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Monthly Art Themes

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Each month, a topic or theme is proposed in this thread and artists can vote for it. Voting lasts for 48 hours and topics or themes and proposed on the last week of each month. This will be mentioned in Discord. Once the results are in, the next month follows that subject matter and so on.

As there was no voting last month, I decided to pick out a simple subject for January 2023 as a quick warm up.

It'll be awesome to see your artworks, members! Post your artworks (2000 x 2000 pixels) under this thread (single post per member, per month). We accept all types of art mediums, so go wild! Backgrounds are not required!

Submit your completed pieces by the last week of each month. Feel free to share them on socials, too!

Let's make art together, everybody!


January: Flowers - real or imaginary

February: TBA

March: TBA

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3 minutes ago, Sakura Alexia said:

Does it need to be that tiny? Because I mean to couple the flowers with characters so 500x500 is a little small for me.

Ah you make a good point. In my head, it's much larger than that. Let me up the size to 2000 x 2000. 

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