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Music Shuffle

Recommended Posts

  • Administrator

Put your music player on shuffle and post the next ten songs your device wants you to listen to today:


  1. Angelique - Theatre of Tragedy
  2. A Thousand Letters - Xandria
  3. Falling Like the Fahrenheit - Kamelot
  4. What Kind of Man - Florence + the Machine
  5. The Battle of Breed's Hill - Lorne Balfe (AC 3)
  6. Superdrive - Theatre of Tragedy
  7. Temptation - Leaves' Eyes
  8. Black as the Devil Painteth - Theatre of Tragedy
  9. Winter Night - Eyes of Eden
  10. Severed - Chimaira

Seems my ipod classic wants me to listen to mostly symphonic/gothic metal today!

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1. Swan - Elisa

2. Without Fear - Lacuna Coil

3. She is my Sin - Nightwish

4. Killing in the name - Rage against the machine

5. For whom the bell tolls - Metallica

6. I will not bow - Breaking Benjamin

7. Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth

8. Fade - Noctura

9. Say you Will - Evanescence

10. Starring Role - Marina and The Diamonds

It looks like its a mix of rock/metal with a small touch of italian stuff.

Are soundtracks allowed as well though, I haven't put them

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Alright then, let's see what ya got for me Youtube Mix:


1) Numb- Linkin Park 

2) Battle Born- Five Finger Death Punch

3) Ignite- Sword Art Online 2 Opening (pellekofficial cover) 

4) Remind Me- Brad Paisley (ft Carrie Underwood)

5) If You Only Knew- Shinedown 

6) CrushCrushCrush- Paramore 

7) Paradise- Coldplay 

8) Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen 

9) Payphone- Maroon 5 (ft Wiz Khalifa)

10) One More Night- Maroon 5 


As I thought, just plain randomness, sweet! 

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  • Administrator

Soundtracks are allowed.


My music recommendations for today:


  1. Nothing Left to Say - Kiske/Somerville
  2. The Future is Now - The Offspring
  3. In My Arms Till the End - Like Thieves 
  4. Frontline - Pillar
  5. Blue Smoke - Stone Sour
  6. Let it Burn - Ignite
  7. No Reason to Live - Chimaira
  8. Until the Dark - The Sins of Thy Beloved
  9. Alive - Pearl Jam
  10. Black and Silver - Xandria

Quite a mixture of various sub genres within rock/metal/punk. A pretty energetic list to. Good gym music.

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1.Burn - Ellie Goulding

2.Kryptonite -  3 Doors Down

3.These Kids - Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets

4.Feel This Moment - Pitbull, Christina Aguilera

5.Underclass Hero - Sum41

6.Never Surrender - Skillet

7.Heart of Courage - Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps from Hell

8.Fury of the Storm - DragonForce

9.My Demons - Starset

10.Pyromania - Cascada, Nightcore version


Definitely a good variety of Soft, hardcore, slow and fast tempo music.

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Today's top ten mix from the laptop:

1) Written In My Face- Sean Jenness 

2) Celebrate The World (Let It Grow)- Ester Dean 

3) Serpentine- Disturbed 

4) Misery Business- Paramore

5) That's What You Get- Paramore

6) The Phoenix- Fall Out Boy

7) Remember Everything- Five Finger Death Punch 

8) Wrong Side Of Heaven- Five Finger Death Punch 

9) Crawling- Linkin Park 

10) Alone Together- Fall Out Boy 


Three groups managed to get in the top ten twice, I personally prefer the bottom half of this list. 

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  • Administrator

Songs for today


  1. Light My Way - Audioslave
  2. 23 Hour Lockdown - Hand Of Mercy
  3. The Bridge of Khazad Dum - Howard Shore
  4. Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake - Bring Me the Horizon
  5. The Quiet One - The Gathering
  6. Weight of the World - Evanescence
  7. Nameless - Northlane
  8. Under the Knife - Rise Against
  9. Samwise the Brave - Howard Shore
  10. Aces High - Iron Maiden

A rock/punk/metal list today with a small dosage of soundtrack stuff

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1.Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

2.Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin

3.Lose Youself - Eminem

4.Nobody's Listening - Linkin Park

5.Bent to Fly - Slash, Myles Kennedy

6.These Kids - Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets *Again*

7.All of Me - John Legend

8.Tear you Apart - She Wants Revenge

9.Paradise - Coldplay

10.Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

I am seeing a pattern of random, although one song has reappeared again.

