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Sizzling Scenes Sundays

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We end the week with Six Sentence Saturdays and start the week with Sizzling Scenes Sundays!

How is it different? You only get a slight teaser from six sentences. But for Sizzling Scenes Sundays, you share 300 words of a story.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Here's the majority of a Meiko & Meicoomon collection drabble I finished today.


Several years had passed from that fateful day when she first saw Digimon. She was now in junior high and realized she had a crush on Koushiro. Meiko wasn’t sure what to do at first, so she spoke to Sora for advice.

The other girl thought about the situation for a moment, before replying. “That is a tricky one, but I would recommend being open with him from the start. I know neither of you are forward about your feelings, but I know he likes you too. You’re both very pleasant people to be around.”

Meiko nodded. “Thank you, Sora.”

Sora nodded, smiling. “You’re welcome, Meiko. I hope everything works out for the two of you.”

Meiko was still nervous about this, but decided to talk to Koushiro after school ended for the day. When the bell finally rang to signify the end of classes for the day, she walked up to Koushiro who was talking to Taichi. Taichi noticed that she wanted to talk to Koushiro, since Sora had filled him in from earlier, so he excused himself and went over to stand by Sora’s side.

“H-Hi, Koushiro.” Meiko stammered.

“Hello, Meiko.” The auburn-haired boy replied, his tone shy.

Meiko hesitated for a brief second, before gathering her courage to ask what she needed. “How are you doing with classes?”

Koushiro blinked before he answered, as he sensed there was something more she wanted to know. “Classes are going well. I have high grades.” He paused, as if trying to gather his thoughts. “Should we go a bit further away? I can tell you want to ask me something.”

“Please? Thank you, Koushiro.” Meiko answered, her face flushing with embarrassment.

She followed Koushiro as the other teen walked away a bit further. “You can ask me freely now, Meiko.”

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From my idol/fan AU.


The sound of a motorbike could be heard pulling close outside to the local, which Anemone really hoped was G16’s one, like when the other day she went to take S21 away, perhaps now she was taking her here?

Seeing a shock of red hair from outside the window confirmed it.

And all of a sudden Anemone could feel her heart race.

She was here…

"Someone pinch me…" she muttered as she watched the two women enter.

When a sharp pain on her cheek distracted her. 

"I didn't mean literally." she growled at Dahlia who just shrugged. "Maybe you'll stop dreaming then."

Stop dreaming? Highly unlikely.

"Face it, she's the real deal, and she's here before you." Dahlia gave her a push. "Get over it and go say hi already." 

From the force Dahlia threw here with, she stumbled forward, almost falling over, if it wasn’t for a pair of hands holding her up.

“Are you okay?” this sweet voice…

Looking up, she couldn’t suppress a blush, she’d fallen into S21’s arms. hastily she removed herself from her, not wanting to be rude.

“Yes, I’m fine, thank you.” she then turned to glare at Dahlia who feigned ignorance looking another way. “Dahlia’s a jerk, sorry.” 

“And you’re the one in charge of apologies?” the redhead asked. 

“Somewhat.” after all it was her sending that letter on Gerbera’s behalf. 

She held her hand out. “I’m Anemone, I sent that letter.”

She could feel her cheeks burn again as the other woman took her hand, she had such a delicate touch. “Cattleya. Though you better know me as S21.” 

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Took from BCOTS, thought 'why not drop them right in the drama?'




“Don’t be stupid, fighting isn’t going to fix this.” It was a rather foreign concept to bird-folk honestly, when so many of their problems were solved by friendly and unfriendly brawls. However, his sword arm trembled at the thought of piercing the traitor who had comforted him, knowing he was the source of his pain. “I just want to know, why did this all happen? What is Lazarus planning?” Even as Cecilia stared at him, he couldn’t help but ignore her, calling out her brother. “What benefit did you have in using me?” 

“I never intended to use you!” Lucio finally exclaimed, sweat dripping as the air heated up, in response to the magic seeping from the bird man. “We can’t tell you what Lazarus is doing, he won’t even tell us, but I can tell you I didn’t mean harm! I felt bad and wanted to help you, I wanted you to trust me! Because I knew you were a good guy and didn’t deserve-” 

“That’s enough!” He couldn’t stay here anymore, he couldn’t listen to his words, he couldn’t see the desperation on his face without feeling such rage he felt like his self control was about to crumble. So many emotions were clashing inside him and he couldn’t make sense of it, or anything that was going on. “Nothing you can say is going to make things okay, it doesn’t change the fact you lied to me and made a complete fool out of me. Why did I ever…” He couldn’t finish that statement, as the fire lingered in his eyes and he turned away. Instead he found his mouth speaking something just as embarrassing, as his carefully controlled voice cracked and his words left at a higher pitch. “Why did I ever open up to you?” 

