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New World Order: Ravaged World [ARC 3]


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“Isn’t that where Cyrus lives?”

Lance sighs. “Can’t imagine he will be overly happy to see us again.”

You exit the tavern and start to make your way back to Hearthome. 

“Where did you get all your supplies from?”

”The hospital. I’d do some favours for them and they’d give me a few donations.”

”I don’t think I want to know what sort of favours you did.”

Lance frowns. “Nothing bad I assure you. I’d never cheat on anyone.”

”You had all these wonderful women around you for sometime and the thought never crossed your mind?”

Lance shakes his head. “No.”

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“He can talk if he wants,” Lance says. “I’m not bothered by it. Maybe he’ll learn something.”

”Ever since you became a vampire, you’ve been quite the bore. Now you’re so serious. I saw Lyra recently. She was with someone. Some guy.”

That catches Lance’s attention. 


”Yeah, Lyra.”

”Why would she be here?”

Morty shrugs. “I don’t know. But at least she’s alive.” 

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“You were busy. It wasn’t the right time to randomly bring Lyra up.”

Lance nods. “We can’t think about Lyra now.”

After some time you return to Hearthome. The place is the same as it was since you left.

”Can’t say I’m sad to see the church fall apart,” Morty says heading towards the building. He heads inside first.

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Lance looks around.

”Angel blood but that won’t work for you. A few humans seem to have been caught up in this madness too… There is blood. In an urn. Weird.”

”Guess the angels were into some shady business.”

Lance walks over to a silver urn with antelopes on it. He takes the lid off and peers inside. “This one. It’s quite fresh too.” He hands it over.

Morty sighs. “Great. I’ll never get used to the taste.”

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He looks at Diantha’s coffin and walks over to push the lid open.

”Damn, a rough end.”

He touches her corpse, holding her left hand. “Give me space. I need to focus.” 

Lance takes a step back. “Take it away then.”

”All right, Diantha. I need you to return. You have unfinished business in this world and you can’t leave until it’s done. Come to me.”

A cold breeze sweeps through the room.

“Wind down here?” Lance says.


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