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New World Order: Ravaged World [ARC 3]


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“He’s bleeding out! What am I supposed to do? Turn him into a vampire?”

“He stabbed himself with Cynthia’s blade… you can’t turn him into a vampire,” Morty points out.

He looks towards Sabrina.


Sabrina peers through the flames. “Oh look, it’s you. Somehow you’re still alive. You just don’t know how to die do you?”

”I don’t need to listen to you.”

”Maybe not. But I know who you will listen to. Caitlin. Be a dear and shut him down.”

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Steven looks at the wolves.

”Your light did something to them. Put them in their natural forms,” Siebold says. “Divine magic is supposed to be seen as purifying… and well, here’s the result.”

Steven frowns. “Can we get them back?”

Siebold looks unsure. “I do not know. I’ve never seen this is before… but perhaps with the power of a strong psychic you might be able to get into their minds.”

”But psychics can’t get into the minds of supernaturals,” Gary points out.

”Well you can… But you can’t do it alone. You need power.”

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