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  • Administrator

TITLE: A Hero's Last Cry

FANDOM: Beyblade

A/N - This is a deleted scene!



A brilliant smile spread across Hilary’s face. She ran towards him and threw herself into his arms, tears flowing down her cheeks. He welcomed her with open arms and held her close, finding comfort in her warmth. “I told you I would return.”

She pulled her head back. “You’re a damn fool, Tyson. You are a pig-headed, stubborn, buffoon. You had me so worried! You disappeared. You didn’t contact anyone. Never make me worried like that again,” she scolded, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I never intentionally tried to hurt you, Hil. I just wanted you to be safe.”

“Oh, shut up and let me kiss you, you oaf.” She threw her arms around his neck, pulled his head in, and met his lips with her own. He responded to her eagerness, lacing his arms around her waist, keeping her close.

Max grinned. “I always knew you two were destined to be together.”

Daichi gagged. “Someone get me a bag. I think I’m going to be sick.” 

Hilary pulled back and smiled. “You’re a fool, but you’re my stubborn fool.”

“Oh, give me a break,” Daichi groaned. “I liked you better when you weren’t all lovesick.”

“As heart-warming as this little reunion is, we should consider flying back. I’m sure there are a lot of beybladers who would like to see you again. We didn’t get to celebrate our tournament victory.”

“Wait, is the world ending, or does Kai actually want to celebrate?” Max said.

“Kai’s breaking all records this year. He’s been smiling. Cracking jokes. And now he wants to party,” Rei added and frowned. “Are you sure you’re feeling all right, Kai?”

Kai rolled his eyes. “Bunch of wise guys.”

“But Kai’s right,” Kenny said, his laptop tucked under his right arm. “In fact, Enrique is inviting all beybladers to a party at the Treasury Casino in Brisbane this coming weekend. Saturday night. I got the email a few hours ago.”

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Title: Come to Harm

Fandom: Digimon


As Shigeru lifted his gaze to her, she knew something was troubling him. His normally kind and gentle demeanour was replaced with anxiety. Upon closer inspection she noticed his brows were furrowed under his messy bangs, his already pale complexion was starting to boarder unhealthy, and his brown eyes were darker then normal. “They are in these.” He tapped the device gently almost as if he was afraid it would jump out of his hands and disappear into thin air.

“What?” She pulled out her own device and, in that moment, she heard the voice of the reptile creature from before.

“Dracomon was just telling your friend everything we know currently about the situation. I’ll update you as we make our way to this doctor of yours. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but the situation with your eyes sounds very serious.”

The redhead nodded, unsure if the creature could see her action or not. “Sure.” Was her only response to the Digimon before gesturing to her friend and heading out the door.

As promised the Digimon, who called himself Psychemon, explained everything he knew of the situation. The enemy was called Chaosdramon and he was a threat to not just this world but the Digital World as well. She shivered just thinking about all the crimes he committed and the known promise to return one day was scary. She could only pray the girl he tricked into helping him could be saved.

“I can see why you wanted me to come along.”

Blinking away the temporary daze she had been in, the redhead realized they had reached the next district. However, what she saw was less then pleasing. Almost every inch of the walls of homes, shopping centres, churches and other buildings were covered in graffiti.

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  • Administrator

TITLE: Cheap Thrills

FANDOM: Pokemon


 After paying for their tickets (using Cyrus’ credit card of course), they entered the theme park. The theme park was bright, colourful, really noisy and full of annoying people like the Elite Four members of Sinnoh. Cyrus hated it immediately, but his commanders were happy to be here. Mars grabbed onto his arm and pulled him over to a map of the mark.

“I want to go on the Haunted House ride!” she begged, like she was a five-year old child begging their parents for a lollipop.

“I want to check out the petting zoo,” said Jupiter.

Saturn shrugged. “I’ll come with you.”

“I’m going to go on the Merry-Go-Round,” Charon said. They all looked at him with confused expressions. He cleared his throat. “It’s relaxing.” No one said anything. Charon was weird.

Mars turned to face Cyrus, digging her fingernails into his arm. “Great! You and I get to be together then!” Cyrus tried to protest that he hadn’t chosen anything, but he was already dragged away towards the Haunted House ride. The ride was called ‘The Lost Tower’. “We’re going to have so much fun!” she squealed. “You know, we never spend much time together.”

