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Smile (Survival Horror RP)

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Making sure she was steady enough, Dante looked at her. She was devastated. He was as well, if he was being honest. But he knew something Azure didn't, and they needed to act on that knowledge before it was too late.

He sat next to her. "I don't know if we even did anything to deserve this. I guess we were the only survivors of the plane." After a moment, Dante continued. "Azure, we need to keep moving. If we can find Gary and Seliph, we can figure out a way to get out of this place and deal with the... the things inside us." He grimaced at the thought.

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  • 6 months later...

@onewiththewheels & @AquilaTempestas

"Don't say that."

You hear Jenny blurt out before Seliph has the chance to respond.

"You care about your friends and family, don't you? Love them?"

Her eyes begin to tear up as her emotions get the better of her. Her voice becoming louder as she continued, Gary's words hitting a nerve.

"Do they mean nothing to you? Don't you even know how they'd feel if you DIED and left them behind?!?"

  • How do you respond to Jenny?



A grimace of her own crossed Azure's puffy face as she clutched her stomach. All she wanted to do right now was hide away, to pretend this wasn't real, to wake up and be back home. Although, she knew the latter was never going to happen.

After another minute passed Azure gives you a silent nod. She wanted to find the others, to see their faces again, she wanted to cling onto the hope that you were all going to make it out of here, to survive this nightmare and get back home together. 

"Yes. Let's go find them. J-Just, don't leave me alone, okay?"

  • How do you respond to Azure?
  • Leave Azure behind? Or take her with you?
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Seliph’s eyes went wide.

how could Gary say that?

Seliph knew what his own answer would be, though, and he also knew that he never would’ve said Gary did.

he would’ve lived for his family and his friends, until his body gave out.

but given the situation they were in and Gary’s general personality...

He was surprised that Gary hadn’t said something like that sooner.

that anyone hadn’t said something like that sooner.

but still...

what Gary said has been horrible, and Jenny had a right to be concerned.

and Seliph wasn’t entirely sure what to say without seeming like he was choosing one side over the other or making things worse.

So he just continued staring at Gary and Jenny, hoping his gaze showed that he was being as supportive as he could.

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  • Administrator

Gary scoffs.

”What family? My grandfather is married to his research. All he cares about is work. Parents? Died a long time ago. Sister? Don’t even know her name. Friends? When you’re rich, you don’t have friends - people just want you for your money.”

He folds his arms.

”Maybe you have a family worth caring about, but some of us don’t have that luxury.”

The sad life and times of the Oak family. What a grand movie that would make, he thought wryly, hoping to keep his expression as neutral as possible.

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Azure wasn't well, and they might even be slowed down by her if things came to that. Dante knew of this when he gently put a hand on Azure's shoulder and looked her in the eye when he said with a pained smile, "I'll admit the thought might have crossed my mind," he joked.

It was in his nature to do his very best to try and lighten the mood, even one as grim as this. "But not this time, Azure. We're gonna get the others from wherever the heck they are, and we're going together." he reassured her, holding her in another, more brief embrace as if to make his point clear.

Checking over the window to see if the blond guy was still outside, Dante added. "Hey Azure, are you good to move? We might want to get out of here through the back door and to the forest."

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  • 11 months later...

@onewiththewheels& @AquilaTempestas

As Jenny opens her mouth to retort, you hear Ivan's voice cut through the tense atmosphere.

"Jenny that's enough! Break time is over, everyone on your feet, we are going now."


Gareth approaches and takes Jenny by her hand, ushering her forward.

"C'mon poppet, you know better than to draw attention like that, let it go for now."

Although she quietens down, you can still hear her protesting as she is lead away. With the rest of the group now heading out you pick yourselves up and follow suit. With Seliph supporting Gary on account of his pulsing leg, you exit the forest and into the light, stepping onto the slopes over looking the compound. You see must of the attention is focused on the guards handing out the daily rations near the centre, that's probably another reason why Gareth had been insistent that you all left together this morning.

"Feeding time at the zoo." Ivan remarks offhandedly. "Let's move."

  • Travel in silence and get to your destination faster?
  • Or lighten the mood with some conversation?
  • Anything else?



Feeling at least a little better Azure steadied her breathing before replying.

"Uh huh, I can still walk. I'm ready when you are."

Although she says that, it's easy to tell by her slightly shaking figure that she is not 100%, still she stands by herself and waits for you to lead the way. As you exit the small bedroom there are two exits from the caravan, the front exit were the arrogant blonde sits and the side exit which might allow you to avoid him for now. You also see the bloody corpse of your recently deceased friend Hanako, still slouched against the kitchen sink as a black tar like substance oozes from her mouth.

  • Use the front exit?
  • Use the side exit?
  • Break your word to Azure and leave her here? Or bring her with you?
  • Anything else?
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Whoaaaa an update!


Gary grimaces. He really wished there was something that could miraculously cure his leg. Not only was it killing his mobility, but it was affecting his ability to be a comedian too. He just wasn’t in the mood for joke making.

Poor Seliph. He hoped he didn’t mind. He didn’t seem to care though - not that the guy had voiced his displeasure yet. All Gary could do now was toughen it out and hope there was some miracle waiting.

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  • 1 month later...

(Sorry for the delay xD)

"That's great. Come on, we just need to keep moving and find the others." Danta explained as he gently pulled Azure away from the scene. As they passed by the small kitchen and the horrifying scene of Hanako's death, Dante had a thought.
"Just give me 5 seconds, okay? I need to do something first real quick." he said, leading her friend to a nearby chair and facing away from the kitchen door.

Once done that, Dante ventured next to Hanako's body. "I'm sorry." was all he managed to say to the remains of his friend. There wasn't much else to say, or at least not under the current circumstances they were in. He noticed the black ooze coming of her mouth and started to wonder.

If each of them had a form of the parasite, maybe it would help if he took some of Hanako's?

With this in mind, he paid his respects and began looking for something to safely collect the ooze

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