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  • Administrator

Supernatural is an American fantasy horror television series created by Eric Kripke. It was first broadcast on September 13, 2005, on The WB and subsequently became part of successor The CW's lineup. Starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, the series follows the two brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings in the world. 

Season 11 is due to start on the 7th of October, 2015 and deals with the Darkness threat.

Apparently, Lucifer could return (that would make me so happy)


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  • Administrator

Lead cast, Jared Padalecki, who plays younger brother Sam, believes the hunter brothers need to contact someone with more insight on the current problem.

And who could better answer their questions than the man upstairs himself? Does this mean that Chuck will finally reveal himself as God?

He's not the only one that might come back to the show either.

"I think [the Darkness] certainly opens the door for Lucifer and/or God to pop up," Padalecki reportedly said. "We're certainly going back to that and going a bit more biblical and having our take on the writings that didn't make it into the Bible."

I so hope Lucifer comes back! He's my favourite character after Sam. I'd love to see Lucifer (maybe a weakened Lucifer), helping out his 'bunk buddy' Sam. Apparently, Adam might also return, so I'm thinking God (who used the arch angels to put the Darkness back in its prison) breaks his arch angels out. Theories?

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I'm more of a Dean and the trickster person. And I had a feeling God/the prophet Chuck would be in the next season but I had no idea Lucifer would return. All very exciting.

Just two archangels left though -the two that are locked in the cage? And I have a feeling Gabriel is not as dead as people think. (Go trickster!)

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  • Administrator

In the most recent episode (season 11, episode 2), it seems Sam received either a vision or a flashback of his time being tortured in Hell (after praying?). I'm wondering if Lucifer is actually trying to communicate with Sam (since Sammy is his true vessel), and tried to help him? Season 11, episode 1 also mentioned about the arch angels freaking out in the pit. I'm wondering (hoping) the two arch angels come back to help humanity fight the darkness. I'd imagine if Lucifer and MIchael helped God lock the Darkness away that they would help the WInchesters survive this.

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Ahhh I need to watch it. I am so psyched about this season, from what I've seen so far it seems like a return to season 4/5 style supernatural

I thought that Sam might have immunity to the whatever it is as he was Lucifers vessel and yellow eyes did feed him that demon blood as a baby.

I want  Lucifer and Michael back too. (And Gabriel)

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Watching it now and laughing my arse off at father Crowley.

What do you reckon to Lucifer and Michael locking the darkness in the cage? Possibly one of the Winchesters gets locked in again? Or Cass? So many possibilities.

And I love the new reaper.

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I'm only up to season 8 so won't be watching season 11 for a while but I searched Lucifer on tumblr and there so many funny jokes about Lucifer and Michael freaking out due to the darkness like for instance doing it to trick Sam and Dean into letting them out. My favorite though is the joke that they are actually having a screaming contest (started by Michael who scares the s**t out the demons) LMAO

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Administrator

Lucifer better be coming back! The boys need all the help they can get, and I'm more convinced with each passing episode Lucy and Michael are going to help! Sam's visions - that's got to be Lucifer communicating with him, right? They do have that special connection.

As for the seasons, I skipped 8 and onwards. It was getting too stale for my liking and jumping all over the place. Season 11 (especially if they bring back Lucifer) looks to be getting back on track. Mark Pellegrino isn't busy filming anything at the moment and he's coming to the Supernatural con here next month... Mid season finale with Lucifer busting out? Seasons 4 and 5 are my favourites though season 2 was excellent with the Monster of the Week.

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  • Administrator

I er, spent a little too much time during a study break getting distracted by Supernatural stuff on YouTube. 

Here are two of my favourite crack videos! Oh how I love the Samifer and Destiel moments!






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Okay I was on tumblr last night looking through the Michifer tag when I saw an AU, I looked through the person's blog to try find it and whilst I couldn't find it I found an... Interesting... Pairing.

I've heard of Michifer, Destiel, Sabriel, Samifer, Sastiel and even Barkiel but never had I heard of Michean. Pairing Michael and Dean had never occurred to me. So I was curious and looked through the tag. Needless to say I was surprised to see that about 75% of it was smut. And I didn't even get to the end of the tag. So maybe realistically it would be 90%

Meh, prefer Michifer and Destiel.


... By the way wouldn't we all probably go to hell for supporting pairings with angels and SATAN? XD

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Administrator

Things i learned at the Supernatural convention yesterday...

- Matt Cohen (young John and Michael), and Rob Benedict (Chuck) screamed when they saw an Australian huntsman spider (they jumped on their chairs in fear!)