That was true. He tried to spend as little time as possible with his commanders. He had already been forced to partake in a snow ball fight, participate in a sexual round of a complex version of Truth or Dare and even had to rescue Mars from drowning in their new pool one night. He had also been stuck in an elevator with Jupiter and Mars for a few hours while they did things to each other while he had to watch. Most of these situations ended with him indulging in a sexual act of some sort. It was no wonder they were the laughing stock of the criminal world.


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From chapter 73 of my crossover.


“I intend to run this through our experts, like our Scanner types, maybe Jackass too.” that woman was full of resources, and as a scientist she wouldn’t lose the opportunity to analyze whatever remained of the projects of the Tower.

Reminded Robin of her own curiosity when it came to archeology.

Jackass would be crazy enough to attempt rebuilding the technology the machines wanted to use to shoot themselves on the moon server, which was why she believed this project would be possible.

They just needed different coordinates, and for that was White’s job.

She was the one that kept track of the movements of her planet, how close or distant it was towards Earth and its moon, and when. She had been able to move from the Bunker and back once, she could do it again.

And for precise calculations they had, to 9S’ saying, the two best Scanner types possible to do so, him and Number 21, if she was willing to help.

“YoRHa already had a system that was used to bring supplies to the Bunker and to the moon, right?” even if the records were false, she had seen more than once containers being shot into space from Earth.

As a somewhat twisted reverse shooting stars.

If they could somehow power up that engine, maybe using whatever material that the machines had intended to use for themselves…

Robin saw no shame in that, since YoRHas were already androids made with at least partial machine technology, she didn’t see why they couldn’t use the rest of what those things had built to their advantage, even mixing them.

They were already living proof that it could be done, so why not?

“Even if we do manage to travel to your planet I assume we would have to find somewhere to establish ourselves.” White mused.

“My world is full of islands with and without people, it won’t be hard to find one to suit our needs, where we could bring our knowledge and technology, and use it for good things.”

Since that for now even here it had been used to just kill and destroy on both sides.

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Ch 7 of my original fiction.


“What do you mean you can’t?” The hyena shifter was completely flabbergasted as she avoided the shifter's massive sharp claws. Lifting her own sharp claws, she slashed the red feathered eagle shifter’s wings. A loud, ear shattering sound left the shifter’s massive golden beak.

The two shifters had to cover their ears as the shockwaves of its scream caused the strongest of trees and boulders to snap and crumble from their resting place. “What the hell did they pump into this guy?” She screamed as she turned to the other female shifter. It was only then she noticed the other glowing in what she could only describe as a blue fluid aura. “Damn. He could destroy the whole forest.” And she didn’t want to even think about the damaged it could do to the city. “We need to take him out. NOW!”

Luciana grimaced as she made an impressive leap into the air. The shockwaves of the enemy only intensified as it noticed her in its domain. With another ear shattering scream, the eagle flapped its wings, releasing an array of sharp red and golden swirled feathers in her direction. “I don’t think so!” Suddenly, the aura changed into the shape of a wolf and from that wolf shaped aura arms appeared, catching the feathers that Luciana failed to catch on her own.

Amari only had a second or two to admire her powers before the feathers were tossed back at the enemy, causing it to fall to the ground with a massive crash.

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Chapter 8 of my AU.


Once gone, Anemone could breathe a sigh of relief, though it was short lived.

“Anemone…” Lily’s timid face showed from the corner, and she motioned for her to come over, as she crouched to this fallen figure, she now knew was probably a woman.

And the color of hair that was poking out from the hood was…

No it wasn’t possible…

They couldn’t have possibly…

Please don’t let it be her…

As she reached for this person, she whimpered as soon as Anemone barely laid a finger on her arm.

“No more… please…” somehow this woman was attempting to make herself even smaller.

Poor thing was, rightfully, traumatized from what she just went through.

“I’m just here to help, they are gone now.” she tried to speak as calmly and softly as she could manage.

It seemed it had the desired effect, or perhaps, this person had just recognized her voice, because a bloodied hand came to loosen the hood and…

“Cattleya!” both her and Lily called her, as Anemone shook her head, and attempted to take the woman in her arms, so she could see the extent of her wounds.

Damn it, it had to be her!

But… glad she showed up just in time too…

“What have they done to you?” it wasn’t an accusation, but disbelief as she looked upon the redhead’s face.

It was completely ruined and covered in blood.

Her own blood…

“Anemone… Lily…” tired and swollen blue eyes struggled to look at them. 

“Don’t talk, save your strength. You’re safe now.”

