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Damian Wilson

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Let's talk about this incredible man? :) 

Some information...


Damian Wilson is an English singer-songwriter and musician who has appeared on over 70 separate album releases. Wilson is known for his work in the progressive metal genre, as the lead singer of Headspace, (formerly) Threshold, and Arena. He also sang and toured with bands and projects such as for Star One, Ayreon, Landmarq, Praying Mantis and with Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble. As a solo artist he has released 5 solo albums, a DVD and a retrospective compilation album.


In my opinion, Damian is one of the absolutely best voices in the world. I first heard him in Ayreon and Star One, then heard some Threshold with him, and Headspace, and his solo works... His most recent album "Limehouse to Lechlade" is the Album of the Year 2021 in my opinion. The music there is great, his voice sounds as awesome as ever, plus absolutely amazing lyrics! "Key to Life", "Picture" and title track still give me goosebumps, not only with how they sound, but with meaning. But he also is an amazing human being! Before Ayreon shows he's been hanging out in the street with the fans standing in the line to the entrance, and after them he would crowdsurf toward the rear bar of the venue. Not to mention his overall modest way of life...

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Oh Damian! He was my favourite on Into The Electric Castle album. He was also one of my favourite performers on the Ayreon Universe show (though they were all amazing but he was so captivating to me).

I’m not overly familiar with his solo stuff yet but it’s on my to listen to list. He really just seems like a super nice guy too from all the stories I’ve heard.

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He truly is super nice guy! I asked him to clarify the meaning of some songs that escaped me in translation, and he explained. In the current tough times he messaged me several times with the words of support and virtual hugs. And back in 2017, after Ayreon Universe, me and my friends were spending night at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, because our flight to Moscow was at like 6am, and I saw Damian's facebook status that he's stuck at Schiphol too due to his delayed flight home, so I commented like "hey we're here too, if you're stuck at the airport, come over here!". And he DMd me, asking where exactly we are, and said he was going to come to hang out with us indeed! But soon he wrote that after another complain to the airline representative he was sent by them to the hotel for this night, so we didn't meet that time. But still, the effort! :) 


23 minutes ago, AquilaTempestas said:

I’m not overly familiar with his solo stuff yet but it’s on my to listen to list. He really just seems like a super nice guy too from all the stories I’ve heard.

I highly recommend his recent solo album. The masterpiece!

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3 hours ago, AquilaTempestas said:

Okay. Just listened to his solo album (Limehouse to Lechlade) and it's pretty solid.

My favourite song is Hard to Keep Faith but every other track is decent.

Gotta listen to it again. It's such a diverse album - some country/folky sounding songs, prog rock and the like.

Indeed, this album is very diverse, I also love the lyrics!! My faves are Picture and Key to Life, with Hard to Keep Faith and Limehouse to Lechlade following closely.

2 hours ago, BlueThunder said:

He's got such an oldschool sounding voice. I wish he was back in Threshold. New singer doesn't cut it for me.


Agree, he's a big loss for Threshold :( Well, now we have Arena...

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Damian and Adam (Wakeman) will release their 3rd full-length studio album 'Can We Leave The Light On Longer?' on January 12th.

The album, containing 10 new songs, features Damian on vocals and acoustic guitar and Adam on piano, vocals, Hammond organ, acoustic & electric guitars, bass and percussion.
Additional drums and trumpet are provided by Pete Riley and George Hogg and there's an 18-voices choir.

In line with, perhaps even more than on, their previous albums the songs have a very personal depth and meaning to Adam and Damian.

”The album is about how we are connected as human beings and what drives us to be alive. It tells tales of hopeful inspiring dreams and our fight to live and function, with the ultimate and inevitable loss we face through mortality.”

I'm looking forward!!! First song available sounds awesome already. Managed to pre-order the vinyl!

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