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  1. Is it right to do nothing at times and just feel happy about it?
  2. My five red flags. Greasy/Dirty/Dandruffy hair Smoking especially if they smoke in the house Bad acne Dirty and lazy. Cleaning the house is not just a woman's job. General cruelty/assholery My green flags. Taller than me (not hard to do) Clean appearance. Good hygiene is very important. A man who can cook Good communication. Must love being around people. Smarter than me
  3. Borderline obsessive person. Do they still bother you?
  4. Somewhat anaemic but manageable.
  5. My guesses. I'm not familiar with any writing so these guesses are a wild stab in the dark. Sakura Alexia (Sakura plays a lot of the Pokemon games from what I've read on Discord and Geeta is from Pokemon) Onewiththewheels Nirianne Ace of Spies (reads like something a guy would write. all the other passages here are focused on drama and this one is focused on action and details) Wizarmon (digimon name in username) Noctura (sounds very SPN and I remember you were a fan of Castiel) AquilaTempestas ("the darkness of sleep" sounds like something AT would write) CarmineDeer Moonblossoms
  6. Tough question. My team: Kai (5) - best blader on the team Tala (4) - team captain Mariah (2) - the "mother" of the team Julia (3) - the one who keeps the boy in line Kenny (1) - tech support
  7. Rugby World Cup champions yet again!

  8. Maybe undeserved, but we (SA) win the Rugby World Cup again
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