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New World Order: The Beginning [ARC 1]

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  • Administrator

The lights continue to flicker on and off before switching off completely. You now stand in total darkness.

"What the hell?" Clair complains.

"Maybe it was those fellas outside. Maybe they switched the power off," Brock points out.

"Right. We should check it out. Anyone want to come with me outside?" Gary says.


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  • Administrator

Gary pulls out his phone and uses it as a light.

"I'm coming too. I don't trust those guys," Lance remarks. "I saw him looking at Clair."

Gary leads the way outside. It's cold. He holds up his phone like a torch.

"Power is out the back. Keep an eye out. Something feels odd."

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  • Administrator

"I wonder what they want with Clair," Lance remarks, also holding his phone up. "And why would they come here? They must've known she was here."

Gary nods. "Your family got any enemies, Lance?"

Lance shakes his head. "No... Not that I know of anyway. I've never seen them before. They're certainly not at the university so they can't be students."


"Yeah. Very." You continue walking along a path out to the back where the power is. As you turn around the corner, the stench of decomposing flesh fills your nostrils.

"What the fuck?" Gary murmurs, shining his light down on a dead rabbit. The head has been torn off. Already, flies swarm around it. "That wasn't here before."

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  • Administrator

Lance kneels down and examines the corpse.

"Looks like it was torn off.... There are no animal marks. Human. But how could a human rip off the head without aid of weaponry?"

Gary shrugs. "Ugh, that's so gross. Let's just keep moving on.'

The amulet burns in your pocket. 

Lance stands up. "Yeah."

You continue moving ahead until you reach the power switch. Gary opens it and flips the switch back on.

"I guess they switched it off for whatever reason." He turns to the forest after closing the door. "if you thought to scare us then I'm afraid to say it didn't work."

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  • Administrator

The ruby glows in response.

Gary looks over as does Lance.

"Huh. So that's what your grandmother gave you? An amulet?" 

"Is it always supposed to glow like that?" Lance remarks.

"Touch it," Gary says. 

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  • Administrator

It feels warm. Warmer than previously.

"...I've never seen anything like that before," Gary notes. "I suppose it's something worth asking about when we go to that seminar thing."

Lance looks at the amulet. "Can I touch it? I'm curious."

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  • Administrator

He shrugs.

"I guess we'll soon find out."

He reaches out to touch it. As soon as his finger makes contact with the smooth surface, he immediately withdraws, as if burned. 

You can even see smoke come from his finger.

"...What the fuck?" Gary mutters.

Lance stares at the amulet. "...You should learn more about that." He looks down at his hand.

"Now I'm curious," Gary says. He touches the amulet too. Nothing happens. "...It has a mind of it's own? Maybe you're allergic to something inside it?"

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  • Administrator

"I guess your mother was a witch," Lance mutters. His hand has healed. 

"Magic is something in the movies," Gary replies. "It's not real."

"You sure? Because that felt real to me," Lance remarks, gesturing down at the amulet again. "This place is old. Those witch trials a century ago... They died here."

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  • Administrator

He makes a defeated sigh.


"One of the speakers is a woman called Sabrina," Gary says. "She's supposed to be a real witch. So the stories say. She's an expert with this stuff."

"There's also Drasna," Lance says. "Friend of my grandfather's. Also a native of Celestic Town but she left decades ago. She's no professor but she claims she has a sixth sense. I hear she's over at Solaceon Town for the annual strawberry festival."

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  • Administrator

Gary nods.

"Yeah, true. We'll go this thing tomorrow."

He heads back inside. As you walk in through the door, the lights switch off again.

"Okay, explain that," Lance says. "There was no one else out there."

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  • AquilaTempestas changed the title to New World Order: The Beginning [ARC 1]

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