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  • Administrator

This story can easily be summarised as a sexual journey through the ups and downs of the human body and all it's weird fluids, all told through Cyrus the Great.

story - The Teachings of Cyrus Pokemon[


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A human woman from one reality wakes up in another, no longer as a human, and gets dragged in an insane war, while at the same time falling in love with someone she is supposed to kill.

This is my crossover, Digital [R]eincarnation.

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  • Administrator

A tale of twins who embark on a journey to overcome the evil powers spreading in their country, but will the twins succumb to their own personal demons or find a way to overcome?

- Reign of Chaos [Assassin's Creed Syndicate]

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800 years in the future from now, a girl, relative of the Galactic Overlord, gets into a crash accident of her shuttle on the planet Earth, which is at the cold war with the aforementioned Overlord, and meets a boy there whose ancestor was let down by her ancestor centuries ago, despite this all they manage to get along and this affects their friends' fates and indirectly - the political situation in the whole Galaxy.

The whole story doesn't have a name yet, we just name separate episodes. VERY loosely based on Disney/Pixar's WALL•E..

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4 hours ago, AquilaTempestas said:

- Boris teaches the Blitzkrieg Boys about puberty.

- Beyblade, Boris's Sex Class

You need to give it a 2024 facelift!

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Teenager who does not believe in magic gets kidnapped by a magic train after finding a magic gem and soon finds out he also has a magic key, proceeds to get his mind blown.

—The Key to Truth (my Detective Conan x Kingdom Hearts crossover) 

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