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The weather thread

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Figure I should join in on all the fun. Greater Brisbane area. My new hometown. Biggest hail we have ever seen. Good thing car is safe under shelter.




Did you take that ?


I wish the weather would make it's mind up whether to rain or not as  the drizzle is getting annoying and cold but we are due our annual thunderstorm soon.


From the Metcheck website

untitled_drawing_by_whiteneko_chan-d9fug(From the Storm checker)[Speed here refers to the speed of the storm at "steering level"]

untitled_drawing_by_whiteneko_chan-d9fuh(Weather report) [speed here is the average wind speed to the maximum gust wind speed at 2 metres above the ground in the 3hr period] 

Around the time of the storm it's going to be windy, slightly damp and relatively warm. I am looking forward to it, It would clear the air a bit 



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