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Chapter 11 of the AU, this is a letter.


Dear girls, this is Freesia, and I am speaking for all four of us.

We are eternally grateful for your help, and for what Anemone and Lily have done for Cattleya. We appreciated your aid in this situation, and your concern, and we would like you to know that she is now healthy and working harder than ever.

In this box we have sent you all copies of our newest CD, and exclusive photo books and posters that have yet to be released to the public, in accordance with our manager, White, she too wanted to express gratitude for your actions and has conceded to us this possibility.

Consider this a gift for all you have done for us in these past months. Despite the rough start of our friendship, we are so happy to have met kind and reliable people like you beyond what words can say.

People like you for us are rare to find, we appreciate you all sticking by our side, and being thoughtful and patient with us despite how hard we can assume it must have been.

Like we explained before, not often strangers see beyond the idols we are on stage, but we understood that for you there aren’t just A2, A4, G16 and S21, but four girls just like you all, named Freesia, Amaryllis, Lycoris and Cattleya.

We couldn’t ask to meet better people, truly.

In the back of this letter there are also our personal numbers, please accept them. If we want this friendship to last, then it has to go both ways, we don't want to abuse your kindness.

We hope it will all be of your liking.

You will see us again soon.

Best wishes.

Freesia, Amaryllis, Lycoris and Cattleya.

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  • Administrator

TITLE: A Crown of Thorns

FANDOM: Pokemon 

One of the earlier scenes.


“It is a warm day.” The sun was harsh, and the air so moist, it was as if she had just climbed out of the lake. Every few moments she would have to wipe her forehead to remove the sweat beads from falling into her eyes. “I’m not coming down with the sickness. Besides, the plague has been gone for decades now.”

The Devil’s Fever. That was the name that had been given to the plague. It started off with a fever and would be followed by aches and chills. The sickness would worsen, and purple boils would appear on a person’s skin. Eventually, the victim would stop breathing. However, only those with magic in their veins would succumb to the severe effects of the disease whilst the average person would recover with little lingering effects.

“The plague should not be taken lightly.” Leanna checked her forehead again. “Still warm.”

“I feel fine. I’m serious.”

Her mother tilted her head to the side and frowned, unconvinced. Still, the women did not pester her further. “Very well, if you’re not unwell, I need you to take this to Ethan’s mother. Her mind will not allow her to sleep. She misses her son dearly.”

Lyra nodded. “It’s been months since he disappeared.” Ethan. Her childhood friend of ten years. The boy had disappeared just short of his eleventh birthday. Some believed he had been captured by bandits, and others believed he had run away, but his mother believed the boy was alive and well. “He’s alive. I know it.”

Leanna dipped a spoon into the pot. Looking towards Lyra, she said, “Open the satchel.”

Lyra picked it up. Holding it out she said, “Who taught you?”

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Lil' snippet of the ongoing Rune Factory 5 fanfic I'm working on


“What exactly did you two want to ask, then?” 

“Oh, that’s right.” Ludmila clapped her hands together then looked at Lucas. “What did you want to ask them about, again?” 

Right, the reason he came here. The object that had Heinz teasing him in that puzzling manner. “I found something whilst I was sorting through the wares at work today. Heinz said you two might know about it.” The two mothers stared at him as he took the vivid blue feather out from his jacket once again, falling into hushed silence. 

Said silence was broken by Ludmila squealing, hands to her face as she admired the item now resting on the table. “Eeee so pretty! What’s this for? A hairpin? A hat, maybe? It’s so beautiful!” 

As Simone silently judged Ludmila, Misasagi gave a rather breathless giggle. “Wow, of all the things I expected to see, I didn’t think I’d see one of these again. This is a tail feather from the bluebird of happiness.” 

“‘Bluebird of happiness’?” After echoing that name, Lucas threw a concerned glance at the giddy succubus. “Well uh… It has certainly made Ludmila happy to see it, hm?” 

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  • Administrator

TITLE: Save Me

FANDOM: Hogwart's Legacy


She expected to find Sebastian flanked by the inferi. She expected him to be fighting them off. She did not expect him to be standing in the centre holding a relic above his head with an army of inferi staring at him. Still, he was alive. Relief poured through her. He was safe. “Sebastian!”

“I’ve done it, Melisandre!” He gave her a gleeful look, still holding the relic above his head. The inferi remained still. “This relic – it controls them.”

“Controls them? I had to fight my way through inferi to get to you.” She walked past the inferi and frowned. “What are you doing? Ominis is worried sick about you… and so am I. You haven’t been yourself ever since…” Solomon had prevented him from visiting Anne. Ever since then, Sebastian had morphed into someone unlike the boy she had met all those long months ago. There was a desperate recklessness in his actions and a maddened gleam in his eyes. 

