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City of Dark and Ash


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Author: TJMike

Title: City of Dark and Ash


A series of strange murders. A madman’s preaching. A cold City. A supernatural Underworld.

Something stirs in the dark corners of Twin Peaks. The Vampire Houses, the Werewolves Packs, the Changeling Courts, and the Arisen Cults, in one of the rarest meetings in the history of Twin Peaks, have agreed to form a group in order to investigate and stop the source of this killings, preventing an all-out war among the supernatural factions and most importantly, keep the veil of secrecy from mortal eyes in the process.

Character Submissions

Preferably OCs only. You only have to PM me saying that you’d be interested in this RP, and I’ll help you out to flesh out your character.

Type of RP: Epic

Number of Players:


Additional Info:

Yup, this RP is based on the Chronicles of Darkness. Now, given the… well, “Darkness” factor of this line of games, I’ll do my best to keep things chill. Not quite “dark”, but with its fair fill on suspense and mystery.

Given the complexity of the Chronicles of Darkness [coupled with the fact that this would be my first RP lol] I’ll stick to simplicity when helping the participants creating their characters.

Also, we’re dealing with the supernatural here, but I’d like the characters to be somewhere between 17-25 years old


A paragraph should do in most cases [4-5 lines] However, feel free to add more if needed.


• No bunnying.

• No killing other characters (unless prompted)

• I'll post and then prompt RP to post after.


@onewiththewheels as Hilda Eros

@AquilaTempestas as Sebastian Lanois

@Stubborn Saber as Sora Somnus

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It’s based on the Chronicles of Darkness. Think of it as D&D, but with more darker themes and the inclusion of the supernatural element, all set in modern times.

But yeah, the story we’ll be RP’ing would be my creation.

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Okay. For the supernatural creatures that we can play as, can it be any supernatural creature, or does it have to be one of the ones you mentioned above in your description?


Also, do characters have to be created through PMs? For longer things, I prefer just posing it directly in the topic. You could still send me feedback through PMs, if you want.

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Alright, I've managed to simplify the Character Creation process from the Chronicles of Darkness, but I'm open to suggestions.

Character Templates

  • Name: Self explanatory
  • Age: Self explanatory
  • Description
    • Physical:
    • Attire:
    • Accessories:
  • Species:
  • Backstory:


Supernatural Templates

- Vampire Character Template

  • House: Choose the group your character belongs.
    • House Gangrel: Focused on modernity and new traditions
    • House Ventrue: Focused on the old ways and conservative.
  • Blood Disciplines: Choose 2 enhancements for your character
    • Speed: You can move at inhuman speeds.
    • Allure: You can command humans to do your biding [Not usable on supernatural beings]
    • Vigor: You manifest superior strength than average human.
    • Stamina: You can use the blood you fed from to cure your wounds instantly.

- Changeling Template

*Changelings are fae-like creatures, based on the Grimm fairytales.

  • Seeming: Choose the general appearance of your character
    • Beastling: Your character has 1 animal trait [animal ears, small horns, tail, etc.]
    • Darkling: You character has 2 dark elf trait [pale skin, bright eyes, ash hair, etc.]
    • Fairest: Your character has 2 high elf/fairy trait [taller/shorter than average, pointy ears, etc.]

Contracts: Choose up to 2 contracts [One level 1 Contract, one level 2 contract. Contracts are basically magical abilities for Changelings.]

  • Beastling Contracts
    • Words of Wolves – You can communicate with the animal your seeming is based on.
    • Beastcaller – You can have an animal companion.
  • Darkling Contracts
    • Shade – You can hide among shadows during the day. You are practically invisible during the night.
    • Senses – Your senses are enhanced during nighttime. You can see what supernatural species someone is from a look, as long as you’ve known that species before.
  • Fairest Contracts
    • Reflection of the past – You can focus on a reflective surface and have a glimpse of what has been reflected there in the past few days
    • Vainglory – You can see supernatural beings in the public, even if they are using magical methods to hide their natures.

Courts: Choose the group your character belongs.

