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Here's the majority of a Meiko & Meicoomon collection drabble I finished today.


Several years had passed from that fateful day when she first saw Digimon. She was now in junior high and realized she had a crush on Koushiro. Meiko wasn’t sure what to do at first, so she spoke to Sora for advice.

The other girl thought about the situation for a moment, before replying. “That is a tricky one, but I would recommend being open with him from the start. I know neither of you are forward about your feelings, but I know he likes you too. You’re both very pleasant people to be around.”

Meiko nodded. “Thank you, Sora.”

Sora nodded, smiling. “You’re welcome, Meiko. I hope everything works out for the two of you.”

Meiko was still nervous about this, but decided to talk to Koushiro after school ended for the day. When the bell finally rang to signify the end of classes for the day, she walked up to Koushiro who was talking to Taichi. Taichi noticed that she wanted to talk to Koushiro, since Sora had filled him in from earlier, so he excused himself and went over to stand by Sora’s side.

“H-Hi, Koushiro.” Meiko stammered.

“Hello, Meiko.” The auburn-haired boy replied, his tone shy.

Meiko hesitated for a brief second, before gathering her courage to ask what she needed. “How are you doing with classes?”

Koushiro blinked before he answered, as he sensed there was something more she wanted to know. “Classes are going well. I have high grades.” He paused, as if trying to gather his thoughts. “Should we go a bit further away? I can tell you want to ask me something.”

“Please? Thank you, Koushiro.” Meiko answered, her face flushing with embarrassment.

She followed Koushiro as the other teen walked away a bit further. “You can ask me freely now, Meiko.”

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From my idol/fan AU.


The sound of a motorbike could be heard pulling close outside to the local, which Anemone really hoped was G16’s one, like when the other day she went to take S21 away, perhaps now she was taking her here?

Seeing a shock of red hair from outside the window confirmed it.

And all of a sudden Anemone could feel her heart race.

She was here…

"Someone pinch me…" she muttered as she watched the two women enter.

When a sharp pain on her cheek distracted her. 

"I didn't mean literally." she growled at Dahlia who just shrugged. "Maybe you'll stop dreaming then."

Stop dreaming? Highly unlikely.

"Face it, she's the real deal, and she's here before you." Dahlia gave her a push. "Get over it and go say hi already." 

From the force Dahlia threw here with, she stumbled forward, almost falling over, if it wasn’t for a pair of hands holding her up.

“Are you okay?” this sweet voice…

Looking up, she couldn’t suppress a blush, she’d fallen into S21’s arms. hastily she removed herself from her, not wanting to be rude.

“Yes, I’m fine, thank you.” she then turned to glare at Dahlia who feigned ignorance looking another way. “Dahlia’s a jerk, sorry.” 

“And you’re the one in charge of apologies?” the redhead asked. 

“Somewhat.” after all it was her sending that letter on Gerbera’s behalf. 

She held her hand out. “I’m Anemone, I sent that letter.”

She could feel her cheeks burn again as the other woman took her hand, she had such a delicate touch. “Cattleya. Though you better know me as S21.” 

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Took from BCOTS, thought 'why not drop them right in the drama?'




“Don’t be stupid, fighting isn’t going to fix this.” It was a rather foreign concept to bird-folk honestly, when so many of their problems were solved by friendly and unfriendly brawls. However, his sword arm trembled at the thought of piercing the traitor who had comforted him, knowing he was the source of his pain. “I just want to know, why did this all happen? What is Lazarus planning?” Even as Cecilia stared at him, he couldn’t help but ignore her, calling out her brother. “What benefit did you have in using me?” 

“I never intended to use you!” Lucio finally exclaimed, sweat dripping as the air heated up, in response to the magic seeping from the bird man. “We can’t tell you what Lazarus is doing, he won’t even tell us, but I can tell you I didn’t mean harm! I felt bad and wanted to help you, I wanted you to trust me! Because I knew you were a good guy and didn’t deserve-” 

“That’s enough!” He couldn’t stay here anymore, he couldn’t listen to his words, he couldn’t see the desperation on his face without feeling such rage he felt like his self control was about to crumble. So many emotions were clashing inside him and he couldn’t make sense of it, or anything that was going on. “Nothing you can say is going to make things okay, it doesn’t change the fact you lied to me and made a complete fool out of me. Why did I ever…” He couldn’t finish that statement, as the fire lingered in his eyes and he turned away. Instead he found his mouth speaking something just as embarrassing, as his carefully controlled voice cracked and his words left at a higher pitch. “Why did I ever open up to you?” 

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TITLE: A Hero's Last Cry

FANDOM: Beyblade

A/N - This is a deleted scene!