“Ominis didn’t believe. Solomon didn’t either. But I can save her.”

She grabbed his arm. “Listen to me,” she hissed. “You controlled nothing! I almost died fighting them – I almost died!” she repeated.

“You almost died?” That seemed to grab his attention if only for a moment. “I’m sorry.”

“Put the relic down.”

“I can’t. This holds the key to saving my sister.”

Had she lost him to a blind obsession? “You can’t save her. I’m sorry, I don’t want to say it, but you can’t. Not like this. Not now.”

“You doubt me?”

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Title: Come to Harm ch 4

Fandom: Digimon


“Come on everyone, get out! It’s not safe!” While the girl and Digimon were distracted in the other room, Shigeru did what he could to help shepherd the people out of the waiting room. Many of the adults and children had already scattered as soon as the girl turned her attention away from them. But there were still a few older folks that were frozen in place, fearful of the girl and the monster that did her bidding.

“This way, Ma’am.” Shigeru offered his arm to an older woman, glad that two young adults had stayed behind help the elders out of harm's way.

“Thank you, sonny.” As he guided the woman out of the waiting room, he heard a scream coming from one of the patient rooms behind him. He stopped briefly to look over his shoulder.


“She’ll be okay. Don’t you worry, dearie.”

He blinked at the older woman in uncertainty. “How do you know?”

“I have see many things in my life, sonny. I have lost so many friends and loved ones. But you kids will be okay.” She smiled at him before shifting in the direction where the girl and dog went. “Nishimura-san is still young. She can still change. She doesn’t have to follow her father’s footsteps.”

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  • Administrator

Title: Save Me

Fandom: Hogwarts Legacy


Sebastian was outside pacing back and forth in the snow talking to himself. “I did the right thing,” he mumbled.

“Sebastian,” Melisandre started, an unsettling sensation gripping her stomach. 

Although she had murdered her fair share of goblins and dark wizards, none of them had been good people. Solomon might’ve been a bit rough around the edges, but he wasn’t a dark wizard. 

He stopped pacing and looked at her. For once, he didn’t look so confident. All that swagger had disappeared. He looked like a lost puppy in the woods. 

“I-I didn’t mean for that to happen.” He dropped to his knees and punched the ground with both fists. “I had to save her. He got in the way. He brought this upon himself.”

Maddened ramblings of a person who had lost their mind. Ominis had been right. Why hadn’t she listened to him? Because you thought love could save him, a voice taunted her. Grandmother’s warning came back to her. The road to hell was paved with good intentions. Now a cell at Azkaban awaited him. “I know,” was all she could manage to say. 

He glanced up at her. “I had to save Anne.”

“I know,” she repeated. Turn him in, a voice inside her head said. He’s gone too far. You can’t save him. Let him go. “We can’t speak of this to anyone. Not even Ominis.” Though the boy probably already knew. 

He sat up and grabbed her arm. “You believe me, don’t you? You saw him.”

She nodded. “I was at your side remember? Fighting him and the inferi.” If the man hadn’t intervened, what sort of foul dark magic would Sebastian have released?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Title: Of Wolves and Serpents

Fandom: Original


“Yeah…” That seemed like a better idea to Luciana. She glanced at Christopher as he reluctantly took autodrive off and drove manually again. If she was completely honest, Luciana wasn’t sure what they would do when they eventually found Santiago again. It wouldn’t be as easy as a simple rescue.

She figured there would be more to it than them just strolling in and taking Santiago out of the building. There would be someone else in their way, trying to keep Santiago prisoner against his will. Who that would be was a mystery to her right now. But they’d know soon enough, as they would be heading to where Santiago was held eventually.

It was only a matter of time.

Luciana fell silent in the back of Christopher’s car. It was her fault Santiago had been kidnapped. If she hadn’t come to the city, he would’ve been a bit safer.

“I want to apologize, Christopher, Amari.” Luciana spoke up, her voice slowly rising from quiet. When she observed Amari look back at her, she continued. “I am sorry my coming here started this chain of events. It’s my fault Santiago got kidnapped.”

Amari reached behind her with a hand, sighing. “I know, but what’s done is done. What we can focus on right now is righting things and getting Santiago back, don’t you agree?”

Luciana felt the comforting presence of Amari’s hand and looked into the hyena matriach’s eyes. “Yeah, that’s true. You’re right, we need to fix this mistake.”

