look at my version of it for inspiration

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