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Smite [Xbox One, PC, PS4]

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  • Board Moderator

I like to play warriors. Sun Wukong and Bellona are my favorites. Kukulkan is my favorite mage. Xbalanque is my favorite Hunter. Loki is probably my favorite Assassin. Favorite Guardian would be Ares or Athena, but I don't really like Guardians.

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  • Board Moderator

Mages are typically the easiest class. Assassins and Hunters can be the hardest, maybe Guardians too. Warriors are mixed.

And when I say easy i don't mean easy to become an expert at, I mean that hey have a simple kit that's easy to get used to. They can be easy to get good at, with straightforward abilities that are easy to understand and apply. This doesn't mean they aren't strong.

For an example, Anubis (a mage) is pretty simple to get the hang of and is also powerful enough to solo a titan.

And remember, builds are super important. It isn't just how you play them, although that's a large factor as well. 

Some easy gods are Thor, Ra, Fenrir, and Hou Yi, Poseidon, and Sobek.

Some gods that I consider harder are Serqet, Osiris, Sylvanus, Zhong Kui, Chang'e, and Loki.

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OOOh there's a smite thread! 

I really liked this game, but I really don't have a lot of time or energy to play it. I used to main Aphrodite and Chang'e, I ended up playing Isis before I quit. I do remember this one Arena game, where I threw down my ult in the last few tickets, on a group fight -- we got a triple kill instantly. Ahhh good times. 

But here's my faves: 


Isis (great support but high difficulty), Chang'e, Ra, Aphrodite, Scylla


Sun Wukong 


Neith, Artemis, Ullr


Arachne tops for me. 


I avoid this class like a plague, but Ymir was fun. Ares, Athena

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1 hour ago, AquilaTempestas said:

@pyrorocketeer Do you play Smite on the PC or PS4?

I used to play Smite on PC! I also had a PS4 but that ended up in a PS-no haha. If you guys play Smite on PC, let me know, I'll hop onto my old account sometime and join you in a joust or arena. It's been ages. I'm warning you lol

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On 10/18/2016 at 4:51 AM, AquilaTempestas said:

Out of all the Smite gods, which ones do you find hard to play? I personally don't like enemies that come too close - so warriors, assassins and guardians are 'no' for me. 

I think Athena? She had a little trick to her, if you got it just right, you were fine. But I initially found her hard to play. Ullr too, because I'm bad at ADC apart from Neith. Hou Yi's Ult is a major hit-or-miss sometimes. Kali was okay. Agni was initially hard, then I started winning on him, once I got a little more confident with the game and how players play. I hated, and probably still dislike Amaterasu. I don't remember all the guardians. I mainly played Bacchus or Ares. 

Oh, Seqret was probably hard for me. I hate her mechanics but my friend's a diamond on her so :shrug:. I haven't played Awilix long enough to form an opinion. But if I play again, she's the first god on my list. 

I don't know if any of these were hard to play, I mean once you figured out the trick behind using their skills, they got significantly easier. I just dislike playing them.  


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  • Administrator

So today I just got my first diamond mastered god - Kuku. Next up is Anubis. It was going to be Zeus, but after playing as Anubis yesterday I think I'm in love. I can see why I die to him so much.

I still struggle with melee gods. Doesn't really fit play style.

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