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Hello again. Or so it seems.

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Heya. I was on here a while ago, under a different name. My old posts are still up, but I haven't figured out how to delete them, so until then there are still remnants of that person floating around.

But so much has changed over the past few years, so... I figured I'd do this again. 

Hi. I'm CarmineDeer, or waterblightelephant on the discord. You can call me Carmine, or... whichever version of either of those names works best. I use she/her pronouns, I live in Australia, and I like to write stories.

Which is why I'm here, haha. Writing stories. I haven't written too much in the last few years, mostly due to school. That's where the bulk of my focus has been, but hopefully, I'll be more free to write stuff in the future.

I like to write original stories, though I usually end up inevitably gravitating towards a few fandoms that are near and dear to my heart. Five Nights at Freddy's is one of them, despite the ways in which it has flown off the rails with its recent installments, and any... questionable choices made by its creator. Harry Potter is another, though, again. Separating art from the artist. And then there's any of the web serials written by J. C. McCrae, aka Wildbow, which have practically taken over my life ever since I discovered them.

So that's the corner of writing and fandom I tend to dwell in on a daily basis. Not sure what else to put here. Maybe just some random other stuff about me.

My favourite story is 'Pale' by Wildbow, and my favourite film is a tossup between Spirited Away, Into the Spiderverse, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, and Nope. My favourite TV Show is Mr. Robot, and I'm fascinated by biology. I love animals, I love nature, and I like writing about the darkness that exists within all of us, and the humanity that can be found even within the most monstrous of people.

That's all, I think. But yeah.

To those of you I haven't met before, pleased to meet you. To those who know me and have known me even way back when? Glad to see you again.

Long days, and pleasant nights.

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