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Smile (Survival Horror RP)

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Stubborn Saber



Five friends, students from Revolution Academy based in the city of Nova, have made it to the end of their first year at the academy and to celebrate plan a vacation together to the tropical island of Zeatr. This was going to be the perfect time for them to bond over the holidays whilst getting out and seeing the world without having to worry about last minute assignments; sunny beaches, clear blue seas, mountains to hike and a festival kicking off the final day. Perfect for any Academy students, right? If only it was that simple.........

The plane never makes it to their destination. It crash lands on an unknown island. The five students are the only survivors that they know of, but they are captured by a mysterious militia. Held and unsure of the fate that awaits them, but they soon learn that this is some kind of testing facility. They are then assigned to be tested on against their will, and the chemical they are designated to test is called.......... Smile.

From here, the true horror begins to unfold.


Character Submissions

Canon, OC or both, either or doesn't matter, just so long as they do keep with in the age range of 18-22 year old.


Type of Role-play



Number of players needed



To join

Express interest by replying to the thread. Tell us who you're character is, what is their:







Backstory and course they're studying:



Additional Info

  • Your character has just finished there first year of university, lets go for an age range of around 18-22 years old.
  • It is a survival horror RP and characters can die, this won't happen til later on, but that's a friendly heads up.
  • When you're character is at risk of dying I'll flash a warning up with RED writing, this will tell ya to not approach, or hide, from a character that will spill your guts.
  • All chosen characters should be human.


Length of IC post

Around 1-4 lines/sentences, though if you need to go over this limit that's perfectly fine.



  • No bunnying.
  • No killing other characters (unless prompted)
  • I'll post and then prompt RP's to post after.
  • If I can think of anymore I'll add them on and shtuff.


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  • Administrator

Name - Gary Oak

Age - 22

Gender - Male

Backstory - Gary is a law student in his final year. His father is a big name lawyer at the Oak Firm and Gary wishes to follow in the same footsteps. He's rich, cocky and has a weakness for pretty women. He prides himself on looking good and doesn't hesitate to let everyone know that. His parents died shortly after he was born so his grandfather raised him. His older sister is also a lawyer, but she lives in a different state.

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Name: Seliph Chalphy


Age: 18


Fandom: Fire Emblem


Bio: The son of the renowned Chalphy family. With his parents and extended family in high positions and wealth, Seliph has a lot of pressure placed on him from an early age. However, he excels at many different things, and tries to face the pressure with a smile. Still Seliph reacts to the pressure by being a bit shy, and not really knowing what he wants to study (since he doesn't know what will make his family happy and excels in a lot of different areas). As such, his major is undecided, but he is not concerned about it because he has only finished his first year of university.


Seliph is good friends with his cousin Leaf, and his siblings, Yurius and Yulia. He is a bit jealous of the latter two, thinking that he has more pressure because he is the eldest son. Seliph practices fencing, and will occasionally use in self-defense. He has a strong desire to protect others, hates seeing friends and allies get hurt. Seliph also dislikes people who hurt others without reason, and can react badly to constantly being placed in horrific situations (e.g. being overly emotional)..

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Name: Hanako Aiko (Some people call her The Android) 

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Backstory: Born in Japan, Hanako transferred to study paediatric. medicine at the university, under her parent's strict instructions. They both believe intelligence and logic are more important than love and compassion, passing this onto Hanako. Hanako is highly creepy and quite the sadistic freak...not really your ideal doctor but somehow she manages to hide it when she's on the job. Her high level of intelligence makes studying easy for her so she doesn't really want to come on this break as she views fun as something unneeded. She also has no "friends" in the typical sense (Probably isn't in her code) but she classes people she "likes" as reliable. The only emotion seemingly experienced by this cold ass bitch is glee when she hurts or tortures someone. 

Course they're studying: Studying to be a Paediatric Doctor.  

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Sure, why not ^_^

Name: Dante Keystone

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Backstory: Dante was accepted in to Revolution Academy because of his ability with computer systems and programing skills. To him, the world is just a huge chunk of raw algorithm and, if that's true, it can be used to get whatever he wants. This kind of attitude of wanting to have control of the situation can be somewhat upsetting and annoying to the people around him, and that's one of the main reasons he doesn't have many friends.

On the emotional side, Dante doesn't really care about anyone other than himself and a few others he considers as 'useful'... and his little sister and aunt, being the only family he has on the country. He relies on sarcasm more often than not and may be a bit cold towards others at times.

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Wow, okay then, did not expect the slots to get filled up this quickly........ It's pretty sweet thought.

