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  1. So! Another bunch of arts/sketches/etc from October 12 2023 to February 15 2024
  2. True, hehe! Aww, poor guy... but curious background!
  3. My char is a tragic bard, though he's a high elf. Also a huge drama queen+emo boy :^D
  4. Thanks! Really? Then your character has something in common with my D&D bard (1st pic)! Yeah, I like em too! Thanks!
  5. Was thinking about posting something, so here I am! Have a feeling, that I wasn't drawing a lot of appropriate stuff since April though: have more sketches than anything finished, and also finished sketches are more sketchy than finished if that makes sense, haha From April 15th to October 2nd
  6. I don't know why, but when I try to open up a spoiler it just doesn't work, as if I'm hitting a broken button, hm... I hope you guys don't have this problem Didn't draw a lot, but I still have something for you
  7. Thank you! I'm happy you like them c:
  8. Yet again didn't draw a lot since august (was stuck with several big pieces mostly + university stuff), here they are! Scribbles with pastels (quite unproportional and messy, I like them though) + digital scribbles & art (studies, ocs, etc)
  9. Didn't draw a lot of stuff lately, was sketching mostly, but still I hope the art pieces are enjoyable enough! from 7.07.2022 to 19.08.2022
  10. Thanks! :> Мне очень приятно
  11. Well, I have nothing to do anyway, so while I'm here, I think it will be nice to upload something already :9 Strange scribbles enter the chat!! (and studies, and sculptures, and etc.?) Oookay, arts from 27.09.2021 to 29.07.2022 Thinking about making more frequent updates hmmm
  12. Понимаю, будем вдвоём теперь х) It is!
  13. Nice to meet you and welcome! ( Привет (; )
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