A brilliant smile spread across Hilary’s face. She ran towards him and threw herself into his arms, tears flowing down her cheeks. He welcomed her with open arms and held her close, finding comfort in her warmth. “I told you I would return.”

She pulled her head back. “You’re a damn fool, Tyson. You are a pig-headed, stubborn, buffoon. You had me so worried! You disappeared. You didn’t contact anyone. Never make me worried like that again,” she scolded, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I never intentionally tried to hurt you, Hil. I just wanted you to be safe.”

“Oh, shut up and let me kiss you, you oaf.” She threw her arms around his neck, pulled his head in, and met his lips with her own. He responded to her eagerness, lacing his arms around her waist, keeping her close.

Max grinned. “I always knew you two were destined to be together.”

Daichi gagged. “Someone get me a bag. I think I’m going to be sick.” 

Hilary pulled back and smiled. “You’re a fool, but you’re my stubborn fool.”

“Oh, give me a break,” Daichi groaned. “I liked you better when you weren’t all lovesick.”

“As heart-warming as this little reunion is, we should consider flying back. I’m sure there are a lot of beybladers who would like to see you again. We didn’t get to celebrate our tournament victory.”

“Wait, is the world ending, or does Kai actually want to celebrate?” Max said.

“Kai’s breaking all records this year. He’s been smiling. Cracking jokes. And now he wants to party,” Rei added and frowned. “Are you sure you’re feeling all right, Kai?”

Kai rolled his eyes. “Bunch of wise guys.”

“But Kai’s right,” Kenny said, his laptop tucked under his right arm. “In fact, Enrique is inviting all beybladers to a party at the Treasury Casino in Brisbane this coming weekend. Saturday night. I got the email a few hours ago.”

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Title: Come to Harm

Fandom: Digimon


As Shigeru lifted his gaze to her, she knew something was troubling him. His normally kind and gentle demeanour was replaced with anxiety. Upon closer inspection she noticed his brows were furrowed under his messy bangs, his already pale complexion was starting to boarder unhealthy, and his brown eyes were darker then normal. “They are in these.” He tapped the device gently almost as if he was afraid it would jump out of his hands and disappear into thin air.

“What?” She pulled out her own device and, in that moment, she heard the voice of the reptile creature from before.

“Dracomon was just telling your friend everything we know currently about the situation. I’ll update you as we make our way to this doctor of yours. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but the situation with your eyes sounds very serious.”

The redhead nodded, unsure if the creature could see her action or not. “Sure.” Was her only response to the Digimon before gesturing to her friend and heading out the door.

As promised the Digimon, who called himself Psychemon, explained everything he knew of the situation. The enemy was called Chaosdramon and he was a threat to not just this world but the Digital World as well. She shivered just thinking about all the crimes he committed and the known promise to return one day was scary. She could only pray the girl he tricked into helping him could be saved.

“I can see why you wanted me to come along.”

Blinking away the temporary daze she had been in, the redhead realized they had reached the next district. However, what she saw was less then pleasing. Almost every inch of the walls of homes, shopping centres, churches and other buildings were covered in graffiti.

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TITLE: Cheap Thrills

FANDOM: Pokemon


 After paying for their tickets (using Cyrus’ credit card of course), they entered the theme park. The theme park was bright, colourful, really noisy and full of annoying people like the Elite Four members of Sinnoh. Cyrus hated it immediately, but his commanders were happy to be here. Mars grabbed onto his arm and pulled him over to a map of the mark.

“I want to go on the Haunted House ride!” she begged, like she was a five-year old child begging their parents for a lollipop.

“I want to check out the petting zoo,” said Jupiter.

Saturn shrugged. “I’ll come with you.”

“I’m going to go on the Merry-Go-Round,” Charon said. They all looked at him with confused expressions. He cleared his throat. “It’s relaxing.” No one said anything. Charon was weird.

Mars turned to face Cyrus, digging her fingernails into his arm. “Great! You and I get to be together then!” Cyrus tried to protest that he hadn’t chosen anything, but he was already dragged away towards the Haunted House ride. The ride was called ‘The Lost Tower’. “We’re going to have so much fun!” she squealed. “You know, we never spend much time together.”

That was true. He tried to spend as little time as possible with his commanders. He had already been forced to partake in a snow ball fight, participate in a sexual round of a complex version of Truth or Dare and even had to rescue Mars from drowning in their new pool one night. He had also been stuck in an elevator with Jupiter and Mars for a few hours while they did things to each other while he had to watch. Most of these situations ended with him indulging in a sexual act of some sort. It was no wonder they were the laughing stock of the criminal world.


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