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New World Order: Ravaged World [ARC 3]


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“And I never spent much time with your companions in this world. You know then better than I do so you should know Cyrus doesn’t like what he is and never has.”

You continue walking along the path. 

“That is the whole reason the wolves fell apart. They wanted someone who embraced wha they were - not someone who wanted none of it.”

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He sighs.

”I’m recalling what I know and analysing the whole situation. Bruno wanted power for himself. Cyrus didn’t care. There wasn’t even a fight as per usual with wolves - he just left. I can understand Bruno’s positioning - he felt betrayed and abandoned. Can’t say I really blame him.”

He gestures ahead.

“We are walking through the forest and we are taking the quietest path to avoid detection. It’s the longest path but if you prefer to get moving, I could just leave you alone and allow you to walk right into quite a few pitfall traps that you won’t be able to get out of.”

He gives you a smug look.

”By all means take charge and take the quickest route possible.”

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He shrugs.

”You could try to be more positive. That other world doesn’t matter - it will cease to exist. This world will also cease to exist if you cannot emotionally pull yourself together. I know it may sound harsh, but you must overcome it and focus on the goal here.”

He stops at a junction. There are some human footprints in the dirt.

”Hmm, interesting. People don’t often come this way.”

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