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Guess Who the Handwriting Sample Belongs to!

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Here's another fun activity.

All you need to do is write down the following sentences on a blank piece of paper.

For years I've been rushing around, taking whatever I fancied, not giving a tinker's curse for those I hurt. Yet here I am... with riches and reputation, feeling no wiser than when I left home. Yet when I turn around, and look at the course I've run... there's not a man or woman that I love left standing beside me.

- Edward Kenway, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag


Take a photo of your sample and DM/PM it to me.



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Handwriting Samples!

I know I said 17th, but no one else replied so.... Here are the samples!

Guess who wrote what!



  • AquilaTempestas
  • Ace of Spies
  • Sakura Alexia
  • Nirianne
  • CarmineDeer
  • Onewiththewheels
  • Inyoface


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Sample 1



Sample 2


Sample 3




Sample 4


Sample 5


Sample 6



Sample 7



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20 minutes ago, Queen of Spies said:

Here are the results! 

Needless to say, no one guessed particularly well but it was all in good fun.

1 - SakuraAlexia

2 - NIrianne

3 - Onewiththewheels

4 - Ace of Spies

5 - AquilaTempestas

6 - CarmineDeer

7 - Inyoface


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Yeee, I guessed two!! :D What do I win? :D :D :D


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Kind of hilarious that no one figured out mine! I was a bit afraid of that because I use a special program to dictate so I couldn't do the game normally and had to use a computer font, although I did have a smaller sample of what my handwriting would have actually looked like. But then I realized that I didn't tell anyone that I used that program, so there was a chance no one would guess. It turns out the second part was right. Ended up tricking everyone unintentionally…

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