  • Court of Winter: Experts on hiding. Spies. Couriers.
  • Court of Summer: Warriors at heart. Soldiers. Protectors.


- Werewolf Template

Pack: Choose the group your character belongs

  • Iron Masters: Werewolves whit better ties with mankind, better used to their technology.
  • Blood Talons: Werewolves that are more inclined to solve problems with violence.

Since werewolves cannot use magical abilities, they can opt to transform into any of these forms at any time:

  • Wolf Form: Your character transforms into a wolf, indistinguishable from any large stray dog.
  • Hunter Form: Your character grows claws from their nails and fangs over their teeth, but remains mostly human. Effective for urban hunts.

Your character also has a Battle Form, which transforms them into a full hybrid human-wolf, covered in fur, growing a snout and tail, claws, etc. This form can only be achieved under full moon.


- Arisen Template

*Arisen are basically mummies, dead for millennia and brought back in a cycle every few centuries. They have a bonded object always with them, it's the source of their powers and if destroyed, the Arisen slowly dies.

  • Cult: Choose a group your character belongs
    • The Builders: Architects of the Arisen. Focused on the future of the city and the supernatural factions. Their bonded object is a small Effigy.
    • The Inscribers: Scholars. Focused on the recollection of supernatural knowledge. Their bonded objet is a Book.
    • The Shepherds: Priest. Classical cult dedicated to honoring the ancient gods of Egypt. Their bonded object is an Amulet.


  • Powers: Choose 2 powers for your character
    • Suspend the Trial: You can resurrect another for a few minutes. [Beings brought back this way are fully aware of themselves and after the power is used they cannot be brought back ever again.]
    • Sands of the Desert: You can manipulate dirt, sand, and small rocks in the vicinity, allowing you to create miniature sandstorms.
    • Shadow of Apophis: You can manipulate darkness. Only usable during night, allowing you to give solid form to shadows for a brief time.
    • Power of Ra: You can manipulate sunlight, allowing you to use it to illuminate the area around you, or focusing it into a small point with scorching results. Not usable during nighttime
    • Ward of Isis: You can bind a target. You must know their name and supernatural species [if any] to bind them in place for a few minutes.
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Character Example

  • Name: Mikan Shidou
  • Age: 17
  • Description
    • Physical: Female. Mikan has a petite frame with a fair skin tone, with short, brunette hair in a rebel and curly style. Her eyes are amber in color and her general features indicate her Asian-American ascendance.
    • Attire: She typically wears a dark gray jacket over a deep red blouse, and a pair of jeans along with black tennis.
    • Accessories: A single erring on her right ear, and a necklace depicting a snowflake.
  • Species: Changeling
    • Seeming: Beastling [A pair of rabbit ears on the top of her head.]
    • Beastling Contracts
    • Court: Winter Court
  • Backstory: Mikan has been in Twin Peaks for quite some time, ever since coming back from the Hedge. She is usually quite talkative, always eager to make new friends among the supernatural community, especially other changelings. She has a special connection with Jack, her rabbit familiar, who she brought from the Fae Lands before returning. The recent murders however, have shaken up a little the young changeling, not feeling so safe at night and opting to change her usual routine of visiting her friends after dusk and staying inside instead.


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Name: Hilda Eros

• Age: 21

• Description: long silver hair with hazel eyes, preferring to wear green clothing, female

◦ Physical: above

◦ Attire: nothing specific yet, although that attire may change throughout the story up if she changes clothes

◦ Accessories: none at this point, but she may have something added or pick something up later on


• Species: Werewolf

• Backstory: A Hunter member of the Iron Masters. Hilda is interested in working with humans and learn about the technology from early on. This extends to learning about and trying to master the ability of the other supernatural races. However, so far she hasn't succeeded, and her academic interests and curiosity have made her a bit of an outcast. However, she is hopeful that one day she will be successful, she can pass on the skills to others, and that the skills she learns can be used to bring together and solve involving the supernatural races. She also hopes that these skills will solve conflicts overall, and allow the supernatural races to live peacefully, openly, and with their identities known alongside those that do not possess supernatural powers.


