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I was a member of Serebii first. Then some "classified" stuff happened and I had to find another site. After trying PokeCommunity and not really getting anywhere, I found ffn and eventually AO3. I started writing because being a writer (and reader, by extension) was who I was, having been taught how to read before the age of five, and because there'd been a really cool writer on Serebii who I was a fan of.

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29 minutes ago, Wizarmonfan said:

Being able to be by myself, not bothered by annoying housemates. And not having to answer questions multiple times; that's one of my pet hates.

Yes, that’s mine, too. I love my family and friends, but alone time is precious. Matter of fact, every gifting holiday, one of my gifts is always a night out at a hotel all by myself. 

Do you drink coffee? If so, do you prefer it hot or cold? 

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