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Where would you like to travel and why?

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So, a reimagining of this thread? :) 

BTW I thought I commented in that one but now couldn't find it. So let's start anew.

Well my first and most desired destination these days is the Netherlands, namely Tilburg, this September, because of Ayreon shows, but so many circumstances are against me so it's unlikely to happen :(

Also I'd love to return to Latvia, to my girlfriend's hometown of Ventspils. But this looks even more unlikely now. Damn politics :angry:

Another bucket list destination is Malaysia, homeland of my bestie. This seems more plausible (albeit expensive but I could save up), for there still are flights and no visas needed, but my family took a stance that I "won't survive there" due to heat and humidity and very long flight. :wacko: No reasoning works with them...

Besides there, I'm curious about Panama, homeland of another friend of mine. She visited Moscow nearly 4 years ago so now expects me with a return visit :)

Another place I'd love to visit was the UK, and I almost did it back in 2020, even managed to get the visa. But damned covid cancelled all our plans (we were planning to hang out at my friend's house with him and his (then) girlfriend - my aforementioned Malaysian bestie). It's my dream to see London and Stonehenge and maybe visit Wychwood and St. Peter's breweries. However it's not going to happen any time soon as well... also that friend and his girlfriend broke up so I doubt we'd gather at his place like this again.

Oh and I'd love to return to Budapest, Hungary. I spent two days there back in 2019 and fell in love with this city! In two days I saw only tiny part of it...

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I prefer going to countries that don't require a visa, lol. But lots of the ones I'd love to go need it, gah! 


...I miss having a diplomatic passport, lmao.


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