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  • Administrator

Name - Sebastian Lanois

Age - 27

Description - Short black hair, bright blue eyes, athletic build, likes to wear all black. He has a tattoo on his right upper arm. It's an image of a dagger with a snake curled around it. (So he looks a bit like Daniel Gillies, but only with blue eyes)

Attire - Anything black. He has a fear of bright colours. He has a preferance for black pants and short-sleeved shirts without collars.

Accessories - Nothing

Species - Vampire

Backstory - Sebastian is a rogue. He's attracted to trouble, and this has often gotten him involved in fights with the wrong people. One day he pissed off the wrong person and got shot in the heart and died at the scene. Fortunately, the man who killed him had given him his blood and he was able to be reborn as a vampire. He's not a family man at all. In fact, it seems he gives off bad vibes as people always keep their distance when he shows up. He's a good-natured guy who really just likes causing trouble because he's curious to see how people will react. 

He belongs to House Gangrel and his two enhancements are Stamina and Allure.



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Name: Sora Somnus

  • Age: 18
  • Description
  • Physical: Female. Her skin is pale white and she is 5 ft 8 inches tall. She has contrasting long jet black hair, often kept in a propped up ponytail. Her eyes are a blood red in colour. Highly active, giving her an athletic build.
  • Attire: She wears a purple hoodie, decorated with the torso's skeletal system on the front and back, this is mostly in black, but has a white outline. Underneath is a simple black tank top. As for her lower half, she wears a pair of short denim shorts. Her feet are covered by white socks and a pair of black trainers, decorated by a red skull and cross-bones at their sides.
  • Accessories: A black choker, in the centre is a golden painted metal piece of a sleeping woman
  • Species: Werewolf



A member of the Blood talons, still stuck in her rebellious teen faze. Sora loves a good old fashioned brawl, but isn't inclined to follow orders. This fact has put even more strain on her relationship with her parents, who had desired a male heir for their first born. Consistently at odds, when her parents ordered her to cut her hair for practicality she refused, proceeding to grow it longer out of spite; even though it's length annoys her at times, she refuses to admit it. Unless others can match her strength in a one on one brawl she views them as weak and unworthy of her respect, regardless of the species. Currently she is lacking direction and getting bored of the momentous day to day dealings, she's in search of something to do, whether it is part of the pack or not.

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Well then, let's get this started shall we? ^_^


Deveraux Manor

As the sun sets in the large city of Twin Peaks and most of its inhabitants prepared themselves for a long night of sleep, another, most secretive sector of the populace held an uncharacteristic meeting. One that took place only once in a year if they were lucky.

This would be the second one within a three months period.

The luxurious manor’s interior is filled with the most refined accommodations and furniture fitting the status of a modern Lord, although the guests are only allowed to be either at the reception area and further down into the main hall. Most of the guests prefer to keep to themselves or their kind, even though none of the rules of the House forbids them to mingle among each other.

As of now, both Changeling Courts delegations have already arrived, the courtiers installing themselves at the Dining Hall and waiting for the meeting to begin. A pair of courtiers from Summer and Winter have begun arguing back and forth, probably some disagreement over the intricacies of their own politics.

The representatives of the three Arisen Cults have just made their appearance, the only humans in the manor keeping to themselves at the main hall, surely discussing matters related to their immortal masters.



On the first floor the vampire hosts, belonging to House Gangrel, busy themselves with attendance matters, showing the arriving guests to the large table where the refreshments are, standing as guards in key points around the main hall, or attending Lord Deveraux, the Lord of the House, back in the Dinner Hall.

"What a crappy way to start our nights, am I right?" Rose whined, as both of you are on watch duty tonight. She's a vampire that has been here since before you were turned, always with a trickster nature and a smirk on her face. From your perspective up from the catwalk in the Main Hall's second floor you have a nearly full view of what's happening in the Main Hall. "Oh well, at least we get to see the rest of the weirdos down there and make fun of them to pass the time."

  • Reply to Rose?
  • Ignore her and focus on your job?
  • Ask about the attending races?
  • Anything else?