“So what we’re going to do is start planning.” Christopher added his thoughts to the mix as he drove them back to the city. “I’ll get in touch with the authorities and my lawyer friend and fill them in on the situation. Since they don’t know yet about Santiago’s case.”

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Chapter 75 of the crossover


“I… we’re… eternity… it hurts… it really hurts… why just us… why do we have to… we… we must… kill them all!” the heads cried, about something some of them could recognize more than others.


“We don’t need it! We don’t need this world!” and furious anger, to the world that betrayed them.

The group scattered as the heads landed back on the sand, Number 21 still holding tightly to the actual Emil, because if there was a priority, was to save him, and then make sure everyone survived this.

Daisy, being the defender model she was, called her over so she could hide behind her, however in this case even her thicker armor would be useless, magic could pierce through it like butter.

Also with her being bigger she was probably the easier target.

“We should stay as far away as possible.” the Scanner informed Daisy. “Lily, 6O, you should do the same.”

They were the weaklings here at the moment, and no sense hanging around more than necessary, they would just put themselves at risk and distract the others should they worry for them, and they would.

Even if Number 21’s heart ached at the thought of having to run like a coward, in the end she was still the useless Scanner as she had always been in fights. Always weak, always protected…

She couldn’t even assist with hacking here, at least 9S had basic knowledge and a sword he could use, unlike her.

Why did Number 2 trust her with something so important such as keeping Emil safe?

She was not the person fit for this!

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  • 3 weeks later...

From the latest one shot I wrote based on a series of drawings of a friend plus a sort of comic I am making, a bit of an AU of a scene we didn't get to see on Ep 6 of the Nier anime.


I didn’t want it to end up like this…

She had hoped until the end that Number 21 would pull through, such a smart thing she was.

If anything, she had to applaud her for her enormous effort.

She had resisted way beyond anyone she’d ever seen to the corruption.

She had such a strong will, one that Anemone wished she had herself.

But even the strong could fall.


I don’t want to hurt her…

But she had to.

As she pointed the gun at what was once the calm and bright red haired Scanner she knew, tears fell free.

She truly didn’t want it to end up this way…

Please forgive me if you can… Number 21…

If somewhere somehow she still found it in her…

With that sole thought in mind, she pulled the trigger.

The sound of the gunshot echoed through the room, it hit its target square in the chest.

She barely made a sound when it did.

The heavy thud of Number 21’s knees hitting the ground, her own blood on it…

And the softer one as her entire body collapsed against Anemone’s one.

Even in death, she wanted her to have some kind of comfort.

Comfort she never had when alive.

She just wasn’t allowed to.

I’m sorry…

Anemone’s arms tightened around the corpse of what once was Number 21.

Little it mattered if her mantle and clothes got stained with her blood, nothing else mattered but the cold woman in her arms.

Her dear Scanner…

I wish I could have told you…

So many things she had wanted to say…

Too many…

But most important…

Anemone’s eyes widened, it was weak but it was there…

The weakest touch she had ever felt, holding on to her green mantle, and the most strained and softest breath against her shoulder…

She was… alive?

Hadn’t she been so close she wouldn’t have heard it, but…

“Thank… you…”

Anemone could only spot a glimpse of her eyes, blue, again.

Before the hand that held onto the mantle fell, she ceased moving, and those eyes closed…

To never open ever again…

Yet… she had enough strength to thank her still…

And dedicate her one last smile…

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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 15 of the idol AU


It was then that something clicked.

“Yeah well… maybe that’s what is worrying her.”

Dahlia frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Well Cattleya sort of tried telling us about this, and I think, and we also do, that she’s worried her issues may drive Anemone away from her, because she’s not an easy person to love and the whole expressing emotion also concerns her, because she’s not very good at showing how she feels about someone or something…”

“Stop talking, right now.” Dahlia put a finger on her lips, preventing her from continuing. “Listen, I may not like Anemone as a person, I think she’s too serious and stuck up but, I know her heart is in the right place.”

“She’d never hurt Cattleya, for that you have my word.”

And if she said so…

“I never thought I’d hear you defend Anemone.” Lycoris chuckled. “Yeah well don’t tell her I said that.”

“Maybe I could.” Dahlia hit her shoulder as she said that. “You better not.”

No, she wasn’t going to say a thing, better the two lovebirds found out on their own.


“So are we playing matchmaker or not?” Lycoris signed at the proposal. “Please don’t start too… Amaryllis is bad enough already.”

She had even offered Cattleya to help her write that love song too. A thing the redhead hadn’t accepted nor denied so far.