- Rob believes Chuck is God and feels he will make a return to the screen

- Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) saw his first Aussie spider (the huntsman). He admitted he would've screamed too but a fan just came up and killed it like it was nothing (and he was on the other side of the room)

- Matt Cohen had a son recently and is married

- Rob and Richard (Trickster/Gabriel) can actually sing

- Matt is really ripped

- Mark P teased things were going to get really bad on season 11 after this season's mid season finale

- Mark P hasn't actually watched the show

- Mark P knows jiu jitsu, likes being a rebel, and likes history, politics and religion and making heated statements about them (is also a stepdad)

- Rob B is in a band

- Richard teased his character could come back in some way or another

- Mark P mentioned Supernatural fanfiction which leads me to believe he's read some of it

That's all I remember at the moment. 

16 Supernatural cons are held in the USA each year. In addition, they hold a con in Rome and in Australia, and that's all.

Oh, on a con unrelated topic... I really like Samifer.


Edited by Lucifer (see edit history)
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  • Administrator

Other things I learned:

- Rob has a really nice white teeth smile

- Matt makes lots of funny faces and he has a great white teeth smile too

- Mark P never smiles at all, even if amused. He also wears glasses outside photos and filming.

- Richard doesn't do pearly white smiles either and he has no intentions of removing the 'porn' mustache anytime too soon

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  • Administrator


Read only if you wish to see my theory.


I really don't understand why some people are saying it wasn't Lucifer who sent those visions to Sam. I thought (unless somehow the canon in the show has changed... then again, considering the change in writers, I wouldn't be surprised if the rules have been tweaked) a bond was formed between an angel and his vessel. Since Sam was basically conditioned to hold Lucifer, I believe it would make sense for those visions to come from Lucifer, and not from God.

Two central theories:

1. Sam is Lucifer's only true vessel. If Lucifer wants to be in peak strength, he needs his true vessel and that's Sam. He's going to want Sammy to be in good condition and protected from anyone else but himself so the packaging isn't damaged. 

2. Why would God send Sam visions of being tortured and images of the cage? Wouldn't it make more sense for Lucifer to remind Sam of the torture back in the pit to remind Sammy that he is still around and able to help? Lucifer might be the master manipulator, but I don't see why God would want Sam to fetch Lucifer from the pit if God put him down there in the first place.  

If the visions did come from God, and Lucifer is just fooling around, then that would be really dumb. It's almost as stupid as 'forgetting' Michael and Adam are still in the pit too. Don't get me wrong, I loved the episode (mostly for the always awesome Mark Pellegrino reprising his role as Lucifer and his interactions with Sam), but so many loop holes are starting to pop up that I'm wondering if the writers have forgotten their own story. Don't even get me started on how the Darkness is God's sister (it would've been so much better if she wasn't). 

End rant.

Edited by Lucifer (see edit history)
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  • 1 month later...
  • Administrator

Feeling an unfathomable amount of rage towards this show right now after viewing the latest episode.

I suppose your canon rules of the past previous seasons no longer apply. It's just 'hey, let's just make this up on the spot right now'

I love and hate this show at the same time, but the sheer stupidity of the latest seasons makes me hope this is the final season.

I hate the quick fixes. You don't just introduce a plot and solve it in two episodes with the deux ex machina Castiel. 

Don' t get me wrong, the actors are fabulous at their roles and such, but the writers are killing this show. This really is a fanservice season. 

God, I'm so close to being done with this show. Season five was the last 'true' season. At least that had some direction.

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Administrator

So the show continues to become more stupid with each passing episode.

I thought it was established years ago that only Sam could contain Lucifer? And now in the most recent episode Lucifer doesn't actually need Sam anymore?

I guess the writers have forgotten their own canon again.

And when is Michael going to return? Two arch-angels were needed to stop the Darkness. Lucifer can't do it on his own. 

Gah, sometimes its frustrating to be a fan.

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I was thinking about that too >.> I'm still not on the season yet but it does seem odd. Then again I thought Sam was the only vessel Lucifer could possess without destroying his soul after a long period of inhabiting it or something. Castiel is using an 'empty' vessel with no human soul so maybe the thing is Lucifer can inhabit it without blowing it up or something?  I think they might have given up on Michael considering they're making him out to be possibly clinically insane so probably would do more harm then good. Really hope for Gabriel to come back though. 

Eh, I'd still watch it. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hmph. Well there is a ton of male pretty on the show (whodathunkit attractive men in American tv show shocker!), that's undeniable and incidentally a big fangirl following. 

But it always seemed very heavy on the testosterone to me and the core relationship is between the brothers. Every time they've tried to make it more female friendly and push romance, it's crashed terribly.

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I do apologise for my use of "female friendly" btw, it made me cringe writing it. What I mean is plot devices marketing types thInk women need to see in a show to stay interested - romantic subplots, shipping, babies etc. 

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