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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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  • Administrator

She waves. 

"Good luck!"

Jade exits the building, and motions for you to follow her up the street.

"Caitlin's all right. A bit strange sometimes, but she's nice. Morty, I've only met twice. He kinda moved here from Johto last year, professing to be some sort of expert with conjuring up spirits and that sorta stuff. Whitney is... a colourful character. I bet she forced him into marrying her."

She leads you towards a quieter part of the city away from the pubs and casino place. You follow her down to a dead end street, and towards a house with a picket white fence and neatly trimmed garden hedges.

"Oh. Since your memories are a bit hazy, I should remind you... You dated him for a short time so this might be a bit awkward."



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"Two so far and both did not last long at all."

She rings on the doorbell.

After three rings, the door swings open. A woman with bright pink hair looks at you.

"Oh. It is you. The ex-girlfriend. Didn't think you would show your face here again so soon," she says throwing you a look. "What do you want?"

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Cynthia decides to annoy her instead, she was never fond of Withney, even in her own world, too nosy.

"How rude, I'm just here to deliver something to Morty, but for you to overreact like this you must not believe in yourself too much. Green is not a color that matches well with pink" she smirks.

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  • Administrator

"Well, I live here. I will give it to him."

You hear footsteps. Moments later, Morty shows up behind Whitney.

"Hi, Cynthia. Jade." He then looks at the parcel. "Oh."

"What do you mean oh?" Whitney says then frowns. "It is from Cailtlin, isn't it? She keeps sending you stuff."

"Nothing to be concerned about."

"Well it does concern me because if you are meeting her behind my back then I am throwing you out," she threatens.

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  • Administrator

Jade nods.

"We were running away from thugs... Cynthia fell and suffered a nasty head knock and now her memories are all over the place. Caitlin should be able to help her get that back."

Morty nods. "Heh. Yeah. She can do many things. Well. Thanks for bringing this."

He starts to pull off the wrapping paper. He pulls just enough off to get a glimpse then inmediately covers it up again.

"... That is... Some gift."

Whitney tries to look but he hides it from her.


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  • Administrator

He nods.

"Indeed. Do pass on my thanks to her. Also let her know that now is not the time. She will understand."

Whitney pouts. "So you are in contact with her."

"We worked together for awhile, Whitney. She still likes to seek advice from me."

He turns to you again.

"Well, best be seeing you. Take care and watch yourselves out there."

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  • Administrator

Jade nods.

"Yeah. That's Whitney for you. No idea why he even ended up with her."

Caitlin hears you approaching and looks your way.

"You are back.... And no parcel either. That's good. Did he... Say anything?" she says trying hard not to look hopeful.

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  • Administrator

Caitlin looks a bit disappointed.

"Of course. I don't know why he is so afraid of leaving Whitney. He doesn't even like her."

She heads back inside the shop.

"Whitney is just a normal human. No magic. Nothing. Doesn't even know vampires exist. They are not a compatible match. Yet he agreed to marry her. That I don't get."

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  • Administrator

She sighs.

"He married her six weeks ago. Whitney tried to kill herself or something so he must have agreed to it just to prevent that from happening because he's a nice guy. 

But she knew I liked him. So she went after him and got to him first. But she will soon see the truth. He will have to leave her eventually."

She looks at you again.

"Sorry, but it is so stressful. But Samuel Oak says I need to avoid stress because that would be bad for... Well. For me. Stress is bad."


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  • Administrator

Caitlin sighs once more.

"But enough about me and my worries. I am sure you don't want to hear it all anyway."

Jade raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything.

"So. Cynthia. You came here because you wanted help. About your memories if I recall?"

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