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I apologize for the late gifts but it wasn't my fault.

@Lightningblade49 I didn't know what to do and since you had asked for a new banner not too long ago here it is, I hope its fine.


@Ace of Spies This one's for you, I don't know if its good enough but at least I tried.


Sorry again for being late, happy birthday boys.

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18 minutes ago, Sakura Alexia said:

@MasKaiHilFantic This took me ages, but yeah its done, hope you'll like it.


And a bonus picture of some sketches I made of Maya these days, they turned out well though, I think.



I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS FOR ME! OH MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU SO MUCH *_* I REALLY LOVE IT, LOL KAI'S EXPRESSIONS ARE PRICELESS XD Ahem, thank you very much for drawing this, and yeah, I cannot thank you enough for doing it because you really made my day with this :,) 

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