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  1. Writing is beautiful, but reading helps in improving the writing. The quality has declined because nobody loves reading books anymore. A few may prefer digital reading like Kindle which is also fine, and that's another way to gain access to variety of books if it's difficult to purchase them. However, kids these days learn to use mobile phones and iPads from a younger age, but nobody likes to read books. I and my sister shared a phone when I was in grade 11, and I got a phone for myself before I joined college, but kids learn to use phones when they are in playschool. I barely invested time time on a phone when I was 10, sparing the laptop. The attention span has significantly dropped off charts as well. Digitization has made people disinterested towards reading books, since social media eats up their time. It's not just that but they don't utilise the digital advancements in the judicious way as well. A lot of them want to simulate or image their favorite characters in certain scenarios. They end up joining sites like FFN or AO3 to express them. But, most of them don't have the resolve to improve the writing quality. They write just for the sake of expressing their interest towards their favorite characters and don't enhance the story quality. Worst case scenario, they don't follow the basic rules such as full stops, commas, colons, capital letters, and paragraph breakage. It's still sad to see children are not able to write well. Not everyone should be a prodigy in writing from birth. I used to be weak in English because it was not my mother tongue, but the school helped me improve and I took the initiative to make it better. It's just the mentality, in my opinion. It's not just the language, it can be the poor story making too. They tend to be bland and boring sometimes, but maybe subjective from the reader's point of view.
  2. People who are too LOUD. When we ask them to tone down, they're like, "That's my voice, huh." I mean, it's okay but why can't you talk a little softer? Too noisy. People who don't know when they are rude, but pretend like they didn't offend.
  3. I have this feeling if my friends always use me to get things done. Some of them don't care but talk when they need something from me. And when we ask they just show a cold shoulder.
  4. Unfortunately most of my mutuals were good writers. They all have left the fandom for good. But many lost the habit of reading, which is a sad truth. Due to this reason, writers are no longer feeling encouraged.
  5. Then getting kicked out by the shopkeeper xd
  6. Yeah, I can agree with that. I may just say the good writers have left the fandom which further proves the point.
  7. English dub does get most of the stuff wrong. And I know the scene that follows by too xd And yeah, there is so much in TyHil
  8. My phone alarm when I'm sleeping peacefully
  9. I thought I got zero when I last checked lmfaoo. So there are people who believe I'm an alpha
  10. FFN doesn't give the comfort of deleting reviews, unlike Ao3 does. If the reviews have harassment, you can't delete them unless they are reviewed by guests. In the case of registered users, you just have to report them but the site takes no action. I've spent my time in FFN and it's my comfort site, but the reviews aspect is the only downside.
  11. Has anyone ever felt extremely hurt when your friend ditches you and joins another friend? I've faced this during my school days. It took so much time for me to recover from all of these. I've kept these within myself and pretended to be chill.
  12. Fortunately, my college friends aren't like that. My present peers are really good. They are way better than my school friends were. We all feel equally important to each other. Most of them feel their school days were the best. It's not the case for me. Despite my college being very stressful, I enjoy the company of my friends. I stopped being too nice to people. I've changed myself in a few ways.
  13. I want to give light to this topic. Sometimes, you may feel that your friends do not involve you in a conversation or a hot discussion. They just use you for their benefit and don't care what happens to you after that. Maybe you feel the least connected to your friends, or maybe the weak link in your gang. More like, you feel like the least important person. Sometimes, people will try to involve you in some stuff only for you to do something to convince them, help them, or do so to please people (people pleasers) believing they will accept you and treat you equally. They also take advantage of your "too nice" personality. But, still, they end up using you and only come to you when they need your help, and don't care if you are getting the same attention as they get. I've felt like these mostly in school days.
  14. I can cook a few dishes and a few with mother's help. I mean I can do the basic dishes myself. But I can't do complex ones without mom lol. But I feel it's a basic life skill that everyone should know.
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