“Well, don’t you want your little sister to be happy?” Dahlia shrugged.

She and Anemone may not get along half the time, but still she’d be damned if she didn’t want her to be with the girl of her dreams.

“Of course I do!”

Out of them, Cattleya probably deserved it the most, after enduring so much pain and solitude.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Dahlia was already jogging over to them. “Come on, let’s head to Daisy’s, those two look like they could use a pick me up too.”


Lycoris called after her, but she was already sprinting over.

She shook her head as she chased her, yet she smiled.

After all, Dahlia would never change.

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Title: Yuletide Chaos

Fandom: Smite


Little did everyone know but Cupid was a cunning evil little demon. Sure, he looked cute and innocent – he had the body of a baby, round innocent eyes, rosy tinted cheeks, and a pair of angelic wings. But behind this cute exterior was the heart of a sociopath. There was a sadistic joy in spreading fake love, and corrupting relationships. Apollo had described him as a serpent once and Cupid wore that insult with pride.

Saturnalia was his favourite time of the year because it meant everyone came together on the battlefield. All year long the gods from the different pantheons would fight for the title of best pantheon on the conquest map. It left little time for matchmaking and lovemaking. But Saturnalia made people forget about their grudges temporarily for a festival of fun. And chaos of course.

“I do admire your methods, Cupid,” Loki said, readjusting his masquerade mask. The god looked quite dapper in his black suit and cape. “No one expects you of doing anything devious. Especially not in that bee costume,” he added, observing the crowd. Apollo was on the stage playing his lyre and singing at the top of his lungs. Several gods and goddesses were up and dancing already whilst a few remained in their seats watching. 

Cupid had formed an odd alliance with Loki. Loki was feeling annoyed with his pantheon because they had blamed him for their embarrassing loss at the recent tournament. Loki wouldn’t clarify the details however – he changed the subject when it was brought up – but rumour was it had something to do with split pushing objectives. “Devious? Me? How could you ever think ill of this face?” 

“That’s my point. It’s always the so-called innocent ones who have dark minds. But enough. Let’s focus on enjoying this party. So many gods all in one place. I say we spread a bit of chaos on the battlefield, yes? What’s Yule without a bit of fun?”

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From a small mermaid AU.


The mermaid was singing her heart out as the human held her head against her shoulder, listening.

She had found out that the quills were rather soft whenever there wasn’t a danger.

And the ones that were broken on her head grew again, as did the scales on her tail that had been cut away.

They had all healed.

However, for as beautiful mermaids were, Cattleya was still the most unique.

This vivid red was just too singular.

Their Leader, White, had told her that Cattleya was found as a little baby, alone in this very same place, and from the unusual color of her scales, she may have been the result of her mother mating with a human.

The tribe had taken her in and took care of her, as if she was everyone’s child.

Perhaps because of having been abandoned and rescued, she had always felt the need to be useful, she’d been driven to be a Scanner, as the quills on her head grew out when she was much younger than others.

A sad story, but it brought her to meet such a beautiful being.

“You’ve been told what giving scales out means, no?” Cattleya blurted out suddenly, after finishing her song.

“It means you trust me.” Anemone held the thing in her hand.

“That’s one scale.” the human frowned, there was more?

“Freesia and Amaryllis are bonded, so are Luna and Nines, our messengers Sunny and Olivia are too. Lycoris and I though, we are not.” Cattleya looked at her. “Or not yet.”

Anemone watched as she reached for her chest, clawing out another red scale.

“When someone chooses their mate, they give out a scale from their chest, it’s like giving out a piece of their heart.”

She was going to…

“And I choose you.” the mermaid held the scale in her hands for her to accept.

Anemone took it with a smile, placing it to her own chest.

“While we humans do this.”

With the sunset in the distance, she kissed her for the first time.

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Title: Yuletide Chaos

Fandom: Smite


“What are you two scheming about?” Ullr said, approaching the dangerous duo.

 “Oh, Ullr!” Loki exclaimed. “Come a little closer. I’ve got a secret for you.”

If he were any other god from another pantheon, he might’ve believed Loki, but he knew the conniving little shit all too well. “Loki. No. I’m not letting you stab me in the back.” Oh, if only they had been back at Asgard, he wouldn’t hesitate to use Loki as target practice. But he couldn’t risk starting trouble here on Mt Olympus. He knew how bad-tempered Zeus and his brothers were. Not to mention Odin would probably replace him with Skadi or Heimdallr if he caused trouble. 

Loki rolled his eyes. “Must you think ill of me? It’s Yuletide.”

