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Found 1 result

  1. Hello friends, I’m aware that there is already a Dark souls RP on the forum but I wanted to craft a dedicated and more strict setting (from a lore and mechanical perspective). If you are a dedicated Dark Souls fan, want to really get into character, help craft a brilliant story, and have fun along the way then this is the place for you. The purpose of this RP is a to create a writing platform that caters to a focused group of Dark Souls fans that are determined to actively post content. I’m going to create 3 different posts on this thread explaining this RP’s requirements, lore background (to be discussed by participating players), and gameplay mechanics. Let’s get into it: RP and Player Expectations: 3 dedicated players and one “Dungeon Master”. I will be DMing for this campaign. All players must be okay with using Discord or the new “Club” feature in 2018 to send and receive direct messages. This will be the easiest way to for you to lay out your feeble excuses for not posting in a timely manner. Accountability - This RP is NOT going to be for individuals with loose ties to this forum. Be prepared to post in a periodic, timely manner until the story is complete. This could mean YEARS of commitment. If life happens, be mature enough to recognize when you need to ask for a break or when you need to be replaced in the RP. Penmanship - All posts will be made in the 3rd person and in past tense unless circumstances such as character dialogue or thought dictate otherwise. We are crafting a story together and the flow is going to be as elaborate as such. If you need an example please see any of my posts in the Age of Fire thread or go read literally almost any book. Knowledge of Dark Souls 1 - This story takes place in the original Dark souls. It goes without saying that there are no weapons, armor, lore concepts, or characters that will be included from Dark Souls 2 or 3 unless it helps enrich what is already in the base game. Character Devotion - Players must be devoted to roleplaying as their created character. A warrior doesn’t “reach deep down” and suddenly gain the ability to cast spells. Likewise, a character with a more inverted nature probably isn’t going to immediately step up and lead people into battle. Be prepared to develop your character, but also be realistic about the direction of that development. I know that my expectations seem like the ones presented by an employer to an employee, but please understand that the best things in life are often earned through hard work and persistence. I wouldn’t make anyone do anything that I myself wouldn’t also do. As such, these expectations will also apply to me as the DM.
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