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Two sentence horror stories?

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The sound of my own terrified, ragged breaths filled my ears as they were the only noise my constricted throat could let out. Down the long dark hallway stood the killer rake creature, its soulless white eyes locked on me, paralyzed by fear I just stood there as it crawled towards me then suddenly appeared mere inches from my face.

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The Joker reached deep down into Micky Mouse's soul and created the most horrifying thing to walk the earth. Disney have attempted to cover this up and brushed it off as a mere rumor, but I now know the truth and they've unleashed there darkest secret to hunt me down, may my soul rest in pieces.

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By the time you finish reading this it'll already be too late; don't cry, don't turn on the lights and don't look behind you.

It slowly inch's closer, with it's knife now sitting right behind you, now all there is left to do is turn around for the Smiler.................... BOO!

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5 hours ago, Cascade girl said:

The last alive man of the world was sitting in his room. Suddenly he heard someone knocking the door. 

That might even be a good thing? :P


The boy's mother repeatedly banged on the door, but he was too afraid to open it. 



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Guest Jojoyce

I was trapped n a room with lots of One Direction photos on the wall. I jumped out of the window and broke all my arms and legs.

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He noticed something was odd about that corpse, and it wasn't the fact that it was impaled by the chest with a wodden stake, nor it was the horrid expression of agony that its face showed.

Upon closer inspection, the investigator noticed a barely visible tic on its left eye, and then it hit him... after being missing for two months, that tortured man was still alive.


-Damn it, I thought I could do it in two sentences...


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The blood slowly dripped off the knife, having just seconds ago been plunged into the chest of a young boy, and she watched as the man stared at the corpse with dull icy eyes- as she took a step back her foot crushed a twig and he turned to her with a twisted crazed grin gracing his once innocent and peaceful face.

Her partner stared at her with insane eyes, wait no that was not her partner anymore, the monster that had taken him over gave her a smile full of fake innocence as he spoke to her, "You're too late, he's long gone."


... I tried. 

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