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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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New World Order: The Rift (ARC 2)


Agatha has been defeated, but there is no time for celebrations. As she was struck down, a blinding white light appeared, opening a rift to a different world. Now you awaken in a different reality and must find a way to return home.

But this journey will not be easy. Familiar faces return, but they do not appear in the way you knew them as. Circumstances have changed even though the world looks the same. Your memories and knowledge remain untouched, but now you have to survive in a different reality where everything has changed and the balance of power is reversed.

Character Submissions


Number of players needed


To join


Additional info

Not needed


  • no godmodding, bunnying etc
  • no killing other players
  • no killing NPCs unless prompted


@Sakura Alexia

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An unknown amount of time passes by...

The last thing you remember is a brilliant flash of white blinding light followed by a sore head before your world turned to total darkness.

You awaken, and a full moon shines down upon you, providing you a fine source of light. Your vision takes awhile to adjust, but you can eventually make out a few headstones around you. A pair of white owls fly past and towards a nearby oak tree.

There's also the scent of something rotten coming from within the cemetery that might be worth investigating. In addition, you hear some soft feminine singing coming from within, and she's soon joined by a girl's voice.


Go on in and investigate the source of the singing


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You follow the sound of the voice and find yourself within the building.

...And find your grandmother and Jade washing a corpse of a young woman.

"May you find peace with the ancestors," your grandmother says, washing down the body.

jade hears you approaching and looks up. "Cynthia! You're finally awake!"

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  • Administrator

They both look at you with a frown.

"One of our witches cast a spell in the quarter... That is forbidden. The vampires found out and she was killed," Carolina explains, shaking her head sadly.

Jade rushes to your side and checks your forehead. "You don't have a temperature, but you don't look okay."

Carolina motions for you to come closer. "We had to run away, and you hurt yourself in the process. But we able to save you and bring you back. The body was delivered to us earlier today."

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They still frown at you.

"You did take a rather nasty knock when you fell," Carolina says. "I am not surprised you don't remember."

Jade looks down at the corpse. "We are prisoners here. If we cast magic then we will end up dead." She then turns to you. "This is our life."

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  • Administrator

Carolina frowns.

"Are you sure you didn't have anything else? Did a vampire bite you?"

"Just relax, Cynthia. Everything will go back to normal. Maybe some vampire blood did get into your system but it will pass."


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They both still frown at you.

"Maybe we should have Cynthia checked by the Doctor? He could check her head. Make sure it is olay in there," Jade suggests.

Carolina nods. "Yes. That is an idea. Are you okay to walk?"

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  • Administrator

They still give you troubled looks

"The Doctor might be able to answer your questions. Even the vampires see value in keeping them alive. Come on. They live just outside the quarter."

Carolina leads the way out of the graveyard and across the grass. You can see some iron gates ahead.

But you do not go into the city. Instead, Carolina and Jade walk you across a green field and towards the back entrance of a golf course.

After sometime walking you reach a mansion. There is a big water fountain at the front. There is a statue of a big cat too in the centre.

The house itself is huge and is at least three storeys high with over twenty rooms. There are three highly expensive cars at the front too.

Carolina approaches the door and knocks. It swings open moments later. A woman looks at you and smiles.

"Carolina. Jade. Cynthia! Grandfather didn't say we were expecting visitors tonight. What is the occassion?"

"Hi, Daisy. My granddaughter hurt herself during the escape. She took a nasty head knock and now her memories are jumbled. Can the professor help?"

Daisy nods. "Come inside. I will get him. You just wait in the lounge with my brother." 

She takes you to the lounge then leaves. The living room is like a cinema room almost. Nice comfortable chairs and a large television screen with expensive audio equipment.

"Gary," Carolina starts.

He greets you all. "It's been awhile." He approaches you. "Cynthia. Gotta say this is a bit awkward. Last we meet you slapped me in the face and said you would never date me."

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He frowns.

"Has it really been that long? It was only three months that you were here, Cynthia. I guess you tried hard to wipe it from your mind."

He then sighs.

"You said you could never date a psychic. But I get it. You know I would never invade your mind though, right?"


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  • Administrator

He frowns.

"... Are you sure you don't take drugs?"

"Grandfather is ready to see you now! The rest of you should wait out here. You know he doesn't like being interrupted."

"Good luck," Gary says.

You follow Daisy up a flight of stairs and towards the main office on the top floor.

Samuel Oak waits inside.  

"Well, in you go."

She waits outside.

"Cynthia, my pleasure," the elderly man says, gesturing for you to sit down. "Close the door behind you will you?"

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  • Administrator

He frowns at you.

"A blinding light? That one is new to me. Very well. Look me have a look inside."

A sharp pain implodes in your mind. Your memories flood your thoughts, showing glimpses of the life you knew.

Moments pass and Samuel pulls his hand away, looking at you with wide eyes.

"...You have inherited the thoughts of another... you."


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  • Administrator

"That is... fascinating."

He moves away and looks at one of his many notebooks. He flips open to a page and reads it to himself.

"Ah! Time dimension warp!" he says then puts the book down. "Of course! I didn't think it was possible but this has been researched before by a man called Charon at Galactic Corporations. He was aided by a man called Cyrus. They looked into matters of alternate realities. The white light. The dark energy I saw in your mind. Two magical energies clash and they create a rift. Now this doesn't always happen - it is a very rare chance of this happening actually. Less than one percent chance! God must be watching over you."


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Cynthia's eyes widen, shocked.

"So this... this is a completely different world from mine? And you're saying Arceus could have brought me here?" but why? For once they had actually managed to strike down someone important to Sabrina...

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