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  1. Happy birthday! Come back some day! It's been too long!

  2. Hey man, happy birthday! Hope you have a good one today! ^_^

  3. Happy birthday fellow Augustian :D 

  4. When are you gonna be free to play AoE with LB and myself again? You too @Shizophrenia

    1. Laggy


      I have my finals coming up in 10 days :/ Probably only after that, sorry.

  5. Guys guys guys guys. I found who I believe to be the second coming of Kurt Cobain, as a girl. She's unique.
  6. So it's a less edgy Gael boss fight area. Nice
  7. Laggy

    Friendships on TAZ

    @AquilaTempestas Whoa that was a long post lol. I'm quite flattered, and I also feel a little sad that I haven't been all too active on this board for quite some time now. But, that's just life I guess. Got waaaaaaaaaaay too busy with stuff here in uni. I want to play CAH with you all lol. Once my midterms are over. But I do remember well the time I spent on this board in the first year of me joining, and how I enjoyed it. So thanks for maintaining this lovely little community :')
  8. Got my midterms coming up, sorry
  9. @Lucifer My finals are still going on, I'll look into this after that.
  10. Laggy


    It'll take a very long time, and besides, this Chapter 1 is going to be as it is. It's, well, a chapter in the series. Not a beta build or anything.
  11. Laggy


    @AquilaTempestas @Shizophrenia @Hikari @onewiththewheels The spiritual successor to Undertale, Deltarune Chapter 1 (yep, anagram. Keep an eye out for those in the game lol) is out. And it's free! It's time for the Toby Fox rabbit hole again. https://www.deltarune.com/
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