Of the Wolves, only a small delegation from the Iron Masters have arrived, choosing to stand near the entrance door until the meeting begins. You currently stand in the Reception Area with the rest of your pack members.

Cole, a packmate of yours, turns to you. He has been one of the few people in your pack who has been willing to accept your unusual enthusiasm in regards to the other supernatural races. “Hey, what do you think this is about? Must be something big if the vamps are bringing the other races into the fold, eh?”

  • Will you speak to them as you wait for the meeting?
  • Reply to Cole?
  • Or do you choose to explore the rest of the Manor?
  • Anything else?


@Stubborn Saber

As the night advances, you find yourself a few minutes away from the Deveraux Manor and some of your packmates are getting on their nerves already. 

“Hey, calm down already.” Karina broke the silence as you made it to a short distance from the outer fence of the manor, where a couple of vampires stand guard. “We only have to check out what this is all about and we’ll be on a hunt later tonight before you know it.” She explained with a smile on her face. You can see something is bothering her too, as her smile doesn't reach her eyes.

  • Reply to Karina?
  • Ask what's troubling her?
  • Ask about the meeting?
  • Anything else?
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 Hilda nodded.

”Yes. It must be.”

 She glanced towards the vampires.

She longed to talk to them. Even now, she wanted to learn of them and their ways.  And to use that knowledge to  figure out what was going on...

 But Hilda couldn’t. 

With so many supernatural races gathered together,  anyone could see that there could be tension in the room. 

One wrong remark, and there could be chaos. 

And Hilda knew, probably better than anyone, that chaos among supernatural races could bring horrible consequences.

But still...  it felt so stifling stuck in this reception area and with all the tension that could possibly mount...

 She needed to do something.

 To explore. 

 So Hilda turned to Cole. 

“I’m going to explore the rest of the manner. Let me know if I miss anything important.”

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  • Administrator

Sebastian folded his arms over his chest. He wasn't pleased. 

"I have a bad feeling about this. Do you not think it is dangerous to be in a place with other supernatural races? Must we communicate with lesser beings? Just what races are we expecting anyway?" 

He stands his guard keeping his eyes peeled for trouble. 

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With her arms raised and hands resting on the back of her neck, Sora casually followed her packmates in silence. Hearing Karina speak up, she was reminded of the main reason they were out here in the first place. Some meeting was being held by some vampire big shots, but that was the extent of her knowledge, other than that she was in the dark. Eyeing Karina she figured it was time to get some answers.

"Sooo, why is this meeting important again? What's it all about?"

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"I guess it can get a little on the rough side. We've managed to held and attend this meetings in the past though, so as long as no one does anything stupid the night should end smoothly." Rose replied, leaning forward and resting her arms on the catwalk.

"Well, we're kind of expecting all of them. I see from up here the changeling courts are already on each other's throats, as per usual." she chuckles. "And I assume the wolves are still on the entrance door, too afraid to mingle with other supernaturals for some reason. The mummies also came, or rather, sent out one of their own and her minions."

  • Talk out you impressions of the supernatural?
  • Keep a watchful eye on the people?
  • Anything else?



Cole rolled his eyes, knowing the look on Hilda's face. "Alright." he conceded. "Just be careful. And don't anything I wouldn't do."

As Hilda decides to explore the manor, two paths are currently open for her as the young wolf remembers the supernaturals that passed her pack earlier that night. Before she can set out for any direction in particular, a figure stands near one of the windows with a slight scowl on his face as he looks absentmindedly outside.

His pale skin and broody attitude indicates his vampire nature, and the attire he wears, combined with the looks of envy he gets from other vampires, makes it clear he's someone of status within his House.

  • Go straight ahead, to the Main Hall where you saw the cult of the only mummy present went?
  • Go to the right, to the Dinner Hall where you've heard for a while now the ruckus made by both changeling courts' arguing?
  • Go talk to the stranger near the window?


