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What about Hikari?


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1 minute ago, AquilaTempestas said:

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Hm... as much as I would love to fly, I honestly would not want to be seen by people and for them to gawk at me. So I’d have to go with telekinesis. To be able to lift objects with my mind would be cool, and I would be able to do it discreetly at least. 

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54 minutes ago, Aiko Isari said:

If you could go to college and take all the classes you want, debt free, what would be your top 5?

That reminds me, I should probably start research for colleges and stuff (some have already sent me stuff, and it’s scarig me a little). 

Anyways, um.... Art, English, maybe Math... and I have no idea after that. I don’t know anything about colleges. 

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Ah, that’s a hard one. I am a person of literature, a person of video games, and a person of anime. There are many worlds that I would want to visit. 

I think the world I’d be most interested in would be either Alagaësia (from the Eragon book) or- 

Wait, I would want to go to the Kingdom Hearts world(s?) the most. The first thing I’d do is maybe try to get a Keyblade (and meet the main character Sora because he’s cool and such a dork, but it’s perfect). 

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5 minutes ago, AquilaTempestas said:

What's your favourite song?

My favorite song? Oh my gosh, my favorite song changes sooo many times it’s crazy. 

I think my favorite now is just The Greatest Showman album in general. Especially A Million Dreams (I think that’s what it’s called).

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2 hours ago, onewiththewheels said:

What's your favorite book (or book series), and why?

There are quite a few great books and series I’ve read over the year (since I used to read so much). I think my favorite series though (and one that I want to read more) is Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. It’s the perfect amount of story and comedy because I always enjoy a good laugh. 

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Traditionally, we have 5 basic senses (Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell & Sound).  We have discussed on this board how certain things will inspire us to write/draw, etc.  Usually, those involve Sight and Sound.

My question is, has SMELL ever triggered an artistic inspiration for you?

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26 minutes ago, belmakori said:

Traditionally, we have 5 basic senses (Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell & Sound).  We have discussed on this board how certain things will inspire us to write/draw, etc.  Usually, those involve Sight and Sound.

My question is, has SMELL ever triggered an artistic inspiration for you?

Hm... I think sometimes, the scent of flowers inspires me. Their smell is usually soft and sweet, and it makes me feel calm and happy. It can inspire either writing or drawing, making me want to add something with flowers, haha. 

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46 minutes ago, Aiko Isari said:

How would your ideal keyblade look?

Ooooh, yes. Kingdom Hearts questions! :D 

*ahem* Anyways, I think the best Keyblade would be Oathkeeper. But as for my own Keyblade... 

I actually have a drawing of it which I drew a few years ago. 


Idk, I just wanted a Pokémon Keyblade, haha. It’s based off the Eeveelutions. 

If not that one, then this one (if I can find it). 


It’s actually supposed to be in my fanfic, buuut, I like this Keyblade myself, haha. But the Eevee Keyblade would probably be mine. 

47 minutes ago, Wizarmonfan said:

What is one real life issue that makes you cry or at the very least emotional?

Hm... that’s a very difficult question. But sometimes, they are the ones that I like to answer. It makes me think, which I actually like. 

Let me see... my brother for one (not surprising). But I’m not gonna talk about. 

What I think is sad is how so many families have been breaking apart here. I always hear kids talking about how they’re going to their dad’s on the weekend, or how they left their textbooks at their mom’s. I hear about so-and-so getting divorced. And it breaks my heart, especially since I’m going through the same thing now. The same thing as them. 

Before, I wondered how kids do bad in school. I used to love it, and I always did so well. But now, I see. Because of all the troubles families like mine go through, kids aren’t getting the support and love they need. They don’t have the motivation to even try a lot of the time. And they’re lives are just more worse off. 

People are underestimated so much, especially teens, I think. They think that this won’t affect them. That everything will be fine. But people don’t like to admit it, because they’ll seem weak for it. 

Sometimes, it’s pity that really makes me sad. I just wish more people could understand the problems of the world and do something about it. 

Anyways, I went on way too long there! Heh. I hope that answers both of your questions! :) 

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17 hours ago, Aiko Isari said:

Is there a fanfic trend you wish would disappear?

Hm... one thing is everyone doing the same story. I just feel that some people aren’t as original anymore, it’s just carbon copies of the same story. And also flaming. I think it’s terrible when people do that (or at least don’t respect other’s opinions). 

14 minutes ago, Wizarmonfan said:

Are you enjoying Seasonal Reunion?

Yep, I always find it enjoyable to read! You write very well, and your story is engaging. ^_^ I would like to thank you for writing it up to this point! 

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1 hour ago, TJMike said:

Which one is your favorite videogame so far and how did you came to play it?

Oh, that’s a hard one... just kidding, my two favorites are Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon. 

For Pokémon, my brother and I have always liked watching the anime, and my brother had a small pack of Pokémon cards. Someday, he discovered the Pokémon games (somehow), and then he got Pokémon White. 

I would always hear the cheerful music that came with the game because he played it quite a lot. It urged me to get it: but then it somehow got lost before I could even play it, so I got Pokémon Black eventually. And I loved it. :) 

Next, Kingdom Hearts. My dad was the one who introduced us to the game, since he had played it in the past. And when I played it, I like doing the gameplay mostly. Swinging a Keyblade was somewhat satisfying, hahaha. And I liked the main character Sora, because he was so cheerful

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You have played many games, If asked to make a new game which games would you try to merge into one and how would you avoid the disadvantages for each game. I have a game in my head, with Pokemon as each characters support and rpg game style like in skyrim, pathofexile. But am interested to know how you would make a new game.

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23 minutes ago, belmakori said:

Here's an easy one...what's your favorite breakfast food?

Ohh, that would be... waffles. I love waffles, especially with some whipped cream and strawberries on top. :P

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