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Outrageous Questions and Answers

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  • Administrator

Someone asks a question, and the following person does their best to answer it (bonus points for totally outrageous answers that are obviously false) then they ask a question.

The cycle repeats.

A: Why did the chicken cross the road?

B: To get to the other side. Why does chocolate taste so good?

C: (input answer) then (ask question)

To get the ball rolling, my question for the next person to answer is:

Why do we use tinsel for Christmas?

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That sign shaped like half 'R' with two strikes in the upper curve. The one you pronounce as 'Roo-pee' ( INR.)

What's the best way to shut someone who literally chews my nerves with every word of theirs?

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Because the UK was cursed by Santa for making everything confusing with the extra letters and odd spellings like for centre/center and colour/color. 


Would you rather play truth or dare with characters from your favourite TV show/Book/Movie/Game/Whatever or use one of them as a surfboard?

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Use them as a surfboard that way I hold something over them and not against me, which I'll make sure to cash in on like spoilers etc.

Is Superman overrated he did loose to a Bat with no powers?

Edited by Lightningblade49 (see edit history)
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