Since the slots are all filled up now I'll introduce ya to the final student accompanying ya through this:

Name: Azure Skye


Age: 20


Gender: Female


Backstory and course they're studying: 

Azure is the kind of person who loves getting outdoors and seeing new things, which is why she applied and was accepted onto Revolution Academy's Travel and Tourism course, finally she was going to be able to get out and see the world beyond the confines of Nova's sprawling metropolis. Her family isn't exactly what you'd call rich, but they got by day to day with the money her mother and father earned, luckily she was the only child so living costs weren't too high, still it was kind of a lonely childhood which may explain why Azure tries to make friends with nearly everyone she meets.

Azure is a kind hearted person, but this will often lead to her to being quite impulsive, such as planing out a holiday for four people she considers friends to an island in the middle of nowhere and only telling them about it a week in advance. Never the less, luckily, all parties agreed and are meeting up at Nova's Central Airport; bursting with excitement Azure gets packed early and already begins planning out all the fun activities the friends could do when they arrive at Zeatr. 

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Nova Central Airport

'The day's finally here!'  Azure thought to herself as she stepped out from the taxi she'd hired, grabbing her suitcase and camera before tipping the driver who quickly drove off in the sleek silver cab to pick up his next client.

For a moment Azure stood there gawking in awe, taking in just how large the metropolises airport was for the first time, open glass walls and a twin set of revolving doors are what greeted visitors which let all on the outside see the many small quick stop shops, food outlets and directions to various checkpoints and docking areas, as well as toilets.

Two tall security officers stand guard at the entrance, vigilantly looking out for any signs of trouble, they were armed with pistols, but this been the cities main airport with people and supplies coming in and out all the time that was to be expected.

Tempted to go in and shop a little before everyone else arrived Azure looked over all the shops she could see, but refrained herself from doing so, after all she had text everyone to meet her outside so they'd all be able to meet up and if she went and lost track of time they may miss their flight. 

Sighing Azure went and sat at on one of the steel benches whilst she waited, taking the free time to get her camera all set up and prepared.

@AquilaTempestas @onewiththewheels @TJMike @Bunny Hop! 

Time to make your arrivals!

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  • Administrator

Gary couldn't wait. Today was the big day. Tropical island Zeatr was going to be perfect.

He leaned against the wall and took out his phone. He had to say goodbye to each of his girlfriends back at home and assure his adoring fans that he'd back soon.

It was tough being Gary Oak. The ladies loved him, the men were jealous of him. Ah, it was the life.

Gary then noticed a woman standing nearby. Azure. The trip planner. He loved it when women took charge.

He waited to introduce himself. More people were supposed to be arriving soon.

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Seliph groaned. Airsickness was never fun, and for once he’d forgotten his Dramamine. His cousin Altenna always said he needed to toughen up, but he never could…

But today the flight was worth it. A tropical island getaway sounded like the perfect thing after a stressful first year of college. His family… Choosing a major… For a while, he could forget all that.

He scanned the area, noticing a smug looking man standing alongside a woman. Those must be the other people…

A shudder of apprehension made its way down his back. For some reason, all he wanted was his fencing equipment… Yet it was still packed away with his luggage, and had barely gotten through security…

Maybe he should've said goodbye to his parents before he left. They might've offered words of encouragement…. Instead he only worked up the courage to say goodbye to his siblings, and they just told him to have fun…

Seliph shook his head and made his way over.

It's a tropical paradise. What could go wrong?

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Hanako rolled her eyes... She'd been enlisted by her (next to useless) roommate to go on this stupid idea of a trip in the first place. Dragging her suitcase along, she spotted the infamous Gary Oak. The trip was going to suck 1000 times worse now. His behaviours towards women were infuriating.

Unfortunately, her suitcase chose that moment to topple over, right in front of HIM. It should have been a mathematical improbability, she'd spent around four hours packing her suitcase so that it was perfectly balanced and well below the weight limit. But of course? It had fallen over on her.
Out of sheer frustration, she kicked it. 

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Dante wasn't that enthusiastic by this whole trip idea. In all honesty, he didn't knew his travel companions all that well. He only knew that some chick had organized the whole thing, and had invited her roomie, the popular guy, some kid of her class and, for some reason that was beyond him, she invited him to tag along.

"This sucks. But it has been a long time since I last got out of the city. I hope at least they have Wi-Fi in the hotel room." he thought. After dragging his suitcase, in which he packed a few cloth changes, trip supplies, and of course a few laptops and other equipment, he spotted the rest of the crew.

