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Let the Storm Descend Upon You

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You follow the footprints. They lead to a well and then seem to circle back towards base.

Whatever happened happened fast.


You can choose to hide out in the area and wait or follow the prints back to base

@Stubborn Saber

You spot Sebastian and Dylan and decide to tag along.

Sebastian turns around. "Florence? Interested in looking after plants are you? Why the sudden interest in the greenhouse?"



He nods at you.

"Indeed. Words are deadly. Use them well and you can avoid a war."


(you can listen in as Florence talks to Sebastian or interrupt)


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Catherine shuddered.

They were footprints leading back to base, but that was still one of the last place she wanted to go right now.

There, she would be worthless, and she still had to conceal the talent she picked up.

On top of the fact that she now probably was a criminal based on the talent.

better to keep exploring and avoid all that. Plus you could find out more about the magic that protected her. She wouldn’t be a burden on the others that way if she wasn’t near them.

So she started towards the well, first sanding next to it. When the gray object was nothing out of the ordinary, she decided to go the opposite direction of the foot prints. 

So she continued, into the unknown, hoping to find answers on her own terms.

Perhaps even, another adventure.

Or horror.

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Without so much as a second thought, Florence sarcastically spouted the first thing that came to mind.

"Would you believe me if I told you that on top of being a hunter and convicted murderer I also have a plant fetish?"

Figuring he wasn't going to get the desired answer from this retort he spoke again after a few seconds pause.

"Now if I where being more serious I need a way to kill time, I'm bored. I've already given thought to putting another inmate in a coffin today."

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I'm going to assume @TJMike's silence is he's just going to listen in.



You take the opposite path to the footprints, unsure they lead a path that can be trusted.

You venture once more into the forest but down a path you haven't taken.

The smell of water catches your senses. There appears to be some sort of lake in the near distance.

Explore lake? or keep moving? 

@Stubborn Saber

Sebastian tilts his head to the side.

"Everyone has their fetishises... Might have to consider putting you on weed duty."

A pause then,

"What happened to your leg?"

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The sound of the water pierced Catherine’s ears right away. Its scent smacked her nose, and she resisted the urge to recoil. She had a feeling the water belonged to the lake nearby.

” I may as well explore. I can’t tell the others about what happened with the magic, and I’m pretty useless without it. I wonder if it’s even worth going back to where they are or just try to figure toI wonder if it’s even worth going back to where they are or just try to figure out what’s going on on my own.”

With that, she set out towards the water.

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