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1.Outside - Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding

2.Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5, Christine Aguilera

3.La Copa de La Vida - Ricky Martin

4.Tears Don't Fall (Part 2) - Bullet For My Valentine

5.Dance Dance - FallOut Boy

6.Crawling - Linkin Park

7.Sick Bubblegum - Skrillex

8.Holiday - Greenday

9.Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

10.World On Fire - Slash, Myles Kennedy

Good variety again, very versatile playlist.

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  • Administrator

My song list for the day:


  1. Thumper - Gargantuan Music
  2. Endgame - Rise Against
  3. The Bear II - Royal Thunder
  4. Chamber the Cartridge - Rise Against
  5. Mastermind - Lorne Balfe (AC: Revelations)
  6. Burn it Down - Linkin Park
  7. Runaway Train - Avantasia
  8. Gloria Sonus - Epic Score
  9. Mercy in Darkness - Twp Steps From Hell
  10. Daemon Catcher - Epic Score

A very trailer/soundtrack music influenced playlist today! Fitting considering I'm writing a heavy scene.

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1.Joker and The Thief - Wolfmother

2.Warrior - Disturbed

3.Awake and Alive - Skillet

4.Shattered - Trading Yesterday

5.Undone - FFH

6.See You Again - Whiz Kalifa, Charlie Puth

7.Breath - Breaking Benjamin

8.Ultranumb - Blue Stahli

9.Pompeii - Bastille

10.Secret - One Repbulic

Mostly Rock/Metal in this list with the occasional change up.

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1.Impossible - Manifest

2.Mona Lisa - Dead Sara

3.I Love It - Icona Pop, Feat. Charlie XCX

4.I Cry - FloRida

5.Dark Horse - Katy Perry, Feat. Juicy J

6.Perros Salvajes - Daddy Yankee

7.Heart Of Courage - Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps from Hell *Again*

8.The Man - Ed Sheeran

9.Pieces - Sum41

10.WaterFalls - Timomatic

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1) The saga begins - Weird Al Yankovic

2) Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

3) The Greatest View - Flume

4) Who needs enemies - Cooper Temple Clause

5) Stand on the Horizon - Franz Ferdinand

6) One life stand - Hot Chip

7) In the heat of the moment - Noel Gallagher

8) Blind pilots - Cooper Temple Clause

9) Slow hands - Interpol

10) Empire - Kasabian

Mostly indie with some rock and instrumental moments. And weird al.

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1. My Last Goodbye - Noctura

2. When I'm Gone - Simple Plan

3. Everybody's Fool - Evanescence

4. Secret Door - Evanescence

5. My Real Life (Nico Robin's Theme Song) - One Piece OST, sung by Yuriko Yamaguchi (Robin's voice actress)

6. Gift - Elisa

7. Someone's Watching Over Me - Hilary Duff

8. Labirynth - Elisa

9. Fallen Angel - Sirenia

10. What You Want - Evanescence


It looks like my phone is in an Evanescence mood, it included my least favorite song if theirs too (not that I dislike the song, I dislike the memories it brings back), I honestly didn't expect My Real Life too, its been ages since I listened to it, and as usual a small touch of Italy doesn't hurt.

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  • Administrator

Today's list:


  1. Get This - Slipknot
  2. Collision - Ayreon
  3. Forth Eorlingas - Howard Shore (LOTR)
  4. Medusa - Tarja
  5. Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage
  6. Electric Blues - The Cranberries
  7. Minas Tirith - Howard Shore (LOTR)
  8. Quietus - Epica
  9. Pulse of the Maggots - Slipknot
  10. Society for United Action - Zack Hemsey

Hmm, quite a mixture today. Mostly metal and soundtrack stuff with the odd soft rock song in there.

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The computers top ten music mix for tonight is:

  1. Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars
  2. Going Under- Evanescence 
  3. It's Not Over- Daughtry 
  4. Sex On Fire- Kings Of Leon 
  5. Grenade- Bruno Mars
  6. Life After You- Daughtry 
  7. Misery Business- Paramore 
  8. Dynamite- Taio Cruz 
  9. Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris (ft Florence Welch) 
  10. Use Somebody- Kings Of Leon 

Looks like google mix favours Bruno Mars, Daughtry and Kings Of Leon tonight.

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1.Try - Pink

2.Mona Lisa - Dead Sara *Lol exactly the same spot as the last list*

3.My Song Knows What You Did In The Dark (Light em Up) - Fall Out Boy

4.Wings - Delta Goodrem

5.La Bomba - Ricky Martin

6.Perros Salvajes - Daddy Yankee *Seriously WTF same song same spot*

7.Hollow - Breaking Benjamin

8.Feel This Moment - Pitbull, Christina Aguilera

9.Counting Stars - OneRepublic

10.My Island Home - Christine Anu

For the record did not rig the list at all, I am Stunned still.