"Well, there already here." As soon as he began heading towards them, he saw the baggage of the Hanako girl get open just in front of Gary Oak's shoes, scattering all her belongings over the place. He tried to stifle a laugh with all his might, but as the girl kicked her suitcase he exploded in an almost maniacal laugh.

"Oh, this may get even funnier than I thought."

Edited by TJMike (see edit history)
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Whilst Azure tweaked her camera the first friend arrived, looking up from what she was doing she noticed a guy leaning on the wall and on his phone, Garry Oak. At last someone to talk too, some people thought of him as a smug arrogant jerk (putting it politely, though she'd never had a problem with him, jumping up she quickly made her way over.

"Gary! It's so good to see you, how you been? Aren't you as hyped for Zeatr as I am? She enthusiastically questioned.



The next friend to arrive was non other than Seliph, noticing him out of the corner of her high Azure madly waved him over with a massive smile on her face.

"Seliph, over here! It's nearly time, are you excited?" Pausing her questioning she jestures over to Gary. "Oh and this is Gary, encase ya haven't met before."


@Bunny Hop!

Talking to both Gary and Seliph Azure hadn't noticed Hanako arrive, that was until her suitcase fell over and she kicked it in anger. That won't have put her in a good mood, plus there was some guy laughing in the background, hurrying over she tried to help.

"Oh Hanako, need any help with that?" Azure asks, already sitting the suitcase back up.



After picking up Hanako's suitcase Azure turned her focus to the not so helpful laughing guy, frowning she expected some rude arse hole, but instead found the last friend, Dante.

"Oh Dante, you're late!" She stated in an offended tone, just joking around with him, he was actually right on time.


At last everyone looked to have arrived, in reality it hadn't taken that long (roughly 20 minutes), but for Azure, who was struggling to keep still, it felt like a lot longer. Time to properly introduce everyone and get this thing started.

Answer the questions and then interact with each other, get acquainted before we get into the airport. 

Might want to describe our characters appearances a bit as well, just realising I forgot that part on the bios.

Azure is around 5'6 ft tall with fair skin colour, ice blue eyes and just past shoulder length blonde hair; clothes wise she's wearing a white thin strap shirt that leaves her mid section visible, denim blue jeans and two bracelets on her right arm, one is a pattern of white and blue smooth plastic whilst the other is comprised of blue beads with a white flower plastic ornament attached to the front.

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Hanako whipped round on Dante "Right now, if I had my collection of scalpels...I'd cut you in two, by a thousand cuts" Already, Hanako's evilly twisted side was showing. Quickly, she repacked the suitcase, swearing furiously in Japanese as she did so. Once all her clothes were safely in the suitcase, she re-locked it and leant against the wall. 

"Thank you for picking it up. I do not, however, see why it fell over. The maths behind it was perfect" She looked somewhat like a pissed off gerbil as she chewed her lip, probably calculating a way to get revenge on Dante for laughing at her... and to get away from Gary Oak. 


Mostly like this, smart women's suit but her hair is brown.

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Seliph gulped as Azure's question stung him like a bunch of needles.


Excited? More like, scared out of my wits! Why did she have to ask that?


But I can' t tell her how I really feel… That would be impolite… I mean, she planned this whole trip just for us to have fun… Oh, if only I had my fencing equipment! I'd feel so much better…


At this point, Seliph's eyes landed on Gary Oak. He didn't know much about him, other than the fact that his family had a giant law firm. From what he heard, they were supposed even more important than the Chalphys!


Seliph felt his mouth go dry. How was he supposed to speak to someone like that?


Seliph noticed Gary was staring at him with annoyance, and realized that he'd better act quickly. He didn't want to make anyone mad the first day!


So finally, he managed to stammer out.


“Hi... I’m Seliph…. Pleased to meet you… And of course I'm excited, Azure…”


Looks: Since Seliph is a canon character, he has official art. I'll leave a link here for anyone that wants to look at it: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Seliph?file=Seliph.png


For anyone who can't open the link, Seliph has blue hair and blue eyes. He wears blue and white clothing with white gloves. He wears a cape in his official art, but I'm not sure if I'll be wearing any here. Maybe just a jacket… Also the sword in his official art is the sort he uses in his game. His fencing sword will be modeled after that, but it will not be exactly the same.

Edited by onewiththewheels (see edit history)
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"Oh, I can't wait for that!" Dante said after relaxing a bit. He glanced at the rest of the group, most of them staring at him angrily for not helping Hanako. "C'mon, stop giving me that look." he said, producing a miss paired white sock apparently out of nowhere.

He handled it back to a seemly infuriated Hanako. "See? I did helped you." he replied.

