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A Crown of Thorns

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Title: A Crown of Thorns

Summary: Lyra is the daughter of a simple peasant family. Lance is the future heir to the iron throne. A twist of cruel fate forces their paths to cross as the threat of war looms, but who can be trusted in a world built upon lies

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Fandom: Pokemon (but honestly, could be read as an original piece of work since it hardly has anything linked to Pokemon but the characters... who could easily be originals anyway....)

For fans of: Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Middle Ages, and just fantasy and war stuff in general 

Authors Notes: This story had been in the works for a very long time but underwent many rewrites for about a decade until I finally got it right. It ain't perfect, but I do like it even though it's a bit messy in some places. It's a grim dark fantasy - so, quite disturbing in places and a little over the top but it's a dark and violent world. After all, the Middle Ages wasn't exactly all smiles and rainbows.

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Chapters - I've only posted the A03 version [IN PROGRESS]

  1. Prologue
  2. The Sun and the Moon
  3. Damned and Divine
  4. The Jewel of the North
  5. How We Survive
  6. Unsettling Rumours
  7. Shades of Grey
  8. Dark Secrets
  9. Hints of Cultist Activity
  10. Unexplained Happenings
  11. Tensions Rising
  12. A Conflict of Interests
  13. The Ruins of Old Blackthorn
  14. The Past and the Future
  15. These Are Troubled Times
  16. A Royal Wedding
  17. The Edge of Darkness
  18. Murder and Mayhem
  19. Heavy Lies the Crown
  20. Non Serviam
  21. The Price of Freedom
  22. A Call for Blood
  23. The Unquiet Grave
  24. The Descent
  25. Changes
  26. For Honour and Glory
  27. The Gathering Storm
  28. Chains of Fate
  29. A Rotting Wasteland
  30. Blood Ties
  31. The Calm Before the Storm
  32. In Darkness There is Light, Part One
  33. In Darkness There is Light, Part Two
  34. Preparations
  35. A Moment to Breathe
  36. In Darkness There is Light, Part Three
  37. A Red Sun Rises
  38. A Beacon of Hope
  39. The Beast Awakens
  40. The Legend of the Sea Dragon
  41. United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  42. Heavy Lies the Burden
  43. A Crown of Thorns
  44. The Aftermath
  45. Epilogue


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