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Found 1 result

  1. Here's a little fuel for the thread and the reason behind AO3. We all know what fanfiction.net is. There have been legal issues with fanfiction. AO3 or Archive of our own is run by fans, for fans to defend works from "commercial exploitation and legal challenge". Transformative works (fanfiction) are legal, are derivative works and you don't make money off it. I'm pretty sure the law still debates over what constitutes "derivative works". It causes a lot of paranoia in fandoms and on fanfiction websites. I remember multiple authors saying that their works got deleted by fanfiction.net. I know squat about livejournal and other fanfiction communities, but this has been one of the main issues with fanfiction afaik. Yes. You guys might know more about this than me. Anyways, which website do you like to use and why? Do you like a certain website's format? Do you have more friends on fanfiction.net? Do you find AO3 difficult to use? AO3 has a smaller archive and reader base? Do you prefer AO3's kudos system? Do you like AO3's tagging system? Etc. My opinion? I like both. But because I'm a newbie to writing fanfiction (1 year), they feel less overwhelming and my tagging is awful and also I get a larger audience. But AO3 has a vast collection of very creative, interesting works to read and also being fan-run is nice.
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