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What a great idea for a thread. Right up my street, as I musicwise I live almost exclusively in the 70s and 80s.

My offering is tears for fears "everybody wants to rule the world"

And the cover by Lorde

I actually think Lorde's version is better and her haunting vocals fit the lyrics better.

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And "all along the watchtower"

Original by Bob Dylan: (had to change the video - it said it wasn't available on my end - Aquila)

Covered less than a year later by Jimi Hendrix. (In my opinion, the best version ever)

But this version by Bear McCreary for Battlestar Galactica is amazing too.


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  • Administrator

@Jacob - I like the Jimmy Hendrix and Lorde versions better too. 

Original - Michael Jackson. Absolutely mesmerizing performance for a great song! I love how passionate this performance is - just amazing

Cover - Shaman's Harvest. Pretty hard to do a Michael Jackson copy, but I think this band did it justice. Nathan Hunt's vocals are just so stellar and raw. I love it.

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On 29/12/2016 at 5:39 AM, Soreina_Hiwatari001 said:

 Cover - This Will Be The Day by Kyoumi (Video Graphics by CDanielART)

Oh, Kyoumi? Her cover of Unravel is one of my favourites and the first that I listened to!

This is one of those songs I didn't like at first, but slowly it grew on me:

And I've just found this sweet cover of it by Halestorm:


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Original Song - Time to Say Goodbye by Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams) (gawd, I am obsessed.)

 Cover - Time to Say Goodbye by Caleb Hyles. Ok first, I admit I only clicked the video for the beard. :lol: And after the song started, I was like "meh..." BUT, when the second verse came, I was blown away from his voice. Holy shit, this guy's voice is fucking amazing:


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My favorite cover is "In Bloom," by an American singer named Sturgill Simpson. The original is, of course, by Nirvana. 

He also does a great cover of that old When In Rome song, "The Promise." 

I also am obsessed with the Struts cover of "I Always Knew," originally by the Vaccines. 

I wanted to post videos, but my tablet crashes when there are too many videos on screen. But these covers are amazing. 

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