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New World Order: Ravaged World [ARC 3]


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Morty just snickers.

”A pretty boy. Heh.”

Gary glares. “I did win most popular male award every year at school and the girls would always drop me letters.”

”So, you were just interested in getting laid,” Morty says.

”…That’s the reputation I had for years. Not one I ever wanted.”

”It’s a hard one to shake off.”

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“Oh and I was rich,” Gary adds. “Looks, brains and cash - I’m basically a god.”

”ah now he’s got a big head,” Morty says.

”Just saying. I got lucky with genetics.”

”Was your grandfather like you?”

”Yeah. He got a fair bit in his younger days. Anyways. The keys to your rooms.” He gives you a small key card each. 

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Gary rolls his eyes.

”Being an addict makes it sound like I have some sort of a mental problem. I don’t. It’s just easy for me to get what I want.”

”Now that makes you sound like a player,” Morty points out. “Not surprising really. You do have that reputation.”

Steven frowns. “If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be here.”

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