@Stubborn Saber

Karina turned to look at Sora, as the group was about to pass the outer checkpoint of the manor's fence, still having the small dirt road that led to the proper entrance of the manor itself. "I´m not so sure myself, kiddo." she replied. "It must be something big. Maybe even bad enough to merit another meeting, considering we had one less than three month ago."

As Sora's group reached the gatehouse, a couple of vampire guards came to meet you. "I'm gonna need you to stop right there, pals." one of them said, a thin man with dark hair and pale skin. "Do you have business with the Lord of the Manor?"

Karina was the first to talk. "Actually, we do." she replied, showing a clawed hand to the guards. "We were sent to attend this meeting of yours. They're with me." After you're allowed to pass the outside gate and set out towards the entrance, Sora catches one of the guards behind you. "Great, whose gonna clean up the mess the dogs make at the house?"

  • Reply to the vampires?
  • Ignore their comments?
  • Anything else?


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  • Administrator

Sebastian just scowled. 

It was no secret he didn't have a high opinion of the other races. But wolves were the lowest of the low. Those mongrels were coming here? 

"Werewolves? Why? What use could they have? And the mummies too? They're all going to stink up this place!" 

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The guards words caused Sora's ears to prick up, the insult and gall of the guards igniting a flame of rage in her eyes.

"What was that?"

Not even attempting to contain her anger Sora spun around to face the guards and took five confident steps forward. 

"You bastards got something to say to me? Cause I'm all ears."

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 Hilda couldn’t notice the vampire sulking  near the window.  He appeared to be of high standing, but he didn’t know who he was. 

 Regardless, it seemed a bit odd for someone to be alone in a meeting with so many people. The vampire could need her help.  Or at least, she could learn a bit more about what everyone was doing here. 

 So she cleared her throat and asked as politely if she could. 

“Hello.  Do you need anything, and may I help you?“

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  • 3 weeks later...


A slight smirk grows on Rose's face as she stiffs a laugh. "Yeah, that would probably be a nightmare to the house staff." she admits. "But considering the current circumstances, we were real lucky they accepted to come with such short notice. Even if they only sent Khalida here, we can be sure the other cults will be informed of the announcement." Rose explained, sharing your concerns about the other races, but understanding the necessity of having them all under the same roof for one night.

Before you have a chance to reply, something catches Rose's eye down on the first floor. "Would you look at that?" she gestures to a lone werewolf girl, approaching slowly to one of the higher ups of your House. "Seems like the good brother is gonna befriend a wolf now of all things?"

You follow her gaze and see one of the scions of House Gangrel, William, deep in thought near one of the windows of the first floor. His elder brother Marcus -the current heir- was the one who turned you into a vampire... after killing you, that is. You haven't interacted with the younger brother that much, but from what other vampires tell you, he seems to be a much tamer and reserved version of Marcus.


Voice your thoughts of him and his brother to Rose?

Make a comment on the bold werewolf girl?

Approach the pair down below?

Anything else?



With a light scowl on his face and both of his hands behind his back, the vampire turns around to look at you. The moment you offer to help him his expression changes into a practiced smile -one that you assume is for guest and diplomatic affairs- as he speaks.

"Ah, I'm sorry. It seems as if I forgot we are in a social environment." he makes a deliberate pause while taking a good look on you before continuing. "My apologies, but I don't believe we've meet before. I'm William. William Gangrel." He offers a hand out towards you. He doesn't seem to mind you're a different race than him

Being somewhat familiar with Vampire politics, you realize the nobility and status of this individual.


React to being in the presence of someone of his stature?

React normally as getting to know someone new?

Ask about what is troubling him?

Anything else?


@Stubborn Saber

"Oh, so you actually heard me." the guard said. It was not a question. "Seems like you actually have the hearing of a dog, uh?”

Karina, a little further ahead of you, simply glares at the vampire but her demeanor is as calm as ever. It’s as if she’s waging your reaction to this situation. She has been your guide so far ever since you joined the Blood Talons. You know that if it came down to it, she would most likely join you in a brawl... scolding you afterwards for your behavior.  

“Come now, Sora. We don’t have time for this.” She comments, still in a calm manner but also still unsure of your reaction.


