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Elden Ring

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  • Administrator

So, I've almost finished Elden Ring. I just have to beat the final boss and the two Mohgs.

Elden Ring is a good game and a good entry point for newbies to Soulsborne. I do think the boss designs aren't as good as they were in Dark Souls 3 (Slave Knight Gale, Sister Freide, Nameless King, Midir and so on). I also don't the armour and weapon designs are as good as they were in Dark Souls 2. Some of the bosses downright feel cheap as shit (though the Soulsborne games have their fair share of really cheap shit like bloody frenzy and toxic... in Elden Ring it's scarlet rot). The game does feel pretty grindy though unlike the other Soulsborne games. It feels like a weird combination of all the games. When I'm playing through I'm thinking, 'this is familiar!' Some of the areas are cheap too. Fuck Lake of Rot.

The game's soundtrack is excellent and the diverse interconnected world is awesome too. Some very nice environments, and some of the fights are good fun. It's a pretty world with a lot of exploration but the dungeons are terribly unfun and strongly remind me of the Chalice Dungeons from Bloodborne (also unfun but epic boss fights like bloody Defiled Amygdala). But overall, it's a strong game and I'm looking forward to the eventual DLC which will undoubtedly have amazing bosses and difficult areas to explore. 

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  • Administrator

So... update. Beat everything but the final boss and all I can say is fuck that guy. Cheap dodgy combos.

In terms of Elden Ring and how it rates in comparison to the other games.... I think Elden Ring has the best environments, Dark Souls 3 has the best boss fights (though Elden Ring DLC might change that when that comes out), Dark Souls 2 has the best story and NPCs and armour/weapon designs, Bloodborne has best combat, and Dark Souls 1 has Pikachu and Snorlax and that damned Tomb of the Giants.

Anyways. Elden Ring really feels like a weird mashup of Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 - the best and worst parts. I suspect a DLC next year with totally insane bosses that are gonna make people rage all over again.

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