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New World Order: Ravaged World [ARC 3]


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"Weren't you the one mad about it? Why are you defending her?" she asks.

"You know who we are and how special our powers are too, has the time spent before taught you nothing at all? Or maybe you thought I'd always be there to protect you all? Has this seriously taught you nothing?" she says.

"Her carelessness could have cost the life of her own child, I told you before, enemies don't look for the stronger targets"

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He frowns.

"Not useless. At least Damian got his mother back. Can't call that a loss, can we?"

Another pause then,

"Nothing I say will change anything. Some things just aren't meant to be. Up to Caitlin now what she wants to do, but we have a ferry waiting for Stark Island."

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"You don't need to keep rubbing it in. Not like you've resolved your issues with Steven anyway."

He looks at Damian.

"I can't decide what your mother wants to do next - that's up to her. But Naoko is dead now so you don't have to worry about her anymore."

"Naoko's gone?" Caitlin says.

He nods. "Yeah. I assume all her sisters are too. So you'll be safe here."

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