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Notes for my [H]eart - Girl Band/Biggest Fan AU

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- Title

Notes for my [H]eart


- Summary

“Someone is smitten here.”

“I’m not!” Anemone growled back. “I’m just a fan all right?”

Just a fan, she was only one of her many fans, nothing more.

it wasn’t like they would ever meet in person…


... Or an AU where Anemone is the biggest fan of a certain redhead of the so called YoRHa Girls band.


- Genre

Friendship, Romance, Slice of Life, AU (Human and Moder Setting).


- Fandom 

NieR Automata.


- For fans of

For fans of side characters and rare pairings, mainly the couple regarding S21 and Anemone, though most of them will appear.


- Authors Notes 

This was literally born out of a long trip while I listened to music and imagined the girls singing them, that's really it. Originally it was a much smaller thing but as always it turns out longer than I expected. Also all characters have proper names, some canon and others given by me with the aid of other NieR fans.

All songs exist, are either OSTs of the games, translated songs, or just not.


 - Chapters and links 

Chapter 1 - [A]dmiration

Chapter 2 - [D]isturbance

Chapter 3 - [R]eliability

Chapter 4 - [U]ncertainty

Chapter 5 - [R]esolution

Chapter 6 - [C]oincidental

Chapter 7 - [R]emembrance

Chapter 8 - [S]alvation

Chapter 9 - [A]ssistance

Chapter 10 - [D]ecision

Chapter 11 - [T]ruth

Chapter 12 - [D]edicated

Chapter 13 - [R]ealization

Chapter 14 - [P]roposal

Chapter 15 - [S]upport

Chapter 16 - [F]ear

Chapter 17 - [S]orrow

Chapter 18 - [A]gony

Chapter 19 - [P]rayer

Chapter 20 - [C]almness

Chapter 21 - [G]ift

Chapter 22 - [D]etermination

Chapter 23 - [H]ope

Chapter 24 - [H]ome

Chapter 25 - [C]onfession


FFN link


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