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Cyrus - Wizard or Warrior?

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  • Administrator

Hello good people!

I have a question for those who are familiar with the goat, Cyrus from Pokemon.

I'm writing a sequel to a medieval grimdark fantasy and I want Cyrus in it. What standard fantasy role do you think he'd be most fitting in?

The story is not set in Sinnoh - he will be living in Johto/Kanto.

His background options:

  • Cyrus is a wizard who is quite experienced with dark magical items like the Red Orb and tried to kill Cynthia but failed and therefore was banished from Sinnoh
  • Cyrus is a warrior (dude has a six pack in the manga - he's so buff) who was led astray by Charon and tried to kill Cynthia and failed and therefore was banished from Sinnoh
  • Cyrus was the king but was overthrown because he was a cruel unjust leader. Now he's seeking to atone for his crimes


Tagging Pokemon folks for feedback.

@onewiththewheels @VectorLogic @Ace of Spies @Sakura Alexia @Sakura @Hikari @Nocturna

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I'd say either 1 or 3, he can be buff without being a warrior.

For the first option, if he needs to use an orb of sorts, I'd suggest the griseous orb, since he's somewhat tied to Giratina.

Also he can still be controlled by Charon in his action.

I feel it may be the best idea I can give.

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Probably wizard. Cyrus is strong and looks physically powerful, yes, but he never does anything that suggests physical power. He’s more of a schemer in the background, and if not for some unaccounted variables, his plans would have succeeded. Not to mention platinum outright states that he is pretty intelligent, so it would make sense. His team choices also reflect that, with his Pokémon being more ones that can whittle the player down (dark and poison typing) or strike unexpectedly (Weavile, with its blindingly fast speed, and I don’t think the player has fought it before him) than brute force. So I think the wizard reflects that best.

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