Reply to the vampires?

Ignore their comments?

Anything else?


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 Hilda instinctively offered her hand in response. 

 Noble or not, if this vampire was acting friendly, she may as well act friendly back. 

 Besides, it was nice to know someone  else they didn’t seem to care about the differences of the races.

 Confidently, she replied. 

“ I am Hilda. Hilda Eros.  I am from the iron masters.”

 Hilda let her voice take on a compassionate tone,  hoping that she sounded as polite and sincere as she could. 

“ do you mind if I ask what is troubling you?  I’d like to help, if possible.“

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  • Administrator

He screws his face up in disgust. 

"A werewolf!? Disgusting. Repulsive dog. Look. She even smells worse than a wet dog," he says loudly. 

He decides to go and talk to the younger brother. 

"Greetings," he starts. 

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Sora snarls at the guards taunts, looking for an opening and mentally preparing to engage them in combat. They didn't look so tough, just another lot of snotty, entitled blood suckers. Although she heard Karina's voice ordering her to back down, it did nothing to dissuade her.

"Oh, things are about to get messy alright. I hope there's a full blood bank around here, 'cause your going to need one after this."

Punching her palm she prepares to rush the guards.

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  • 2 weeks later...

@onewiththewheels and @AquilaTempestas

Hilda heard William chuckle at her eagerness to help a complete stranger. "You're too kind, Miss Eros." His expression seems to harden a bit. "Unfortunately, there isn't much to be done about the current situation. You see, I'm about to make an announcement that--"

The sudden arrival of another vampire interrupts him, as Sebastian walked straight towards the Gangrel scion, greeting him and seemingly ignoring the werewolf girl.

William stared a few moments at Sebastian, and while somewhat annoyed he interrupted his conversation with Hilda, he greeted back. "Well, hello there. You must be Sebastian. Rose mentioned you'd be part of the security team. Is something the matter?" he asked watching around the three of you discreetly, as if looking for troubles.

You can interact with each other (one post each), or listen to what the other has to say in silence


@Stubborn Saber

Only a handful of guards are part of the conflict, as the rest opted to return to their post rather than fall from the Lord's favor over petty fights with wolfs. From a quick look, you can discern there is roughly one hostile vampire per pack member at the moment.

"Heh, looks like the fun began early tonight!" the guard that taunted you first said. He suddenly lunged at you, speeding the distance between the two with ease. A clawed hand aimed at your neck, you have little time to either defend yourself, or make a counterattack.

You remember from Karina's lessons that if a vampire draws blood on you, he can use it to boost himself.

(For this fight, since you're aware of the vampire and you have Karina at your side, you'll have to aim for a 6 or higher in your roll)


Our first fight scene! Alright, this will work out as follows: a fight consists on three posts total. The Attacker engages the fight describing the abilities used and movements done. Then the Defender replies with the result of a dice roll (determining if the attacks made by the Attacker hit, or if the Defender is able to dodge, resist, etc.). Finally, depending on the a series of factor I'll either allow for a second round of posts or ending the fight with a Result post, narrating the end of the fight. The maximum amount of rounds per fight will be no more than 2 (mostly to progress the story and not boring those who are'n part of the fight)

If any of you have suggestions please PM me and we'll figure something out.

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 Hilda quickly noticed the presence of the security guard. 

 If one was here, things had to be serious. 

 Or he was here to let the other vampire know to hold off on his announcement until it was supposed to be said.

 Regardless, she couldn’t help letting and concern enter her voice. 

“I am Hilda Eros.  Is something wrong, and is there anything I can do to help?  I was just having a conversation, but I’d be happy to assist you as well, if need be.“

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(Going off the link, I'm assuming I roll 2 dice? If that's the case I got an 8. If not I rolled 4.)

There! As the vampire lunged towards her Sora spotted her opening. Bracing herself with her back left leg, she let the vampire get as close as possible before striking. Once he was in range she ducked under his strike and grabbed onto his forearm, slamming him down onto his back in front of her. Raising her right leg up, she doesn't hold back as she goes to stamp down on his face.

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