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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing WFMS, Aqui. :D

    1. AquilaTempestas


      No worries. Just catching up on reviews myself!

  2. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13826489/1/Where-flames-meet-streams

    After a long time, started writing a RaySal. :)

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Feel free to add it to the NOMINATE A STORY thread for reviewers weekend.

  3. Ohhh...why didn't I notice it earlier? Anyways, here it remains: Title: A week of love Fandom: Beyblade Genre: Romance (Of course) Rating: K Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13812459/1/A-week-of-love
  4. https://www.buzzfeed.com/carmenb47eee68ea/pottermore-sorting-quiz-all-questions-1zhpj?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfsharecopy&quiz_result=119009230_356240486#119009230 Ravenclaw!
  5. Ohh......*Bites tongue* I'm so sorry Aqui, I totally forgot about that xD I'll try to review soon
  6. And finally....achieved 1000+ reviews in my story "Kingdom". Yay!!! :D

  7. Yeah, I've some steps to follow. At first, I just write down the plot (Typing on computer). I don't write immediately whatever comes to my mind. I think everything cool-headedly, the arrangement and assortments of the characters (And I have some hilarious memories lmao). I just keep writing directly on a document and whenever I see that the number of the words is going high (4k-5k), I somehow put a full-stop at that (usually in the form of a cliffhanger) and complete a chapter. The events of the next chapter are usually plotted in my brain but they can be changed too whenever I sit to type that out. I never liked to write continuously. I usually take a break after typing a certain number of words (Like walking around or a water break). Music helps me a lot while writing and re-reading the chapter/document.
  8. Once upon a time, I used to be very happy and delightful getting only 3 reviews per chapter. Then, whenever I visited the fics of others, my jaw used to drop and I used to think, "Why the hell am I even in this site? Time to leave." xD But thank goodness, I've improved much, the number and quality of the reviews say so. Still, I feel a bit low whenever I don't get any review from any favorite reader. For example: I've posted a couple of fics in the last month, which have got more reviews and favs but I missed @Seafoam nightfall :P. So, it doesn't only depend on the number of reviews, but also, sometimes, it depends on the reviewer too (Specially when s/he is regular and my personal favorite :P)
  9. Tyson and Daichi moments.....still makes me shake my bed/chair due to laughter xD
  10. And I like to write about pure devotion, religious spiritual stuffs. Warfare and politics is my favorite too and while writing centering spiritualism, they automatically come in my fics.
  11. Medieval fantasy is my most favorite! In fact, I'm a great fan of medieval-age romance. Sci-fi fantasy is nice but I always prefer medieval fantasy over it. My big influences are the historical and mythological shows on the TV. Indian, Greek and Roman mythologies are on my toplist.
  12. My KaiHil theme this is. Just feel the slowburn *_*
  13. Honestly speaking, I don't prefer too many OCs, specially at the places where I can get the task done with cannon characters. But I do make OCs; specially female OCs to pair with the main cannon males. My OCs are quite sweet, calm, a bit naive, kind and friendly. I make sue-like characters only to place them as villains (And again, I don't give them the roles of protagonists again). For example, in my story "Kingdom" (A Beyblade fanfiction), Zina Balkov (An OC) was the daughter of Boris Balkov and she was one of the antagonists. (Tbh, she is a complete bitch there). But, in my upcoming story "The chosen one", she won't be Boris's daughter as Boris's daughter will be a protagonist there, not an antagonist. I've made another OC for Boris's daughter; her name will be Nova Cassandra Balkov. So, my first advice will be: Don't use the same OC for a protagonist and an antagonist role. Secondly, give your OCs different roles (Not polar opposite, but different). For example, Dew (My OC in Beyblade who is made only of Tyson) is Hilary's sister/cousin in most of my Beyblade fics but in my future Beyblade fic "A song of ruby and amethyst", she'll become Kai's step-sister. Dynamic, isn't it? Still, she'll be a sweet girl and will be able to maintain her character. I create some OCs who really act like bitches because I need them in my stories. But still, Dew is my most favorite OC
  14. “Ding!” All the bronze temple bells swinging from the roof jingled together. Long garlands of marigolds in white and rare aqua-blue were attached to the pillars and arched niches possessing metal idols of different ancient deities, touching the ground-both linearly and curvedly. Through the round gaps on the windows, air and sunlight-both were stepping in together. On the steel-rimmed podium where African elephants were engraved, musicians in white kimonos were playing drums, flutes and biwas. Standing beside them, yellow priests were flapping the fly whisks. The gallery created a pentagon at the center. On the colorful artworks, temple dancers in white robes and golden jewelries stood, holding large conch-shells. Behind them, there were some masked performers too, in red and green. When the white-worn ladies raised the shells, expanding their arms, the masked dancers tapped their ankleted feet on the floor, creating a symphony with the music escaping from the instruments. Girls holding conches curved in different angles at two sides inclining from the center, creating half of a lotus in a semicircle. Again, they returned to their first positions as if the lotus had been closing and lifted the white conches again to the marble statue of the azure dragon of the east, embellished with silver accessories and situated between two bronze lamp-stands, holding hundreds of blazing lanterns. Steams rose from the silver kettles; their aroma lost itself in the fragrance of the scattered chikori flowers, unable to be differentiated. When the white-dressers moved away from each other and the maskers created a distance, another dancer got revealed before the eyes of the spectators, more different from the others. She wore a kimono with the crimson upper part having golden chintz pattern and the white bottom, made of silk, was plain with aureate borderlines. The belt around her slender waist was of pure gold with fire-opal trinkets. Gilded choker and opera necklaces bound her neck, ruby-studded hoop earrings clinched her ears, almost reaching her shoulders. Lush, chocolate-brown tresses were bound in a high side-bun, garnished with hairpins and a one-sided three-layered gold hairchain where another fire-opal landed on her forehead, spangling. Her ruby eyes flickered in determination and skills. Carrying a copper spear much taller than she, the brunette bowed before the Dragoon statue. The cadence of the drums rose, the voice of the singers too. Lifting the spear over her head, the brunette rotated it and held it diagonally with the horizon. Her feet trembled on the dance ground as she kept swirling, not leaving the javelin. Devotion for the azure dragon was present in her body, mind and soul. From the same feeling, she was dancing ceaselessly. Her ankles resonated in the entire temple, suppressing all other sounds-even the music itself bowed before those jingles. When she twirled on her feet and proceeded towards Dragoon statue, all the dancers covered from the background. Sitting on his chair, the purple-haired head-priest grinned shamelessly, trying to undress the head-bayadere of his temple with his eyes. Though her eyes weren’t on him, she realized that she was being eaten. Reaching the statue, she knelt down and gently placed the spear before the Dragon. Joining her hands, she raised her ruby orbs and stretched her palms to him; letting her warm tears trickle across her sakura tattoo-painted cheeks. ‘Lord….’ She murmured, ‘Save me….’ ....................................................... For another of my medieval-fantasy: A song of ruby and amethyst.
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