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Back with some more of Brandon Sanderson lol. I did read Children of the Nameless, since a) it's free and b) it's a Magic: The Gathering novella set in the plane of Innistrad (a personal favorite lol).

So, I checked some of his stuff and bumped into the Mistborn saga. Currently about to finish Book 1 - The Final Empire. Highly recommended! Here is a blurb if anyone is interested:

"The story follows Vin, a 16-year-old thief on the streets of Luthadel, the capital city of the Final Empire, as well as her life as she comes into her own as one of the Mistborn, people who can use ingested metal particles to enhance their abilities, both mental and physical. She begins on a journey to find out who she really is as she fights against the Final Empire and overthrowing the Lord Ruler. With her help, along with the "crew", Kelsier, Vin's mentor, plans to lead a revolution and save the world at the same time."

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I like my history stuff. Lately, I've been reading The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin by Jonathan Phillips.

Facinating really, and beats anything that the internet can provide. So much more detail and easy to follow and understand.

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Reading two novels.

Second coming of Gluttony - Protagonist is scum but slowly being a better person and repenting. 8/10 ....... 300 chapters in so far

Rankers return - gaming revenge story. Been enjoying this imensely  but wish "Gang" the protagonist wasnt so brain dead when it somes to being hit on................................................................. but still very fun and decent translation of the korean novel i am up to date and reading every update which is frequent. 8.5/10    600+ chapters in.

SSS class suicide Hunter - timetravel revenge story....................Probably the best of the lot with some excellent arcs, highly recommend wont spoil better going in blind even if title hints at something. 9/10  200+ chapters read so far

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