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  1. Sometimes the "how it started" vs "how its going" can genuinely be crazy XD
  2. ugh i hate expectations lmao

  3. My side piece but she’s also someone’s wife so our time spent here is borrowed! But it’s our moment right here fuck tomorrow

  4. Being appreciated cuz i have an ego, but then i get mad at that fact and it makes me less happy. i dunno
  5. absolutely electric very well well done
  6. Frustrated that i'm ugly as fuck lmao
  7. So many different soundtracks but right now it's LOC's cover of "The Green Dress"
  8. Clair glared at Lance, wondering just where he got his delusions from. "None of anything you just said is even true- and it has nothing to do with your complete lack of manners. Rightful heir, my ass. Today you've just added even more evidence to the fact that you don't deserve to be heir, and never did." She sneered at him. "Grandfather only kept you as heir for so long for only one reason in the first place- to try to make me earn it. Which, of course, I did. You were never going to be the heir, you fucking failure." She paused. "...and don't change the subject! Learn some fucking manners! You get back here a few days ago and think you can walk around MY house with your dick out?! Disgusting."
  9. Yes, immensely so. Hope I sleep as well this night. :l Is Lance better than Clair?
  10. I'm pretty good at checkers. If you slap a whale on the tip of it's fin, does it count as a hi-five?
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