“Saturnalia,” Cupid corrected.

“And that is exactly why I’m more suspicious of you than usual. Where is Heimdallr? He’s supposed to be keeping an eye on you.”

Loki shrugged. “He’s gone far, far away.”

Ullr narrowed his eyes. “What did you do to him?”

“Well, I convinced Freya to mess around with the Bifrost runes. So, our good friend Heimdallr should be in Egypt now. It’s going to take him awhile to fix the magic.”

“Freya helped you? Why?”

“You don’t need to know the details.”

Loki was right. He didn’t want to know what sort of weird things Loki had put himself through to convince Freya to help him. Loki would do anything – turn into a mare and mate with a stallion, have a tug of war match with a goat with one end of rope tied around his testicles, and other weird things. So, he believed Loki.

“We’re not scheming, Ullr. Honestly. Loosen up a little, will you?”

Cupid snickered. That little demon. “I think he needs to feel the love.”

Ullr raised his hands. “What? No. I’m fine, thanks. I don’t want your love.”

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Last chapter of Notes for my [H]eart


“So that song… was it for me?” the way she asked sounded like Anemone didn’t believe it.

“If I said yes?” the redhead was glad that she still wore the black cloth on her eyes, so she couldn’t see how much she struggled to look at her.

Though the prominent blush on her cheeks hardly lied.

And this time Anemone knew it wasn't a fever.

“I’d say I’m really glad, I was so very worried for you…” she reached up so she could undo the cloth and see those blue eyes she missed so much.

How she had hated seeing how red thay were…

Cattleya reached out for Anemone’s hands. “I have to ask… it wasn't a cruel dream, right?” but before she could ask, the redhead continued. “Those words… and the kiss…”

She didn’t know how, but she finally found the courage to ask…

“Was it true? Do you love me?”

She hated how small she sounded, but it was the only way she could express herself.

Either that or icy coldness.

But she didn’t want to be cold with Anemone, at all.

Because it was her warmth she’d been looking for, and that she desired.

“So you heard me…” Anemone too sounded… shocked, at the reveal. Perhaps she thought she was unconscious, but she wasn’t quite enough not to feel that.

Cattleya spent months wanting to know the answer, but had never known how to approach the subject.

And the others wouldn’t tell, vaguely lying to her.

But knowing them, they wanted her to gather the courage to confess, to ask, and to experience this the way she was able to.

Because they were her friends.

All of a sudden she found herself in Anemone’s arms.

“I’m so happy…” she held her tighter. “I thought… I didn’t want to hurt you… I was afraid to ruin what we’ve made, but I couldn’t…”

She looked down.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of you leaving me…” so she had confessed, even if she wasn’t sure Cattleya would have heard or felt her.

But… she did…

“I never felt anything like this before in my life… I was afraid it’d be too much to put on you… because… because I’m different…” she still felt that way, a bit.

“Please don’t say that.” Anemone put her hands on her cheeks. “Don’t say that ever again.”

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Digital [R]eincarnation chapter 82


“I don’t want any of that anymore.” she admitted.

Like she said, she wanted to cut ties with her past, and be another person, like she’d been born twice.

And matter of fact she metaphorically did. 

“Right, sorry I asked.” Dahlia apologized… wait…

“You apologized?” Anemone frowned, what the hell had gotten into this woman?

“Yes, you have a problem with that?” again she was immediately back to her old and snarky self.

But still…

“You never apologize on your own accord.” Gerbera pointed out.

“Well I did, shut up.”

The one time she actually said something thoughtful…

“I would assume that Dahlia may have learned something from our exchange yesterday.” it was Number 21 that spoke up, since she had been the victim of her thoughtless words the day before.

Though she couldn’t say they were all that thoughtless, for as blunt as they were, Dahlia’s words were a show of worry and love for her teammates and friends. 

Much like some black haired Gunner she knew.

But if one could show tact, the other could too, and this was proof of it.

“I would like to believe this apology was meant to not hurt Robin’s feelings.” she concluded her thought.

“I didn’t mean to hurt yours either…” Dahlia quietly mumbled. “I know, I understand what you were trying to do, but I was being irrational.”

“And oddly emotional.” Number 16 pointed out. Though she knew well the Scanner wasn’t as cold as she appeared to be.

The redhead nodded. “I know you meant it as caring for me, just that words aren’t the best way you’re able to express yourself with.”

And still, that had been a moment of weakness too.

She wasn’t being herself, that was why they affected her so hard, normally she knew they wouldn’t have.


“There’s no need to say that out loud.” another small snarky remark, Dahlia was still her after all.

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