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Found 1 result

  1. Sup. So, I doubt anyone will look at this since there's like a total of 3 Americans on this forum, and I'm pretty sure only one of them (me) actually likes football, but just in case anyone actually cared I figured I'd at least have the topic down just to discuss NFL stuff. I guess other American Football stuff can belong here too but I mostly mean professional football, as in the National Football League. I guess college stuff is fine too but I really don't care about the Arena Football League or the Canadian Football League or anything. That being said this sentence is unnecessary because I don't really think anyone but me will post in this topic. So expect this topic to have some stuff from August - January, and literally at no other times during the year. Heh heh... I guess I could do Draft stuff but like, boring, so I probably won't anyways. So yeah, NFL topic.
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