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What Are You Afraid Of?

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Slugs and Snails


My brother in the morning (It's the one thing that makes me actually scream)

Non Living

Lenticular book covers

the texture of wet wool

texture of blackboards

My dogs farts (they activate my survival instinct)

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Thinking too much. I almost drive myself crazy daily because of this.

Heights... Christ on a Creamcicle I hate heights.

Bad literature.

Misinterpreting mythology and literature.

My attempts at drawing.

My attempts at writing.

People finding out I love anime.

and finally... I don't know, and not knowing terrifies me even more...

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  • Drowning, this has to be one of the worst ways to die.
  • Torture, if you're going to kill something it should be kick and not deliberately drawn out.
  • Suits and formal wear, more of a hate but I can't see the appeal behind them whatsoever, they aren't practical and restrict movement.
  • People turning on me, I have severe trust issues which isn't the best trait in the world to have. 
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  • Administrator

Flying cockroaches

Anything with more than four legs

Gardens in Australia because you don't know what creepy crawlies are hiding in there




Having a random pain and not knowing how it was caused

Going to the doctors because most of the time the news is never good

Christmas because of my bank account


Not being in control of a situation



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I'm afraid of 'fear'. Yeah, I know it sounds weird ,but somehow I figured,'fear' is what I can't stand. Once, you overcome  fear, there's nothing else which can bother you. I went through several instances where removing that fear for the thing, actually worked wonders.

But removing the fear for fear? That's something I couldn't do yet.



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Any kind of creepy crawly bug. Butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybugs are okay.

Dolls of any kind. Burn them. All of them.

Drowning. Enough said.

Being around people.

Being completely alone.

Sleeping. I have bad nightmares.

Being awake. Because life.

I'm a mess. :D 

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Loud sudden noises

Random pains I can't have an explanation for

Panic attacks in front of non family 

Big dogs- Small dogs when they fall into the loud sudden noise category

China dolls


Losing someone


And, blaming supernatural and every dark or demonic thing I watch, being killed by something human or not


Christ, I have issues


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Drowning im the middle of an ocean surrounded by nothing but water. It creeps me out, even thinking about it, especially after playing Sortie a la mer.

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  • Thinking beyond than what I should, about things.
  • Horror movies.
  • Hallucinating at night.
  • Swimming because it'll lead to me drowning. I can't swim for sh-t.
  • Spiders/Sloths/Snakes/Bee's/Wasp's 

Not knowing what to do with the rest of my life.

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Honestly, there are very few things I'm afraid of. I actually enjoy horror movies, I'm comfortable enough at high places, I like being in absolute darkness...

The only thing that scares me... It's not being in control of my enviroment.

I know, it's silly. But I'm just being honest here.

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