After Seliph introduced himself, he thought of doing the same. "Well, I'm Dante. Dante Keystone. The pleasure is all yours." he smirked .

*If you watch The Flash, he's basically Cisco lol. For those who don't, he's Latino, ligth tan guy with shoulder-long black hair. Always have a short sleeve light jacket over a t-shirt depicting either some science stuff or comic stuff on them. Has a watch on his right arm, and a headset around his neck*

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  • Administrator

Sone girl had fallen before him. He wasn't surprised. He had that effect on women. Before he could offer to help her, Azure approached him.

He grinned. "Of course I am. Tropical island paradise. What's not to like?"


Well Gary Oak likes to wear black. He also has spiky heavily gelled brown hair and dark eyes. He's in good shape too since he likes to look good for the ladies. This guy is a bit of a pretty boy as well and wears he most expensive aftershave money can buy. He also wears a necklace around his neck - it belonged to his deceased mother who died when he was young. He holds it close.

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Azure beamed with happiness.

"I know right? There's so much to do that you just can't in the city; like rock climbing, going to the beach, sky diving and at the end there's going to be a huge festival with all sorts of games! Ahh I can't wait!" Azure rambled on.



Pausing from her rambling Azure looks at Seliph, he seemed a bit quiet, it wasn't completely out of character for him, but still.....

"Awesome! Honestly though I'm a bit nervous about the flight, it's my first time traveling by airplane, but hey maybe you can teach me some fencing techniques when we get there. Oh and don't mind Garry, he's harmless." She waved off Garry, trying to make Seliph feel less anxious.


@Bunny Hop!

Azure giggled off Hanako's threat at Dante, dismissing it as another one of her cruel jokes.

"Jeez calm down girl, wait til we get to Zeatr so security doesn't throw us out hahaha."



Dante, he was a guy who liked to keep his space and to himself, he seemed to be a bit similar to Hanako personality wise, although she probably wouldn't admit it...... Dark humour ahead then Azure guessed.

"It's good to see you Dante!" She cracked and smiled, breaking her facade. "I was beginning to think you bailed on us, this is going to be so much fun with all five of us here!"


The group had assembled on time, now they had an hour to kill before the plane actually got here, plenty of time to pick up some snacks and last minute essentials, if anyone forgot them anyway. There were plenty of shops to chose from which helped cut down crowding issues, but the last minute crowds would soon pile up.

"So guys?" Azure announced, standing in front of everyone. "We've got an hour before the plane get here, let's go pick up some snacks for the flight and everything else we'll need."


Pick a shop or facility to go to:

  • Travelers Essentials: Camping gear and outdoor clothing/accessories can be purchased here.
  • Snack Stop: Food and drink items can be purchased here.
  • BoB's Nom's: A fast food outlet, for those who skipped breakfast and need a quick greasy meal.
  • Toilets: Do your business and beat the crowds on the plane.
  • Checkpoints: Skip shopping and get your luggage and ticket scanned.

There's enough time to visit at least two places before you have to rush to the checkpoints, you can see Azure heading for Travelers Essentials.

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Seliph glanced around at the different shops. His eyes settled on a little snack place called Snack Stop in the center of the airport.


Maybe I’d feel better if I ate something…


As if on cue, his stomach growled. Seliph winced.


Of course I was so nervous I skipped breakfast…


He headed over to the snack place, glancing at the assorted items. He finally settled on an enticing parfait with creamy white yogurt, a rainbow of fruit, and brown granola.


My mother always gave those to me when I didn't feel well… Good for the digestion, she'd say.


My mother… She's probably found out by now that I left without saying goodbye... I wonder how she's feeling now…


Seliph tried to put the thoughts out of his mind and grabbed some orange juice. He walked up to the cashier, paid for his purchase, and sat down at a nearby table to eat.


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Dante grinned. "Well, guys." He said, glancing at the Travelers Essentials. "I'll be lost in that travel shop for a few minutes in case someone needs me."

He quickly got a few extra batteries and a flashlight just in case the small, portable power generator didn't provide him with a light source for those sleepless nights when he got bored of the games on his phone, or reading a few of those programming guides he downloaded just for this trip.

While heading to the counter, he caught Azure getting in the store. Indeed a strange girl, but even if she and Dante didn't knew each other that well he could respect her for going into all the effort of organizing the trip.

"I see you cannot spend that much time without my sparkling presence." he greeted her. "Not that I can blame you, of course."

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  • Administrator

Gary couldn't wait. It sounded like there was heaps of opportunities to show off and impress the females!

