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Sorry for the double post, but it's not let me quote properly...

I've seen that channel too, it's just amazing! :)

On another topic, I found out that Pokémon Sun and Moon did an absolutely amazing rendition of the original Champion theme! So that was what I was listening to! :)

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Oh yes, last Friday, the Korean version of the AMAs/VMAs/Grammys, wahtever you want to compare it to.......a top music awards ceremony that originated in Korea for kpop took place in Hong Kong last Friday, and this was one of the many emotional acceptance speeches of a big, big award (aka the daesang). Now, big awards are HUGE for artists, even BIGGER if the artist 1. went through difficult times 2. came from a small agency 3. didn't start off famous right off the bat. MAMA's 3 big awards include Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Album of the Year. This year, the presenters presented them in that order, and while Album of the Year went to EXO for the fourth consecutive time (as expected), a group almost as famous, maybe if not just as famous -- BTS -- took Artist of the Year this year. And their reaction and acceptance? I haven't seen something this emotional since I watched 2006's Artist of the Year speech, since 2013's Artist of the Year speech for a different ceremony, since 2014's Album of the Year speech (which will be tomorrow's post). Turn on CC for English subtitles, even though part of the speech is in English so that the fans in the audience could understand.


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Every year the Town of Winters California places a Piano in Piano Park. This is free for general public use. Now What do you do with a Piano once your done with it?
Did you read my mind? Yes Drop it! Every year they Drop the Piano around a mini celebration, giving the Piano a small memorial service. They raise it up and drop it!

Those of a nervous disposition or lover of Pianos, advised to not watch this video.

The Winter's Piano Drop of 2014




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So this is a little old but I just learned about it. Meanwhile in France...a man smashes IPhones in an Apple Store. Sorry its a vertical video that I have no control over. On a side note, please don't film videos like this.



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