Nice to see a couple of the newer songs I added to my massive playlist pop up.

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1. Oriental Sentinels (Waterfall Ruins) - Mega Man ZX Advent Tunes OST

2. Wish You Never Met Me - Papa Roach

3. Luce - Elisa

4. The Change - Evanescence

5. Umbreakable - Fireflight

6. Cannon Ball (Vs. Omega Zero) - Mega Man Zero Mythos OST

7. Complicated - Avril Lavigne

8. Taking Over Me - Evanescence

9. Wrapped In Black (Extra Zone) - Sonic Rush OST

10. Die Dead Enough - Megadeth

Always rock based I see, I also see some nice soundtracks this time too, and that Elisa never fails to give my playlist an italian touch.

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1.Little Things - One Direction

2.Digital Love - Daft Punk

3.One Day Too Late - Skillet

4.Numa Numa - O-Zone

5.Attitude City - Ninja Sex Party

6.Hall Of Fame - The Script, will.i.am

7.Had Enough - Breaking Benjamin

8.Romantic Flight - John Powell (HTTYD Soundtrack)

9.Undone - FFH

10.Ooh Aah (My Life Be Like) - Grits, Toby Mac

Nice variety again.

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1. Heart of Stone - Feed her to the Sharks

2. The Fallout - Crown the Empire

3. I Rape Myself - Caliban

4. Early Grave - Architecs

5. Pitch Please - Eskimo Callboy

6. Hero - Breakdown of Sanity

7. I Hate You - Capture the Crown

8. A Reptiles Dysfunction - Ice Nine Kills

9. Karma - Parkway Drive

10. Schrei Nach Liebe - Callejon


Always On shuffle, makes sense with over 300 songs in an entire Playlist! ^^

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Planning to do a bit of writing now, the music that google mix gave me with this in mind is: 

  1. You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring 
  2. It's Not Over- Daughtry 
  3. Over You- Daughtry 
  4. Summer- Calvin Harris 
  5. The Last Time- All That Remains 
  6. Club Can't Handle Me- Flo Rida (ft David Guetta) 
  7. Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding 
  8. Tomorrow- Chris Young 
  9. One More Night- Maroon 5 
  10. How To Save A Life- The Fray 

A good mix for me, different varieties of music all around, but Daughtry is still a favoured group by youtube mix.

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1.Rest Of My Life - Ludacris, Usher & David Guetta

2.I Cry - Florida

3.I Miss The Misery - Halestorm

4.Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha

5.Bangarang - Skrillex

6.Legacy - Eminem

7.Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park

8.Secrets - OneRepublic

9.The Man - Aloe Blacc

10.New Beginning - Audiomachine

Mostly a Mix of Pop and Hip -hop mostly this time.

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  • Administrator

Songs for today:


  1. The Passage of the Marshes - Howard Shore (LOTR)
  2. Deep Water Horizon - Epica
  3. Greeting the Menance - Zack Hemsey
  4. The Bonnie Lass o'Fyvie - Nils Brown (AC: Rogue Sea Shanties)
  5. Cardiff - Stone Sour
  6. Herbal Moment - The Gathering
  7. High Enough - Nemesea
  8. Don't Wake Me - Skillet
  9. Prizes Plunder and Adventure - Brian Tyler (AC: Black Flag)
  10. Dancing for Rain - Rise Against

A good all round mix of rock/metal/punk and some soundtrack stuff.

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1.How To Save A Life - The Fray

2.Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, feat. Ray Dalton

3.Nami Kaze Sateraito (Wind Wave Satellite) (Naruto) - Snorkel (J-Pop)

4.Digital Love - Daft Punk

5.Play Hard - David Guetta, Ne-Yo, Akon

6.Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth, feat. Emeli Sande

7.Come With Me - Ricky Martin

8.Crawling - Linkin Park

9.Distance - Soilwork

10.Old Friend - Disturbed

Here is today's playlist.

some recommendations to others:

Number 3 to Evie Frye

Number 9 I recommend to Aquila.

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  • Administrator

Playlist for today!


  1. Deviance - Slayer
  2. Wounds - Raised Fist
  3. Tear the World Down - We Are the Fallen
  4. Life Less Frightening - Rise Against
  5. A Jewel Traced Through Coal - Dimmu Borgir
  6. Remember Me (instrumental) - Zack Hemsey
  7. The Monstrous Sabbat (Summoning the Coven) - Cradle of Filth
  8. Shot to Pieces - The Gathering
  9. Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation
  10. Into the West - Howard Shore (LOTR)

A nice mixture of some rock/metal tunes from a variety of sub-genres with three instrumentals to balance stuff out.

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