"Awesome! Honestly, I can't wait. Never really had much of an opportunity to do that at home... city life, you know?"

He then sighed.

"Well, I think I'm going to visit the bathroom first. I need a mirror, you know, to make sure I look great as always then I'm gonna check out the Traveler's Essentials. I don't want to run low on hair gel. God forbid anyone see me with my hair flat."

He shuddered at the thought. 

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Hanako looked over at the shops. She could see a nice, new set of matches, some foods that she would eat and a sunhat. She walked over to the shop, trailing the suitcase behind her. "Personally Gary, you'd look slightly less stupid with flat hair but only on a molecular level. Some people just can't be saved" She shrugged and picked up some packets of; ramen, rice crackers, grape gummies, popcorn, several flavours of Fanta (mostly Kiwi) and other edible snacks. Putting them in the basket, she gave them to the cashier and paid for her purchases. 

Next up was a rucksack to put all her food in. She found one at Traveller's Essentials, unfortunately it came as a combo with a giant plushie unicorn, The rucksack itself was serviceable, so she bought it (She discovered it held all her food perfectly, with room for more...so she went to get the pringles and thermos flasks she'd been eyeing up (She'd already packed her camping cooker, Hanako preferred making her own food) 

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The toilets were just a short trip to the right, entering you see it's got 10 cubicles against the wall with a few urinals attached to the opposing wall, the other males in there go about their business then leave, those in a rush barge past any in the way. The sinks before you all have a mirror, some cleaner than others.

Grab a clean mirror before someone else does, there are empty vacant urinals and cubical if you need to go. After pick another place to visit or head straight for the checkpoint.


Sitting down to eat your meal the rush of people pass you by, it's not exactly a quite. A family pass on by with a screaming kid, the little boy stands there refusing to move until he gets sweets, the mother grabs his arm and drags him along insisting they don't have time for that.

You could offer the kid something or leave him go. Decide on your next place to visit or head straight for the checkpoint.

@Bunny Hop!

Looks like you've rushed and gotten what you've needed before everyone else! Only thing left to do now is get your ticket approved at the checkpoint, the queue seems to be quite long though......

Go get your ticket approved at the checkpoint, or you could go bother someone else.


Azure was in her own little world, browsing through all the tripods and different filters that could be compatible with her camera. You notice her jump a bit when you greet her, snapping her back into reality.

"Oh it's you Dante, sorry I was out of it for a second, just wanted some accessories for my camera. We'll need to capture the memories after all!" She chirps up with a smile, quickly regaining her cheerful persona. "So what have you got there? Anything special?" She turns her attention to the items you're holding.

Interact with Azure and pay for your items together or individually. After pick another place to visit or head straight for the checkpoint.

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Seliph glanced up, noticing the screaming boy was repeatedly struggling free from his mother’s grip and dashing towards the snack shop.


“I feel like I should do something… That poor family seems like they're having a lot of trouble…”


Seliph rose from his seat and cleared his throat. He looks straight at the angry mother, who was unsuccessfully trying to get her child from putting the sweets on the too-high counter.


“Excuse me, ma’am, would you like me to get him something?”


Seliph tried not to cringe as he realized it probably wasn't the best course of action, but the poor mother seemed to be willing to do anything to make her child stop misbehaving… It looks like he was going to have a tantrum right there…


The mother responded sharply and with an exasperated expression on her face.


“Oh, fine. Get him something. Just make sure it's not a sweet! I don't want him getting any sugar highs on the plane!”


Seliph nodded and then looked around.


The child was clearly craving sweets, but the mother had said no… What could he get him?


He glanced back at the parfait, and knew instantly.


A parfait was perfect. It was sweet, but not a sweet. Surely it wouldn't give child a sugar high…


Seliph grabbed another parfait, paid for his purchase, and placed it in the child's hands.


“Here you go. It's something sweet, but a different kind of sweet. You might like it if you try it.”


The child stared at him with a befuddled expression. Perhaps this was the first time with a parfait? He did seem like he had no idea what to do with it.


But at least it had stopped the tantrum.


“Thank you…” He stammered.


The mother, seeing that her child was ready to go, thanked Seliph, and the pair went on their way.


Seliph sighed, sitting down again to finish his meal.


I have a bit of time before I need to get going… I guess I could head over to Travelers Essentials…


The store was only a short walk away, and Seliph could see Dante and Azure leaving with some purchases.


He poked his head in the store, unsure of what to buy. After what seemed like hours, he finally settled on sunscreen and a sun hat.


My brother always said I would look good with a tan… Maybe I'll surprise him…


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