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Drawing Requests for Eve


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If you want something drawn, I'd be glad to accept. I'll accept just about anything, I can pretty much just look up something I don't know, right...?

Yeah, let's go with that. If you need something, let me know! Note that it may take awhile though...

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  • Administrator
2 minutes ago, Pokeevee57 said:

Oh, @AquilaTempestas! Any specifics for Cynthia and Steven? At all, or...?

Hmm, maybe Cynthia sitting on a bridge and Steven's close by. Could be gazing up at the moon or something.

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1 minute ago, AquilaTempestas said:

Hmm, maybe Cynthia sitting on a bridge and Steven's close by. Could be gazing up at the moon or something.

Oh, that's a nice scene! Got it! I think I could see it now... ;)

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Just now, Wizarmonfan said:

Oooh. Silver and Alain please. (also this isn't canon Silver, this Silver is kinder and more compassionate). Also, by the time the fic I have in mind with them is finished, they're roughly 15.

Any specifics besides that?

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1 minute ago, Wizarmonfan said:

They're in Kanto, relaxing in the Safari Zone. Silver's Eevee is a Glaceon and Alain's Charmander is now Charmeleon. Thanks in advance.

Ooh, that's a nice scene. No prob, glad to help! :D

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@Guionista, just for Aquila. Sorry, but I've been busy, and I can usually only do one drawing at a time.

Yours may come after the new year because I also have a request from Yewon. And doing them in order from request makes it a lot easier on me as well, as I already have the pictures needed to do hers.

I have ones for Alain because of Yewon, but I would still need to find pictures of Silver. Which isn't too hard.

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  • 6 months later...

Ah! @Wizarmonfan! I deeply apologize for the time I haven't been able to do your request! I've only gotten it half-done, but I'll definitely work all week on it since school is finally over for me! I am so sorry! Just give me a little bit... 

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