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So, getting closer to the end of the year and that means getting a few ideas in place for 2024.

Firstly, I will be going on a short trip to India from the 18th of December to the 30th of December. Forum update will occur on the 31st of December and re-open on the 2nd of January (AEST time).

Proposed Plans

  • Forum update to new version
  • New theme
  • Minor changes to current board layout 
  • Staff updates
    • Administrator [1]
      • Runs the back end of the forum (payment, structure, updates, code etc)
      • All moderating powers
      • Keeping threads active
      • Advertising
    •  Global Moderator [1]
      • Forum and Discord moderating powers - kick/ban
      • Increased inbox limit and can see hidden posts
      • Keeping threads on topic
      • Second-in-charge
    • Community Leader [3]
      • Creating & hosting activities monthly (guess the author, draw a picture etc or hosting a mini gaming tournament, Cards Against Humanity etc)
      • Creating and keeping threads active - as a community leader, you should be posting at bear minimum 5 times a week
      • Advertising


I will need a list of 12 suggestions for activities we can host throughout the year so add your suggestions.

If you're interested in a staff position for 2024, let me know. The process is simple: Simply PM

  1. What position you are applying for
  2. Relevant experience
  3. Why you want the position


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Planned Layout for 2024


  1. Noticeboard
  2. Support & Feedback
  3. Staff Room
  4. Graveyard


  1. Introductions
  2. Chill Out Zone
  3. Community Events [monthly events]
  4. Member Interviews
  5. Quizzes


  1. Artists's Workshop [Artist's Masterclass]
  2. Writer's Workshop [Character Development & Worldbuilding -- Writing Activities -- The Art of Writing]
  3. Roleplays [Active -- Archived]


  1. Board & Card Games
  2. Sport
  3. Video Games
  4. Lobby


  1. Health 
  2. Friendships & Relationships
  3. Career
  4. Slice of Life (general topics)


  1. Anime/Manga and Cartoons
  2. Books and Literature
  3. Music
  4. Travel
  5. TV and Film
  6. The Lounge

General Notes

  • Many threads in the graveyard will be permanently deleted 
  • Threads with less than 5 replies will be permanently deleted
  • Threads with many replies but inactive for over a year will be moved to the graveyard 


If you have suggestions, please suggest!

If you have questions, please ask!

@Board Moderator @Discord Moderator @Gold Member @Platinum Member @Bronze Member @Silver Member

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  • Administrator

Other Updates

  • There will be a new theme. There'll be a chance to vote in December

Standard Member Update

  • Bronze (less than 10 posts)
    • 1 message allowed in inbox
    • No voting rights
  • Silver (10-500 posts)
    • 3 messages allowed in inbox
  • Gold (500-1500 posts)
    • 5 messages allowed in inbox
  • Platinum (1500-2500 posts)
    • 7 messages allowed in inbox
  • VIP (2500 + posts)
    • 10 messages allowed in inbox
    • Access to board during maintenance

Staff Members - all staff members will have unlimited inbox storage and unlimited image upload size

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